Builder, Gatherer and I are in the tent of war council discussing threads on the blueprint. It is a serious conversation that requires a lot of focus. Each thread intersects with another and all effect each other. Every thread is a person’s life, actions and words.
“See how each word that is spoken affects every intersecting thread? This is why we work so hard to train your speech son of sorrow.
There are many who are not reading what you record and thus they do not have a guard before their mouths. They complete underestimate their folly.
See here how those who read what you record are walking towards open heavens and most who turn their backs upon wisdom walk towards unnecessary trials?
Truly, truly, truly son of sorrow: Fools go on witch hunts to find fault with everything that does not fit the mould of their arrogance. And they cut off their own umbilical cords to the provision that wisdom brings.
The enemy has even worked to move you from the blueprint through the twelve, three and seven. But those who diligently read what is recorded have become companions to the spirit of wisdom and have not been swayed by arguments that set themselves up against the knowledge of God.
You have weathered a sustained nine month attack upon the womb of this vision and have not flinched to the left or the right. Many have left you and cursed you. Many have persecuted you from afar, but still you and those around you who read what you record have held true to the precepts that confirm the love of God and the words of the son.
Now, at the end of the ninth month, a new level of provision is born and a new angel is sent. And when he arrives there will be an acceleration of the vision and great numbers shall begin to join the battle.
He shall arrive when the feet of the sons of peace touch this land. The sons of peace are already here with the son of order and their feet shall touch this land this very day.
Every proclamation of God releases an archangel and many lieutenants and servants with it.
The archangel of order has the power to shift the threads on master blueprints as commanded by the Father. I am called Builder because I give instructions on what must be built; he is called Order because he has the authority to bring order.
The archangel of order was released when God commissioned Joshua as the successor to Moses. Order was commissioned while Joshua was in the tent of meeting, staying to pray and worship even after Moses had left each time.
And upon Joshua’s return from scouting the land with Caleb did Order begin to change the blueprints of every Israelite that would heed the words of Joshua.
Now shall the blueprints of many in this vision and across the world in different visions be altered to align with the free will of the believers. For three of twelve have shifted into the their perfect blueprint and now every connecting life shall be shifted to suit them.
Now are the steps of the righteous ordered of God and even the wealth of the wicked repurposed to flow through the hands of the righteous.
Now comes the time of prosperity for all who speak as Order instructs.
But hear this son of sorrow:
You are no longer your own. Your steps are now completely commanded by God. When the angel of Order speaks, his words strike the chord of a blueprint thread like a chord on a harp. You must resonate at the same frequency and obey to the finest detail.
For if you turn your back on Order, he shall be repurposed to another. As you are careful to create an atmosphere for Guardian, so must you be careful to create an atmosphere for Order.
Do everything in your power to close the entrance to the land that faces Islam. It is an illegal entrance in both the spirit and the natural realm and we have stationed Cherubim to protect that entrance but you must only use it for construction. Nothing illegal must occur upon the land. Order will bring instructions that release resource and power, do nothing to turn your back on him. Not even your helpers may use the illegal gate. Only heavy construction vehicles that cannot cross the bridge may use that gate.
The son and daughter of order must anoint that entrance and the broken man and his wife must sanctify it.
You shall name the top gate the gate of Order. And you shall name the bridge upon your land the bridge of Wisdom and Might. For as each person crosses the water beneath it, they will enter your anointing and receive a great impartation just by entering the land.
Let all who read what you record take special note:
To break or even bend a law in the physical realm is to expose yourself in the spiritual realm. If you desire an angel of order, you must uphold the laws of your land and the laws of any home that you enter. If you are careful to respect your authorities with humility and servanthood as Joshua did, you will take entire cities as Joshua did. For the archangel of order is empowered by the Father to change the laws of nations for the saints of God. But you must be blameless before the laws of your nation and not draw unnecessary legal and spiritual battles. For when Order comes, every legal loophole is tested by the enemy.
Every financial dealing, every illegal gate, every illegal door, all will be under extreme scrutiny by the enemy.
There is a level of prosperity and power that most believers never see, for most are wicked and lazy and their houses are not in order. But for those who submit to their authorities and work hard to display the fruit of the Spirit, angels of order will come and change the blueprints of the most stubborn of your obstacles so that the will of God may be done.
As entire Cities learned to fear the power of God upon Joshua, so will principalities, powers and rulers of dark places and corporate strongholds know your name. For those who walk in obedience to God walk in His authority, not their own. And when the Father release His angels of order, nothing can stand in the way of your assignment.
And now is your blueprint amended son of sorrow. For death is no longer your companion and you have chosen Gatherer and Guardian as your messengers. So shall the judgement of wheat and chaff and the protection of glory and blessing be your eternal assignment. For you love both wheat and chaff and desire that none shall perish. And though you see what others do not see, you love both wheat and chaff equally and desire glory and blessing upon them equally.”
“It is true. I have chosen the tree of life and I have chosen to seek first the kingdom of God and HIS righteousness. I have chosen to let His righteousness be the judge and I have chosen to become blind to the sin of man. Though I see clearly what is wheat and what is chaff, I pour all that I am into both without reservation. I hunger to see glory and blessing upon all of mankind.”
Breakthrough speaks from behind me.
“And as you honour the wisdom of Gatherer and Guardian with obedience, I make covenant to walk with you always son of obedience. And those who call you friend shall I call friend”
“Order comes soon. Let all who are in authority seek out every legal loophole and every illegality on the land and in their own lives. For Order brings with him commands that lay siege to cities and nations.
All who read what you record must take special note of the words of Order, for when he speaks, cities are turned to God!
The kingdom is all son of sorrow, and this is a kingdom of Order!”
“The kingdom is all son of obedience, and this is a kingdom of Wisdom.”
“The kingdom is all son of sorrow, and none must perish, not a single soul!”
“The kingdom is all son of sorrow, and this is a kingdom of Obedience!”
“The kingdom is all, and this is a kingdom of love!”
I wake up.