Dream 21

*Warning* – There is an instruction to fast for 12 hours from when you read this dream.

Dream 21

I can now feel the physical exhaustion of my body in the visions.

Even my tired mind tries to hold back my spirit as I stand in the most beautiful place I have ever seen.

My mind and body desire sleep but my spirit has been so trained over these past twenty days that it is no longer led by the needs of my flesh.

My mind has to follow, it has no choice.


“Your body will be tired for all your remaining years for the weight of this message is much for the flesh but your mind shall become sharp with the word and the power of the Holy Spirit. Look now son of sorrow, see what is to come when uniters are united.”

We stand in a rocky area dotted with a few stubborn trees which somehow manage to get nutrients from the horrible grey soil. It begins to rain softly, wetting the earth lovingly but ineffectively in this place for the rain just runs over the smooth rock surfaces and flows downhill to feed a forest in the valley a few km below us.


“This is the body of Christ.

Many tribes, many small kingdoms sharing many interpretations of the word. Most lacking the resource to have any impact on a place like this. The vast majority do not pray daily or speak the word often so the rain is small and spread over areas that do not need so much water. Most will move to lush forests and lakes and drink from there for the rest of their lives, rarely even giving thought to the areas where revelation and love are so desperately needed.

When they unite in prayer and purpose though, incredible things happen!”

Suddenly the clouds converge on one point and join to become one vertical column of thunderous power. The clouds billow and thunder as the light rain follows them to converge into one mass of water in one concentrated waterfall.

Builder and I stand together at the bottom of the biggest waterfall I have ever seen.

The top of the waterfall disappears into the clouds and there is so much water coming down that there is a solid sheet of concentrated power smashing into the earth.

The sheer force of such an intensely concentrated mass of water devours anything weak or loose in its path. Top soil explodes under such force that it becomes one with the water. Layers of loose rock bounce in every direction and the water now starts to cut into bedrock. Like an immense drill, it steadily chips away until it has made a lake deep and wide enough to absorb the massive energy of the massive body of falling water. The entire landscape is transformed so rapidly that I don’t notice the waterfall begin to move.

It moves up the rocky hill, cutting a path as it goes and stops for a while to make another lake somewhere up the hill. Rock and lifeless soil explode and healthy top soil starts to wash down from somewhere above us. A river of mud flows around our legs. That good soil can be distributed across the world in this fashion blows my mind. I start to get a revelation of what I am being shown.

We are now above the peak of a mountain. The waterfall has cut its way all the way to the top and now hits the peak. Watching a rocky mountain submit to water is incredible. Massive chunks of rock explode, flying and tumbling through the air to land somewhere below. The water continues to cut until there is a lake where the peak used to be. The lake is deep enough to absorb the energy of the falling mass of water.


“This is only the concentration of light prayers, short, united prayer meetings. Watch now the effect of the same prayers prayed with fervour and revelation. Unity in prayer around the world is a lot more powerful than you think!”

Suddenly the waterfall expands like someone opening a tap wide. The sheer amount of water coming down vaporizes the lake into a fine mist and hammers through the rocky mountain until there is nothing but a massive lake covering the entire region.

I can’t believe my eyes. The entire mountain is gone. It took a few hours to wipe out the most stubborn block of rock in the region.


“When you are one as we are one you shall move mountains, produce favourable soil and rain down uncontainable blessing upon this earth. Even strongholds as this one shall be destroyed in the blink of an eye. Only be one as we are one. Unified, as one body with one head are you (plural) omnipotent as your Father is omnipotent.

No thing set up by man or deceiver shall stand in your path. The flood of the word of your testimony and the blood of the lamb shall be too much for even the greatest of principalities. Only be one as we are one.”

I am gobsmacked. My mind still trying to comprehend the immense display of force I have just witnessed.


“How do we even begin to get people this focused in prayer for long periods of time across the entire planet. It takes months of preparation to organize even a single day of national prayer!”


“First shall Uriel bring forth the revelation of unity and then shall I relay the strategy. Seek firm revelation is all this son of sorrow. For many need to walk in the full revelation of unity.”

Uriel joins us there above the newly formed lake and speaks in his normal patient, clear manner.


“The enemy of unity is personality and culture. For although every culture is unique and every unique personality is necessary, they will clash when one is presented to the other. One man says make it louder, another man says turn it down. Another man says wear a suit while the one across the road says shorts and a T-shirt are fine. One man may deliver the words of the word made manifest in a sombre fashion while another shouts with great passion. For this reason are so many tribes necessary in the kingdom. So that all may hear the word in a manner that touches them.

