Builder, Order and I stand in the tent of prayer on the land beneath Michael’s calf.

Order delivers his instructions with a cool, matter-of-fact, calm, take-it-or-leave-it attitude. I get the impression that he almost expects that we are going to ignore what he tells us anyway. But he loves and obeys the Father enough to bring instructions so that we at least have the option.
He walks towards me without ceremony and speaks in slow, measured sentences.

“Peace to you Courier.
Listen well:
The Father does not leave His children in the dark without clear and precise instructions on how they are to become the light.
All are given every necessary information to complete their assignments with distinction.

There are many judgements, most of which you are unaware because you do not study the scriptures diligently. I have come to bring revelation of the judgements of release, favour, prosperity and power.
When the time of judgement comes, whether for power on earth or life eternal, all are without excuse. For if you are sent and did not go, you are like a child sent to fetch his own reward who throws a tantrum when he does not receive it.
Whose fault is it if you refuse to go?
Whose fault is it if you ignore instructions?
To blame God is to blame the one who sends you to fetch your own reward.
YOU are to blame because you are stubborn in your ignorance.

Pride is a foul spirit Courier. It is a thief that robs its master. A parasite that starves its host.

Humility is the most powerful of all keys to unlock the rewards of release, favour, prosperity and power.

Let me first instruct you on the importance of humility.

Humility seeks wisdom at any cost. It sits at the feet of Teachers, Couriers and Pioneers. It lays down its entire life to replace the worldly mess that has nested in the mind of man.
Are you listening Courier?”

“With all that I am!”

“Pride makes a nest in the mind of man and breeds like rats. It establishes all that it knows on useless, worldly wisdom that drives the curse of self-preservation. Nothing curses you more than looking out for yourself.

Are you listening Courier?”

“With all that I am!”

“The more you move towards yourself, the further you move away from God. The more of your life you attempt to enrich, the more of your humility you impoverish.

A humble man will scour the instructions of God and throw his life into fulfilling the smallest instructions. And in that humility he shall receive wisdom beyond the comprehension of the self-seekers.

A humble man will recognize wisdom when he sees it and honour it with sacrifice. He will change his life to receive the flow so that he himself may become a river of wisdom.
It takes at least three years to become a river. There is nothing quick and simple about it.
A river is not supposed to dry up or be inconsistent. It is supposed to flow without pause.
Neither is it supposed to swell up with pointless knowledge and think itself a river when it is a selfish dam.
You are Courier because you are a river. If you were not a river, your life would have been taken by the spirit of torment. But Gatherer was able to take you through the hardest of all training because he was able to depend on the constant flow of the rivers of life that flow through your mind.
Even at your lowest, most humiliated points did you continue to sit at the feet of teachers and share what you were taught.

And now your steps are ordered and all who hear your voice grow in wisdom and might.
Wisdom and might enforce order.
Order brings peace and power.
The purpose of peace and power is to advance territory, not to sit, do nothing and get fat and useless.
A nation at peace with itself can easily conquer nations that are subjugated by their own instability.
Are you listening Courier?”

“With all that I am!”

“The kingdom of darkness is a place of instability and self-interest. It is easily subjugated by a kingdom of order. The kingdom of God is a kingdom of order. If the kingdom of God is out of order, you subjugate nothing.
In the chaos of self-interest, you are just a bunch of yapping dogs with no teeth. You are not supposed to yap at the darkness, binding this and that from the safety of your church fence. You are supposed to be out there binding up poverty by feeding the poor, binding up crime by ministering to the prisoners.
Such things are uncomfortable, so very few do them. And those who ignore the instructions of the Son lament that they are in depression when it is obedience to instruction that lifts the spirits that come upon you at the command of self-preservation.

Let me ask you this Courier:

What was the first thing you saw in the first vision?”

“The wall with the bible stories upon it.”

“So where is the wall? I have walked the length and breadth of this land and I see no wall.
If those who read what you record wish to receive from me, they must abandon their self-interests and follow the instructions to finish this land so that the overflow into every other ministry may begin. How much wisdom and revelation must flow through the Courier for them to realize that this vision is of God?
Release, Favour, Prosperity and Power come to those whose houses and kingdom priorities are in order.
But such is the nature of man, their hearts are wicked and they deceive themselves with their own pointless ambitions.
This vision brings order and unity. To throw your life into the fruition of this vision is to unleash a shockwave across the world.
Unity is not enough. Feeding the poor is not enough. Order is not enough. It must all be released as one, powerful, unified package. Have you not seen the effect on all who come here?
Have you not seen how they could not even pray for minutes, but here they pray for hours?
The things I have to release require humility and teachability Courier.
If they cannot recognize the wisdom the flows from your mouth, they will not recognize what flows from mine and they certainly will not be able to learn directly from God as He so eagerly desires.

For if they cannot see and hear that which is easily seen and heard, they are wilfully deaf and wilfully blind.
We send Couriers and angels often. But their messages are always the same: Leave your life and build the kingdom. Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord, let Him lift you up in His way and in His kingdom.
But such messages fall on deaf ears for mankind has been taught to look out for themselves.

I desire to fulfil my assignment, that you all receive a revelation of release, favour, prosperity and power.
I do not hold hope that mankind would allow me this but I hold hope in the Father and Son and Holy Spirit who sent me.
And I have hope in you and those who see you Courier.

Let us begin with small steps so that the fools may be offended and that the wise may respond to my message.
Let us make covenant today Courier. At the completion of each section of wall containing a Bible story, I shall bring forth instructions that bring forth Release, Favour, Prosperity and Power.

I look at this tent of prayer and I wonder where the banners containing the seven spirits of God and fruit of the Spirit are?

You received instructions did you not?

Remember Courier:
Every instruction from heaven is an instruction to fetch reward.
Ignore none of them!

The kingdom is all, and this is a kingdom of order! Follow every instruction with clarity and focus!”

“Heed these words Courier. For if you are obedient to what Order teaches, the blessing of Guardian, Breakthrough and Gatherer will come like a flood.
Remember that God uses man and angels alike to release blessing.
All who read what you record must always look for those who bare the rank of wisdom in the kingdom of God. Whether through man or angel, the spirit of wisdom is supreme!
Every instruction releases the purpose of every blueprint, to bless and empower!

We are privileged that the archangel of order has been sent to join this team. For he comes with the accelerated blessing of God.

To you and all who read what you record:
See the gift that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit has sent!
The kingdom is all!”

“Understood, we won’t mess this up!
The kingdom is all!”

I wake up.