Dream 14

I am on a boat. It’s a small, crowded boat with some fishermen onboard. Some are shirtless, sweating with effort.

Everyone is agitated. The frustration is palpable. An entire night of fishing has produced nothing. A net is thrown over and over. Different kinds of bait is tried. Nothing comes in. The son of a carpenter shouts from the beach and tells them to do the exact thing they had tried twenty minutes ago.

Not a fisherman, just the son of a carpenter who spends all his time at the synagogue.

I think silently to myself that carpenters and temple kids should stick to what they know and leave the fishing to fishermen.

Uriel appears on the water next to the boat and speaks to me.


“See these thoughts son of sorrow? Listen within thyself to the thoughts created and taught so efficiently in the kingdom of deceit. For it is the strategy of the evil one to stop any flow of abundance to the kingdom of heaven.”

The net is cast one more time to the right hand side of the boat. And suddenly, everyone on board is sweating and straining against the overfilled nets to bring everything aboard. Business is good. The entire boat is filled. I think to myself how the financial backlog can be covered from this incredible catch. We are to be well fed and our business is saved. This will go well towards my saving up for a second boat. If I keep listening to the carpenter, I could have an entire fleet.


“For Jesus is the word made manifest, the word become flesh. And within him bodily dwells the fullness of the godhead. And from his lips springs the word which is heavily laden with the authority of the Father. And when the word is spoken by the word made manifest, the full wisdom of the Holy Spirit is brought to bear. For the correct place and time and conditions are known to God, who sees everything and dwells even in the smallest molecule of water. For the word is in all that is made for all that is made is made by the word and thus filled with the word.

For men may, as these upon the boat, try every strategy in the fullness of their talent and strength, using every resource and experience available to them, still not produce any fruit. And with one command from the word made manifest do exactly as they have done before. Being the right time and place in that exact moment shall their boats be filled to overflowing.

For this is the fruit of all that is the word. Abundance in all. One man may work his entire life at a thing and produce no fruit. Another may strike good luck, without knowledge of how his luck occurred or how to duplicate that luck. And with that one fortunate event have his entire life changed.

Know this: The word is in all, knows all, sees all for the word is God the word is from God and to know the word and speak the word is to know God and speak with the voice of God. For then shall you hear the voice of the Holy Spirit in all your dealings and need to work but once in your lifetime.

Have you not heard that it is not by might, nor by power but by the Spirit of God?

See now how, when Simon was on land, did Jesus ask him to feed his sheep. Sheep do not eat fish, people do. People eat both fish and the word. And this is the purpose of abundance, to express the physical love of the Father by manifesting the word in word and deed.

Speak thus unto the fishers of fish and the fishers of men. Speak thus unto the miners who mine the earth and the farmers who harvest from the land. Speak thus to those in the markets and the musicians who prepare the atmosphere:

‘Absent the word of the Holy Spirit shall you toil much and labor in vain. For one millimeter to the left or the right or one second forward or backward can change everything about a man’s life. Know then the word of God as spoken by the son of God as well you know your craft. Know thy craft like no other but know the word more. For absent revelation shall you toil needlessly, beset with anxiety, over committed with investment and emotional energy which all comes from the heart which is the soul.

And when the soul is so committed to a task that it cannot hear the Holy Spirit, shall every attempt be in hope of luck or good fortune.

Hear me well all of you who ply a trade: Those who are in confirmation of the word need no luck. One word from the master will be more than sufficient.’

For this reason must the prosperity path be built. That those in business and ministry may walk upon it and see the word and hear from God absent the distraction that is the economy of mammon. For you exist in that economy and are pressured by that economy every minute of every day. The wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous but the righteous cannot beat the wicked at their own game. Do not play their game. Come out from among them! Sanctify what goes through your hands so that it may circulate the kingdom. Use only the goods and services of the unrighteous if none in the kingdom offer such things.

Upon the prosperity path must all walk each day before even the first meeting. And let them listen to the word of God constantly so that their minds are sharp and their eyes are open. Fill yourself with the word. Pray the word. Be consumed with all that is the word so that you may receive the word and speak the word in all your dealings.

For you are upon this earth for but one reason. To fulfill the will of the father. And the will of the father is that it be on earth as it is in heaven.

All else is disobedience and contestation against His will.

Consider this:

The will of the father is that all may be filled with his love. To contest this will is to contest love itself, for God is love.”


“Convert then yourself and all that you are to become a living sacrifice and commit all your days to the establishing of the kingdom.