For one man to say his way is the way is to assume kingship over the entire kingdom. There is only one king. Many may be generals over many captains but there is only one king. There is no way but THE way who is the way the truth and the life. The volume and passion of how the word is spoken are relative to only those who prefer it one way or another. The father celebrates the diversity of His creation and celebrates every worship and ministry style with great joy but the word may not be changed. The words of the word made flesh are the word that is in all and every word is there to save, deliver and heal. The packaging may change but the word must stay the same. And many will have differing doctrines as mankind grows in revelation of all who God is and that revelation shall they share within their tribe and the body. But those things are different from prayer and different from unity in the kingdom.

For unity in the kingdom must all revelations and personalities be set aside and then must only the word be prayed as the Christ prayed saying ‘it is written…’ and in declaring that which is the word of the word made manifest shall you not face principalities in your own power. For even the word manifest declared what is written when face to face with the deceiver, yet man thinks himself higher than the word.

The father is the authority of the word and is the word before it was made manifest. And the word is in every molecule of every created thing. Those who assume that the casting out of junior spirits elevates their authority above that of the word are sorely mistaken for the word is in all and submits only to the word in you. Absent the word would even the junior spirits chase you down the road naked – just as the sons of Sceva were beaten and chased. Many are so enamored with their spiritual authority that they forget the Lamb’s book of life which we are to fill with the names of many who are yet lost and at the mercy of mammon and it’s father Satan.

There are generals among you who have built armies of millions and you have done well to do this but this harvest will require hundreds of millions of well-resourced workers. Many of those workers wait, well trained and broken, to be called, restored and sent.

Absent prayer and fasting will you not break through to them and without them will you not reach harvest this generation. For it is the plan of the father than in one generation, one billion should come into the fold. You will not achieve this alone. You must do this together. You must be one as we are one.

Many shall rise up, filled with the Holy Spirit, speaking of this kingdom strategy with great persuasion and personality and it will help the cause mightily but it is not they who will bring the body together. It is the uniters. The uniters are those who follow the instructions as set by builder to the finest detail and hunger to see the kingdom act as one, both in prayer and acts.

There must not be unity around impressive personalities for such things are dependent on the emotional journey of man. This unity must in the word of God. Even in prayer must every prayer be a declaration of what is written. And in daily proclaiming what is written shall these very lines be written upon the spirits of all who pray.

Know that nothing in creation was created to work alone or exist alone. For a man to diligently pray and proclaim the word over a place for the rest of his life takes discipline that very few possess. For this reason must you all pray together and walk upon the prosperity path as shown by Builder. So that even when some tire, others may take up the torch and continue. And for this reason must the prosperity paths be built so that these times of prayer made special to all and a place filled with the written word of God evokes much faith.

In the case many leaders has mammon trapped them into ministry as a source of income. And for this reason shall many fear unity lest they lose money and manpower. This is why there are to be no offerings, preaching or worship at these gatherings. Come together to pray the word together, be sensitive to those who have concerns and do not allow selfish agendas. Do only as builder instructs.

In the same way must every captain of their tribe be sure to instruct their ecclesia to meet from house to house where they must testify and break bread around the word. Here again must there be only facilitators of testimonies, prayer and studying all that Jesus says. For things built upon good speeches and flashy personalities last as long as the leader does.

The word is eternal, unchanging and infallible. Lead the sheep to the good shepherd and let him teach them. This is how it should be from house to house.

And from every pulpit where well learned and well-practiced men bring forth revelation of the word must every servant bring reverence to the word. For the word is God.

Do not fall into theological argument for united prayer will open every eye and the Holy Spirit will convict of sin and righteousness and judgment.

Do everything in your power to keep dissension and division from your lips. Pray together and focus only on praying the word.”


“Now shall come the exact instructions son of sorrow. For the time has come for the restoration of the sons of sorrow and the unleashing of the sons of the Oasis.

Here are the instructions for all in confirmation of the word:

All who read this shall fast 12 hours from this exact moment and drink only water. In those 12 hours shall they allow the seed to settle in their hearts and meditate upon all that is written here so that it may be written upon their spirits.

It shall always begin in unified prayer. Leaders, ministers and those in business are to meet each morning for 5 days of the week to pray for at least 20 minutes. The length of the prayer is not as important as the prayer itself. Once a week shall they meet in the evening, bringing with them their sheep. There shall they pray only the word over their region and instruct every person present to break into small groups and pray that exact scripture out loud. There is to be no preaching or worship lest the saints become lazy and become spectators as they have been so efficiently trained to be. The uniter shall facilitate but not preach. The uniter is only to facilitate the spontaneous prayers of the saints around the word. A great multitude shall come to pray and all who read this must be careful to hold the uniters accountable lest they use the size of the gathering to their advantage. No offerings, sermons or music may be present. These united times of prayer are for the activation of the saints in unity around the word, not for the agendas of the economy of mammon.

