A massive, lush tree spans the entire width of the massive river in front of me. The tree is huge and heavily laden with fruit.

The water sparkles with jewels and pure, clean life.

I suddenly realize that I am where a prophet told me I would be the previous day. I don’t hesitate, I jump into the river and allow myself to be completely submerged, drinking deeply, even breathing in the the invigorating spray as my head bursts from the surface.

Above me, twelve different fruits, a different one every month, grow and fall off the tree in a full year cycle and each month I eat of the different fruit and each month my spirit is completely satisfied. Each of the 12 fruits contains the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit in a different flavor, Each of the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit has a different flavor of its own. I never grow tired of it, the myriad of delicious flavors and textures of the fruit is incredible, I eat and eat, swimming in the river, filled with joy and peace, not wanting to climb out at all. When I grow tired or my body feels sickly, I eat of the leaves of the tree and I am completely healed.
I know that this is the river of life beneath the tree of life and suddenly realize that I am not alone in the river. There is a multitude of people, all drinking and eating of the fruit, laughing and singing and dealing with one another with such considerate love that I start to weep with blissful contentment.

I now notice that everyone who leaves the river has a branch of the vine attached to them, it looks like a rainbow colored, translucent umbilical chord, pulsing with beautiful life, and all along the branch is the fruit of the Holy Spirit which changes in flavor twelve times a year as it is affected by the tree of life itself.

Everything here is so active and diverse, consistent but ever changing and there is so much love and acceptance that some people do not ever leave the river.
I want to one of them but God has other plans for me.

At the end of the year, Gatherer stands upon the bank and calls to me.

“Son of sorrow, come forth. We have much work to do.”

“I don’t feel very sorrowful in this place, surely you call someone else?”

“Your humor is not lost upon me son of sorrow but we must go to a place that needs these waters and fruit desperately. You are commissioned by the Father to bring light to the darkness. Come forth and be obedient.”

I wade out of the river and stand upon the bank beside Gatherer and in an instant we are in Northern Africa. Before us a group of men stone a Muslim woman to death. Her crime was to be raped by her husband’s brother. She was murdered for something beyond her control and against her will.

I am so shocked at the contrast between where I have just been and where I am now that I turn to go back. But Gatherer touches my shoulder and pulls my attention back to the scene before us.

“I don’t want to see this. I really do not want to be here!”

The lady lies there dying until her husband violently slams a large rock into her head. The violence is so sudden and so graphic that I retch. But I cannot throw up because my physical body is not here.

“Why bring me here? Why does the Father not just wipe out these heartless animals? You are the reaper are you not? Kill them all!”

We suddenly appear outside an old Mosque. We are in a narrow, crowded street with small tables on the sidewalk. A group of men are gathered around a small table sifting through photos of children, mostly very young girls. I don’t understand their language so I turn to look at Gatherer.

“Child trafficking. Those photos are kidnapped women and children.”

I try to punch the man holding the photos but my hand just goes through him. I try to kick the table over but I just pass through it.


Gatherer stands silently and places his hand upon my shoulder once more.
After a while he speaks and I can here a heaviness on his voice that I have never heard before.

“This is the fate of all of Africa if the body does not unite. The river and branches must flow Northwards, from South Africa, to Nigeria to Jerusalem. Hear these words and take special note to the assignment of the body son of sorrow:

One light carried by one man may light the way for two or three who walk behind him. Such light is sufficient where the path is not filled with danger and where the path is clear, up to ten may even walk alongside one man who lights the way.
But where there is peril and darkness such as this, where those who carry the light go to be martyred, there must thousands and tens of thousands of light bearers walk together so that those who have lived in the darkness for so long may see what terrors are visited upon the innocent.

Know this son of sorrow: where there is no fruit of the spirit, there is injustice and great anguish. You must create a flood so that the waters and branches bring life to this place.

Those who have ears to hear would sell all that they have to join you in this assignment.

“But all seek their own and trap themselves in the fake comfort of mammon, not knowing that all they seek is in the river, in community.”

“Make the vision plain. Build the community, let the river flood through you (plural). Each month shall we send a different team of missionaries to bring different flavor to the fruit of the spirit. For each tribe brings their own flavor and every believer is to bare fruit. Expand the kingdom northwards son of sorrow. All who join you upon the land will experience freedom and peace as they never imagined. For the river of life flows from the throne of the King and and where you are gathered together, there he is.
He dwells with the believers who dwell together and there does He establish His throne.

Seek out the scholars who will determine the heavenly flavors of the fruit of the spirit by the banners over the twelve tribes of Israel. Each month shall the fruit take the flavor of that tribe and also the flavor of the missionaries who come.
Taste and see that the Lord is good son of sorrow!

The prayer path, arts academy, children’s bible theme park, prayer tabernacle and believers city will create a river that flows from every mountain of spiritual authority. Those who have ears to hear will leave all that they are doing and flock to join you in the river. Be patient son of sorrow, hearts must be healed and minds must be renewed. A river of peace and love must flow from you so that the mighty who come may drink from the river that flows through you from the throne of God.
Advance the kingdom in unity and in love.
His kingdom is all!”

“His kingdom is all!”

I wake up.