For Christ did not say ‘sell all you have and give it to the poor’ as a test if those men’s hearts but as a command to commit all that you have to establish the kingdom.

He did not instruct the rich to cease all business. No, he instructed them to convert their opulence into generosity. For this world is not yet heaven, nor should you allow mammon to make you think thus.

When a man creates his own heaven in the midst of so much hell and says to himself ‘I have worked hard, I deserve this’ and lives as a king amongst the poor, that man is led astray by the economy of mammon. Can a man be blessed? Yes! But seek first the kingdom. Fund the kingdom, build the kingdom, and advance the kingdom. Lend your wisdom to the strategic advance of the kingdom and listen clearly for the word made manifest. Absent revelation will you toil all the days of your life and see very little fruit. With revelation shall you toil a single day and fund the expansion of the kingdom with great effect.

Set your financial goals by the goals of the kingdom, and add the kingdom budget to that of your business and home. Do this not for reward or multiplication for those are the motives of mammon.

Do this in revelation of the establishing of the kingdom of God on earth.

Give nothing to the divisive, for to build their kingdoms is to contend against God’s kingdom.

Leaders of churches are leaders of tribes within the kingdom but are all members of one kingdom. The leaders are to walk together, pray together and love one another dearly. This is the first requirement of unity. They who walk alone seek their own. Warn them once, warn them twice and then have nothing to do with them, for they contest against the very kingdom that they claim to build. Upon repentance and right action should you give them the resource and supply the talent to build.

Never forget that we are one body and those who divide us are of their father, the accuser, who seeks to keep us in disarray. No, all tribe leaders must work as one to advance the kingdom. Both captains of thousands and captains of hundreds have their part to play and must submit only to the words of the word made manifest.

In the same way are those in business and those with talents are to serve the kingdom first, then the tribe. For if the tribe does not serve the kingdom, the tribe contends against it. Those leaders who strive to build the kingdom are worthy of double honor. Reward them well in this life for they lead you upon the correct path. Serve them and grant them the talent and resource required to equip, expand and unite.

We are one body and Christ is the head. Those who claim to be the head of a body are counterfeits. For a hand does not control the fingers, the brain does. The hand that thinks thus is delusional and dangerous.

He is the vine, we are the branches. We come from the father and not from men who attribute his wisdom and blessing to themselves.

You hear well and think that divisive church leaders are alone the subject of this council but you who are in business are no different. If you contest against the kingdom of God to build your own kingdom, you are not truly of the kingdom.

To both fishers of men and fishers of fish I say this: Allow Jesus to be more than savior to you. Let him be your Lord.

For how does an army advance but from resource to resource.

And how is an army an army if every tribe refuses to heed the commands of the King?

There is no throne to war over, for all inherit the throne. There is no need to squabble amongst each other over petty differences for all receive the same measure of love which is all the Father is. Neither captain of hundred or captain of thousand need be insecure or fear one another’s success for if you heed the voice of the Holy Spirit, 5000 can be added to your number in one day.

Heed now the voice of Uriel:”


“As builder has shown the strategy, hear now the revelation. Seek not the voice of mammon which is insecurity and fear of failure and rejection. Seek the voice of the Holy Spirit. And study the word diligently so that the Holy Spirit may bring to memory what is required in each instant.

And wait patiently for strategies. But when you receive a word, move immediately to apply it. For the I Am exists in every moment and you are move in the very moment he speaks. And watch how your boat is overfilled with fish and your church(tribe) is overfilled with members. Such things can happen in an instant for those who operate by the laws of the kingdom.

In the Kingdom of mammon, your church and business is a dam. Saving up all that comes in from every source.

In the kingdom of heaven, you are to remain a river, for only those without faith require a wall.

Indeed the dam wall sounds like wisdom to the ears of the leader who seeks to keep his tribe watered but what of the other tribes downriver? Shall they only receive water at your command?

Only mammon thinks like that. Supply and demand.

Think always of the kingdom, if dam walls are to be built, consult the other leaders. Discuss what common objectives you may have and strategize together.

Finally to all those who lead in business and ministry:

Think as a leader of a tribe who is in a greater army with Christ at the head. Know the heart of Christ so well that you may discern which leaders contest and which leaders confirm. Warn those in contestation and reward those in confirmation.

Always put the kingdom first for the kingdom will embrace all of humanity and lead man to the Father who will never let you down, nor leave you, nor forsake you.”

I wake up.