Every city must build at least one prayer path.

The uniter must supply at least the first three slabs of any material that are on the path. The beams shall be three meters in length and one meter in width. This width and length will allow for some to lie directly upon the scripture and so build their faith in that word. For the word written upon our hearts is what sets us free.

Upon each slab shall a single scripture be written. Then shall all in confirmation add their slabs. The path must be between one kilometre and one mile and it must end where it begins. Many scriptures might be duplicated for many will hold dear similar word. This is acceptable for each slab must be lovingly laid. The materials of each slab must be determined by the financial ability of those who lay them. Some might lay granite, others marble; others might lay wood or cement. Some may lay many different things to make one slab. All are acceptable. That which is physically laid is not as important as the faith it will inspire in all who walk upon it.

The scriptures written, etched or printed on every slab must be plain to read so that all who walk upon the path shall be easily able to meditate upon them.

In some cases might a single man or woman build the entire path. This too is acceptable but that person is to at least give others the option of contributing to the path.

The path is to have a roof with open sides so that it is shaded from sun and rain. This is not compulsory but will allow you to continue to meet each day regardless of weather.

Where the path is on private property shall a fence be erected between the path and the areas that require privacy for those who sacrifice their land for such things must be respected and honoured so that no strife may come between you.

Even before the path is built shall it be a good thing to walk and pray upon it every morning and evening. The length of the path will take between 20 minutes and an hour, some may even run upon it and complete its length in five minutes.

Let it be known that all are welcome upon the path. Families with pets, those who seek to get fit, those who seek only to pray and meditate upon the word… All are welcome. For the purpose of the path is a symbol to the city of unity in the word of God and an invitation to the kingdom of God. And it shall create a picture in the minds of all who walk upon it of the importance of walking in the word.

Meet every day as the body, leaders of all denominations, businesses and ministries and pray the word together. For this is how the waterfall begins.

For upon this path shall the eyes of the businessmen and ministers be opened to see strategies and ideas that will break through the most stubborn of obstacles and upon this path shall a passion and reverence for the word be born in all who pray there.

For two men may unite on a good idea and a good thing may happen but if two men unite on the word of God, they are no longer only two, they are millions and so in confirmation of the word do they become one as we are one. And one with the Holy Spirt who can give access to every creative idea not yet even imagined.

When they are united in prayer must every ministry be sure to facilitate gatherings of small groups from house to house. Here must the following happen:

One must facilitate, not preach.

Each one must share a testimony of what they feel grateful for.

Each one must share what they are trusting God for.

Each one must pray for the needs of someone while the others agree in prayer.

Each one must share their thoughts around a passage of scripture.

Each one must declare that scripture over their lives.

The facilitator must lead or nominate someone to lead the group in corporate prayer over their city or nation.

To all who read this:

If you do exactly as is instructed above, you shall easily disciple disciples who easily disciple disciples. Do not preach, rather encourage testimonies for you(plural) overcome the evil one in this way.

When the uniter is satisfied that he has 12 committed workers shall he start the prayer tabernacle. There shall a different worker lead prayer and share the word for one hour, on the hour, every hour for at least 12 hours each day until 24 hours are covered.

Be careful to deal lovingly with those who may be insecure or feel rejected for your responsibility is to unite them so that healing may come.

Many tribes have chiefs, some have warlords, and others have kings. Cater for all as respectfully as you can and allow the love around the words of the lamb to bring healing and trust.

For not one of you can change a warlord or a king to a servant. Only the word can do that. Trust the Holy Spirit and trust the word of God. Do not presume to be saviour. You are purely uniter.

When unity in purpose is assured or if one catches the vision and runs with it, build a play park for children in such a manner that they are able to learn and love every Bible story. We would have this at every tribe but those who are able must be willing to share. For if the children grow with love and passion for the word, they will change the world!


“Son of sorrow, you are to make plain the vision as we show you in the spirit. This vision is to be made freely available to all. At the first print shall you print exactly 2033 copies to be handed to every uniter with a word the Holy Spirit shall give you for each one.

Make the rest freely available via technology.

A professional marketer shall join you shortly and make sure these words reach the uniters.

The book shall contain these first twenty one dreams and then shall you use technology for all that shall follow.

From the laying of the first stone shall the uniters be rewarded with strategy. They are to request of the helper a dream and stay within the prayer path for 3 days in fasting. You may walk with them upon the path and pray with each for 20 minutes each day but no detail of their lives may come to your ears lest your mind taint the instructions given.

