Our Vision

Our vision is to unite the body in a single purpose to eradicate poverty.

We are doing this by getting behind pastors who work in high-poverty areas and supplying them with the resources to feed children, do crusades and to equip their communities with the good news.

Our goal is to build powerful missions bases where thousands of pastors can bring their leaders and members for free training and fellowship daily, as well as a Children’s Bible Theme Park, Creative Arts Academy, and International Bible College.

Who we are



Our ministry is a group of people just like you, who prefer to do our work anonymously so that the kingdom advances with only the name of Jesus attached.

Feed & Educate Children


We like to do two things:

• Unite Christians in prayer and feed children while raising them to know Christ and love wisdom.

• To do this we are in close relationship with hundreds of pastors who work in extreme poverty areas. We provide them with logistics, resource, prayer cover and manpower.

We Bless


We provide desperately needed, but unaffordable services to the ministries we support, things like – facilities for free camps, high-end technical equipment, feeding schemes in schools, accommodation for full-time ministers and tons more!

Donation Options



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