Dream 15

I stand looking at a huge squatter camp. Tin shacks stretch out as far as the eye can see. Millions of people in just this one place without consistent meals, water or power.

Dust covered kids of all races play in the streets, oblivious to the injustice around them.

The scene changes. I am now outside a village in Africa. People come and go, about their daily business. Kids sit in a nearby rusty shipping container. It’s their little school.

Suddenly vehicles with mounted weapons and armed men in dirty civilian clothes come rolling into town. What follows is hell on earth.

Grown men are shot, stabbed and hacked to death. Women are raped and killed, some thrown onto the back of a pickup a truck for late continued use. Babies are thrown into a nearby river as mothers watch, wailing in grief and impotent rage. Then shot in the back of the head. Young boys are recruited harshly for indoctrination and training. Those who refuse have limbs hacked off and are left to bleed to death or live a life maimed.

I weep and shout, even run to try and do something but my hands pass through whatever I touch like a holographic image. I scream in horror and frustration at the total injustice of what I see.

And suddenly I am in a village somewhere in Asia, China possibly. The poverty is horrible. A child sits holding a dirty bowl filled with something covered in flies. I look away and close my eyes. It’s too much.


“Neither God nor his Angels are able to close their eyes to the truth or turn their faces from this manifestation if contestation. What you have seen this day can be changed if the body unites. Heed now the words of Uriel:


“In the beginning was the word. And the word was God and the word was with God. And in the beginning the Spirit of God hovered over the waters of the deep. The world was one way, then did the word of God act by speaking the word, and then was the world another way. The word is the authority for it is the word of the Father. The Father and his word are inseparable for both Word and Father are one. The word is in the Father and the Father is in the word. When the word is spoken, it remains the word, but simply commands matter to shape itself according to the instruction. For all that is, is the word. The word was in the beginning as the Father was in the beginning for the word and the Father are the same. The word shall be in the end as the Father is in the end for both word and Father are alpha and omega. The Father sees all because the word is in all that was created. Every molecule and atom in every rock and every gust of wind. All are the word. There is nothing that was created that is not made up of the word and from the word for the word is God. Each moment of each second of each minute of each hour of each day does the word bear witness to all that is in confirmation and all that is in contestation. For nothing is hidden from the word. The word is in all, sees all, knows all. The Father sees, knows and grieves. It is for these things that the Holy Spirit intercedes so, his groanings fill the heavens as he intercedes with great empathy. And through the heavens do we hear the voice of the son saying ‘let them be one as we are one’ and so does the Holy Spirit groan in intercession that the Kingdom would unite and be one as we are one. For united shall you command blessing. And when you are united shall the things you have seen this day be no more.

Know this: You are love made manifest as the son is love made manifest. You are the hands of God and the heart of God. If you are not as one, nothing will change. The earth will stay as it is.”


“Open your eyes son of sorrow. We are home.”

I open my eyes and we are back under Michael’s calf. I begin to weep uncontrollably, the sobs wracking my body in uncontainable grief.

I don’t want to see what I cannot change. The pain is unbearable.


“Why does God not do something? Stop the bullets, send food, anything? Surely he can intervene without violating free will.”


“He has done something. He has sent Jesus. Jesus has sent you. If you do nothing, nothing happens. For the Father has entrusted the great commission to you, the body. If you are one as we are one, heaven comes to earth. If you choose to walk separated and alone, then by your choice and your command will all of earth remain in contestation against love.

Love must not just go to you, it must go through you. Grace must not just go to you, it must go through you. Mercy must not just go to you, it must go through you. Resource must not just go to you, it must go through you. For you are the hope of the world. You are the church. When you unite, God commands blessing.

As one can you achieve governmental power. As one can you eradicate poverty in one generation. Be one as we are one. Many tribes, one King.”


“To those who feed the poor. You are the hands of God and the heart of God. And all whom you feed and clothe are the assignments if God.

Work with administrative precision.

Make your works known and make your needs known for the kingdom cannot act upon what it does not know.

If you are on the front lines, where none but you dare venture, it is imperative that you report all that you see there so that those who read it may take full account and plan accordingly. For the armies of the Lord of hosts will not move on good intention and vague information. They move on sound intelligence and strategic information. Yes, your hart is pure and yes, you have the heart of God but hear this: If you lack the discipline to operate in administrative precision, you place yourself at the mercy of the kingdom of mammon. Know the word with precision, speak the word with precision, keep record of every person who is fed and clothed and expose to the five fold ministry what you see behind the lines.

Walk tall, and speak the word. Speak only the word. Nothing but the word. And the power of the word will command blessing all around you.”

Gatherer takes me to the prosperity prayer path:

“The way to unified hearts begins in unified prayer. Each town and city upon this earth is to have a prosperity prayer path. For you (plural) will prosper as your soul prospers.”


“Look now son of sorrow, record all that you see. For this is the first of all that will come.”

I walk on the prosperity prayer path and take note of what I see.

The path hugs the inside if the property boundary for approximately one kilometer. Just short of a mile.

Under my feet are different types of slabs. Some wood, some cement, some rock, some marble, some granite.

A different scripture relating to prosperity is upon every slab. Prosperity of mind, soul, body, wisdom, finances. It is all there. Hundreds of scriptures. They all begin with ‘I am xyz because it is written that xyz.

A simple roof with support structures runs the entire length of the path for shade from the sun and shelter from the rain.

A lot of people walk this path daily. Some running, some walking their dogs, some with their families.

I am then transported from town to town and city to city across the world, seeing similar paths being built. People from all around the world walk upon their paths and speak the word. Children get to know the word through prayer. The effect is incredible.


“All that is in contestation against love is in contestation against God. Those who contest against him do so in blindness. Go now and unite the uniters so that many may see what they see. For when you are one as we are one, the hands of heaven shall move. Speak boldly son of sorrow. All heaven walks with thee. This is that for which you have been set apart and this is the season of the unified body. Go now and unite the uniters so that it may be on earth as it is in heaven.”


“You must be one as we are one. The witnesses, the angels and the Father all recognize the word as God. Bring unified reverence of the word in prayer, give special attention to the words of Jesus who is the word made manifest. And lo shall the mighty unite and then shall the kingdom advance as never before.”


“Begin with prayer path.”

I wake up.