If they are truly uniters, shall the Holy Spirit allow me to give you their path as ordered for the righteous.

Be warned all who seek their path. The son of sorrow will courier only what is needed for the kingdom. Be sure that your heart is ready and your ambitions are upon the altar.

Heed this warning son of sorrow:

Receive nothing from the economy of mammon for this gift. Receive neither hair nor shoelace lest you sell your very soul to mammon.”


“I shall not allow that.”



I know what they imply. My soul is not negotiable.


“So I am going to to dream the life instructions for uniters the way mine have been given?”


“From the laying of the first stone shall this occur.”


”I am going to need biblical backing for that.”

Uriel appears beside me as if he had just strolled from somewhere close by.

“You are wise to request this. As was prophesied, the time has come for visions and dreams and the purpose of dreams are clear instruction and clear warning. For when a man sleeps is his spirit most vulnerable to attack and open to revelation.

As Joseph, Daniel, Cornelius and many others dreamed, and as Joseph dreamed of the coming Christ so are dreams sent with clear instruction. Many do not receive and many do not believe. You do well to receive and believe and have been prepared to see every image shown. For God does nothing without revealing his secrets to the prophets and you shall soon be promoted to prophet and recognized by spiritual authority as such. Bare not the title. Only serve.

Every dream must be held up against the word and checked carefully for scriptural integrity, for the enemy is crafty and is at work to lead man astray.”


“Now heed the instructions to the intercessors worldwide and the Generals of intercessors who unite the nations and the world. For without the faithful prayers of these does man work in the flesh and fall prey to the economy of mammon and with it every sensual temptation.

Heed this: You will give neither discernment nor instruction to any in authority unless directly asked. For your role has the power to control and shape and absent humility will you surely contend against the kingdom. Even when you are called upon to speak, do so with great humility and be sure that all you say is filled with love. Keep rank. Those under intercessor Generals must follow all instructions clearly. For in this generation shall you see the greatest spiritual shift of any since the resurrection of the Lamb. We now enter the time of the great harvest and Gatherer shall be your messenger.


“For seventeen years, seven months and seven days from the 25th of September in this year of 2016 shall you start to pray and recruit prayer warriors who will pray in synchronization around the earth. Be efficient in this for Archangels even now begin to mobilize and all Angelic mobilization is dependent on uncontested authority in the spirit.

The great harvest of this millennial generation is about to begin and great wars will be fought in the air above you. Only where you are united can we prevail. For this reason must you recruit intercessors and train them and pray only the word. Call the relevant scriptures of authority into the air and your voice shall be one with the voice of the son and the voice of the father and the power of the Holy Spirit. Work with precision. Unite all who pray across this earth. Follow closely the dreams of the son of sorrow. Many will be assigned to him only for even though he pray directly beneath the calf of Michael, shall his life be in constant danger. From the first date which is the laying of the first stone of the first wall shall his name be known to every prince and great war shall rage in the air around him.

Those in regions must cover the uniters and especially the prophets. For first shall Jezebel attempt to kill the prophets. Cover the prophet Generals with prayer and fasting. Know that every mobilized Angel will fight for the millennials with all of the father’s love empowering them but no Angel may override the free will of man. For this reason shall there be places where spiritual contestation is stronger than others. In places of unity where the air is clear must you take hands with those across the earth who struggle.

All intercessors must constantly bring focus to bare upon Brazil and Korea. Michael has moved from both places now to South Africa and will next move in 2033 to Nigeria. Brazil and Korea even now begin to experience the first wave of attacks upon the morality of their captains and Generals. Bring the full might of unified prayer to bare and cover the work done there. These are globally strategic points and must not be lost.

Prophets in the United States of America must turn their eyes now upon these two places. Go there often and speak the word of God with great authority and power. Do not concern yourself with the politics of your nation, you are well covered.

From the first day of the last month of 2016 for 21 days must an international Daniel fast be entered to cover all who facilitate united prayer, for the uniters will now come under attack as never before. Cover them so that they are not slowed down or hindered for even a moment:

Do not assume authority outside of the word. The world will now enter a twenty year window to reap the millennial generation and all of the spiritual realm will be mobilized in two decades of all out war.

If you fail in this harvest, much calamity will befall the generations to follow and the free nations of the world will enter a time of slavery and war. If you succeed in this harvest, the entire world will go into a time of great abundance and the east shall be overrun with the love of the Father.

