Builder stands to my left.
He and I have been standing here for a long time, staring at the waters of the Vaal river as every touch of wind brings with it a touch of the anointing.
When Builder speaks, I perceive more reverence than I have ever experienced from any creative being. This subject is very important to him so I listen carefully.
“I have laid my eyes, my hands, and my heart upon the blueprint which was lovingly crafted by the creator before time began. There was nothing in existence, not angels, not man, not a single planet. Only God.
And by the purest faith, He began to build what He had written and drawn upon His masterpiece.
He engineered atoms to follow every command and they gladly obey.
There is nothing in the physical universe that is not a collection of atomic matter obeying a perfect blueprint. Man need not even understand it, although it is better if you do, but nature runs according to a perfectly executed blueprint.
You could live your entire life not knowing how the automation of nature occurs, yet be sheltered and fed by her. She is the ultimate proof that man need only follow the blueprint to become all that he was meant to be.
Now after the creation of this perfectly automated ecosystem, angels were created as messengers, guardians and servants for the maintenance of all that exists in the spiritual realm. Most chose to go beyond servanthood, to become worshippers. For we saw the work of the Father’s hands and knew the depths of His love intimately. How could we not give our hearts freely? How could we not embrace the omnipresent intimacy of His Spirit. We chose as you choose. One third of us chose differently, but those of us who chose to go above our obligations became worshippers in spirit and in truth.
Then man was created to take care of all that is physical. Authority over every physically created thing was given to man. Absolute dominion was given. Every plant and animal and insect and atom is named by man. The power to name a thing is an absolute expression of ownership. The Father did not contest the dominion of man in any way, nor did He expect anything in return. He called man ‘friend’ and walked as a Father with His children in the most perfect of gardens.
There was no right or wrong, good or bad, evil or righteous. For man dwelled in an environment of love, grace and mercy. Nothing could escalate beyond immediate repentance for a mistake or a misunderstanding.
Do you understand this son of sorrow? Your job was to take care of everything physical, including one another. And this meant fixing what was broken instead of condemning and punishing it.
But man traded his birth right for the right to exercise his own judgement, to make his own determination of right and wrong, to determine the punishment for every crime. And a small perceived crime, like being favoured by God, was met with the ultimate punishment – murder.
And with each generation, man gave more and more of his authority to the deceiver until the deceiver was promoted to the god of this world.
And so for thousands of years, the Father worked to restore the power of dominion unto man, to restore man to Eden, to establish the authority of man in the physical realm once again.
Even though a flood wiped out all but Noah and his family, man once again handed his power of dominion over to the deceiver.
And even though the Son laid down His life to once again restore dominion to man (instead of another flood), man continues to bow to the deceiver.
“How do we bow to the deceiver?” you ask.
By allowing him to divide you.
You see, everything in the spiritual realm has to be done within the bounds of legal authority. If a demon oversteps what it is legally entitled to do, it is immediately bound in chains of darkness and has to wait for judgement. Thus the enemy is extremely careful in how he manipulates legal authority from man to retain his position upon the throne of this world.
God has made the free will of man the final authority in the physical realm. Thus both demon and angel must submit to the collective belief systems of man.
If those belief systems, which we call the power of the air, give authority to iniquity, none of us may contest that authority until the free will of man changes the authority of the power of the air.
Thus iniquity has legal authority until believers unite, have a revelation of their right to dominion, and exercise their authority to pull down every argument (prevailing mind-set) that sets itself up against the knowledge of God.
Thus Zion, which is the spiritual Jerusalem, begins to manifest on earth and Eden with it.
But you must take back full dominion in the physical realm and dominate every mountain of influence.
(Business, Government, the Family, Religion, Media, Arts and Entertainment, and Education).
To follow the blueprint, you must do the following:
1) Unite in prayer and worship.
2) Know the words of the son so that you may win the argument, thus tearing down the strongholds of the power of the air.
3) Make disciples who do all that the Son commands.
4) Gather in force to make prophetic proclamations en masse.
5) Take physical ground so that your physical authority may increase.
6) Make sure that there is no lack around you.
The kingdom is all son of sorrow, and the kingdom is Zion. The Father desires that you (plural) take up your mantle as the caretakers of the earth and exercise the fullness of the authority that the Son came to claim back on your behalf.
Do you see? The Son has paid the price so that the legal contract for your authority may be restored! Do not give your authority to the deceiver. Work as one!
Go now and make disciples of all nations, baptise them in the name of the Son, the Father and the Holy Spirit, and teach them all that the Son has commanded them.
The kingdom is all!”
“Wow, wow, wow! The kingdom is all!”
I wake up.