To the pastors who feed the sheep:

The time of hireling shepherds is over. Repent and step into your role as good shepherds as the Good Shepherd has shown you. Change what you must, mobilize your intercessors and throw every resource into reaching the millennial generation. Remove your expectations on sons to be perfect. You are neither father nor savior, you are shepherd. Humble yourself and god will fill the seats of your gathering place in a single day. Love the sheep and be as the father of the prodigal son.

Heal the Gen X generation; they wait in the wings with sharpened swords, eager for battle. None will reach the millennials more efficiently than they. If you need to repent for imagined hurts done to them, do it. Bare the stripes for things that others did, only heal the Gen X generation. Find them wherever they hide and bring them to the Father. The harvest is plenty but the workers are few. No generation in history is as well trained as the Gen-X children. For although the Builders (boomers) were harsh and ruthless at times, they have trained and raised a generation of fearless warriors. Only heal their broken hearts and restore their confidence.

To the musicians:

There is only the word. Sing it into the air. Bring love and reverence to the word. Sing as David as sang about the word. Thicken the atmosphere with the word and lead your generation to shout the word into the air. Repent where you need to repent, shake off your past failures and bring the full fury of your passion to bare against the principalities and powers of the air. For you can lead unanimous agreement as no others. When the musicians do their job at the head of the army, we take no casualties.

Let go of your mammon ties. Seek no longer to profit off of what is not yours. Open wide the gates and give all that you have in the purity of holiness. Freely you have received, now freely give. You are not to be tainted with the spirit of mammon.

Seek first the kingdom and then all shall be added to you.

To the Generals of ministries:

The time has come for full focus upon the millennial generation. Mobilize those under your command and focus prayer and resource to reap this harvest. All millennials must be educated in the word and only the word. Let them first begin with all that is the spoken and written by the word made manifest. Lead them to the full revelation of the blood covenant and the father heart of God.

Cause them to have a great love for the word and surround them with love and protection. Do this and you shall raise the greatest generation of all.”


“Prepare thyself son of sorrow, you shall now witness the spiritual realm in Brazil. Be not afraid, four Cherubim shall be around you at all times. Record all you see.”

It’s an explosion of sound into a world of chaos as I find myself caught in the middle of an intense battle. I will try my best to explain what I saw.

The flaming swords of the Cherubim positioned around me are a blur of roaring fire. I can barely make out what happens beyond this protective wall but the entire sky is filled with swooping, spinning, highly trained and very skilled winged beings hammering at each other with blows that ring and thud. Thousands, maybe tens of thousands. The battle is so intense that clouds billow and lighting flashes across the sky with bright displays of awesome power.

Gatherer appears next to me, giving me a fright. I can’t see his face though the normal glow on his countenance but I am convinced he is grinning. Suddenly he unsheathes a huge sword from somewhere behind him and stretches out a massive set of wings that I never knew he possessed.

He begins to shine brightly and sing in a soaring voice. Then he turns his face to me and says “For the Lamb, and for the saints!”

His powerful wings push downward and he shoots into the air, passing the protective Cherubim with a wooshing noise to join the fray above.

I lose sight of him for a few moments and then find him in the fray as he flies back towards me, cutting a swath in the demonic legion in his path.

He stops next to me again. “See how the Saints pray? See their unity? Behold son of sorrow, the prince of this region is about to be routed and Michael shall soon be released to come to your nation.”

I look at a spot in the distance where his sword is pointed and make out two massive Angels in vicious combat. Their battle brings them closer and I notice that one of them is Michael. They both tower over the earth, heads up in the clouds, feet on the ground. Hammer/Axe beats upon sword with blows that shake the earth, lightning flashes in the sky with great fury. The other Angel is on one knee trying to fend off the repeated blows while a host of smaller Angels try to get at Michael through the perfectly ordered ranks of Angels protecting him. Horns are blowing everywhere around me. The chaos is a complete sensory overload. And Michael delivers the final blow.

With a booming voice he cries out:


Gatherer swoops down next to me. Everything about him is aglow now.


“When saints pray together, they grant us much power. But when they pray the word, they grant us unfettered power. For the Father has given all authority to the son and the son has empowered the saints with that very power – but it is the Holy Spirit who unlocks that power through the word of God. And when the saints speak with one voice in full confirmation of the words of the word made manifest, who is the son, do they speak with the very voice of the Father.

Heed my words son of sorrow: None must perish, not one. Not a single one! Do not suggest unity, COMMAND IT “

I wake up.

To you who read this:

My love for you almost overwhelms me.

And I am just Balaam’s donkey.

Imagine how the Father loves you. Imagine how passionately he hungers for the salvation of every person on earth.

Let that overwhelm you.

And join us in prayer. Pray for your family, for your church, for your authorities.

Every prayer has effect.

With all my love.

The courier.

Son of sorrow.