After posting dream 271, I received many messages from men and women in business asking for miracles in their dealings so that they may fund the advance of the kingdom.
This was my prayer before falling asleep last night:
“Father, you have sent angels to aid us in our assignments across the world. You have sent your Holy Spirit so that we may have unfettered access to your wisdom.
Yet those who wish to advance your kingdom are still at the mercy of the god of this world. I pray that you would speak to me tonight so that those who do battle on the finance mountain may have definitive answers and clear instructions for victory.”
I fall asleep.
Dream 272
Breakthrough and I are under the tree on a section we call ‘Breakthrough Island’ on the land beneath Michael’s calf.
We sit together upon a large rock and look out over the river together for a very long time before he speaks.
“In matters of financial victory, few like the information that we give them.
For to wage war upon the financial mountain is to wage war against minds that are as animals, seeking only profit and to seek only profit is to sear the conscience so that the voice of the Holy Spirit is no longer heard.
But to wage war upon the financial mountain from the mountain of faith is the correct path. For every mountain should be subjugated from the mountain of faith.
Those who wish to see decisive victory should be spending time at your wisdom sessions so that favour, might and wisdom may be imparted but many cannot travel so far. They must thus take special note of what you record now.
Heed these words, they are heavy but they will bring light in the darkness:
Nothing comes to the inconsistent.
A thousand great ideas with none followed through is completely pointless. And a few great ideas pursued for a time without total commitment even worse. For time, energy and money are invested into the opening shots of the battle and then most walk away at the first sign of the enemy resisting the charge.
Even a General would have his rank stripped from him for cowardice.
The same of a project started without the commitment to finish it.
Any battlefield may be won if the right strategy is employed and sometimes you must approach the same enemy from many angles before you find a weak spot in his defence.
But if you give up an entire war because you lose a skirmish or a battle, you win nothing and you learn nothing.
It is better to lose a war and walk away wiser than to tremble and run when you see your own blood for the first time. To learn is to grow, to learn while you bleed is to rise even faster.
For he who learns to heal his wounds while he fights will achieve in months what most achieve in years.
Truly I tell you this.
Most who fail, fail because they give up early. They commit to battle and do not follow through with their commitment.
Have you not seen it in ministry? Have you not seen how many give up at the first sign of resistance?
Pray that this revelation may rest upon the minds of all who read what you record:
Victory comes to those who do not tire of doing good work to ensure that their goals are achieved. For you reap in due season, but only if you faint not.
Even with all of the wisdom of heaven crammed into your head would you fail if you quit the battlefield prematurely.
You must commit yourself to battle and change your strategies as needed. It is in the changing of strategies that I, Breakthrough, and the angels under my command are assigned.
And to honour the wisdom that we give, the witty inventions and strategies, the messengers and couriers who bring them is a great key.
For breakthrough comes to those who honour wisdom with sacrifice.
And there is no greater sacrifice than laying your life down for a thing.
But your life is not required of you on the financial mountain (if you do battle on it from the faith mountain), only your ego is required. Lay your ego upon the altar, sacrifice it to God and continue in the spirit of might, rising from each failure without flinching.
If those who read what you record close their eyes at this moment, they will hear the soft whispers from the spiritual realm. The Holy Spirit and every angel assigned say this: “lay down your ego”.
When the ego is laid upon the altar, defeat is a lesson, not a punishment.
But most lack the spirit of Might to rise from each disappointment. So they back off, learn nothing and try an entire different battlefield only to run into the same wall.
This is why we have sent a courier who imparts the spirit of Might. If you do not honour what is upon him, you will receive nothing from him.
Did you not know that he who receives a prophet as a Prophet shall receive that prophet’s reward?
This courier is sent to reward you with Might. The wise among you would be receiving daily impartation so that you have the might control your tongue and take every thought captive.
For He who is unseen sends those who are seen so that your faith may increase. But you are even blind to those whom you can see and thus receive nothing form them.
Having Wisdom without Might is like a ship captain knowing how to cross the ocean but turning back each time the first swells become too big.
Wisdom with Might will bring you discipline, supernatural favour and riches beyond your imagination. Not even the gates of hell can prevail against those two for they are the full manifestation of the mind of the Son of God.
Every other principle comes to those who connect daily, even hourly, to the Spirits of Wisdom and Might. But the wisest of financial principles with the greatest wisdom are nothing but irrelevant knowledge without the spirit of Might.
All eighty two of those who have asked you to intercede for their business dealings already have the full strategies given to them. Builder, Gatherer and the Holy Spirit have inserted many ideas into their hearts and these men and women are able to reach into the creative realm and pull wonderful ideas from it.
But their lips are not guarded and their hearts break when the enemy starts to fire back.
A lengthy battle weighs down upon the greatest of Generals. Whether ministry, business or relationships, long battles take their toll.
Truly I tell you this.
All battles are long. Even those that last a few months or even weeks feel like they drag on for eternity. But most last years. Very few breakthroughs manifest in weeks or months.
All must connect to the spirit of Might so that they may stay focused and work diligently for the full duration.
This is why we have you insulated son of obedience: Your assigned battle is a seventeen year war. We have you insulated so that you are constantly connected to the spirit of Might and may impart that same spirit to all who come.
To all who read what the son of obedience records:
You have the favour of God upon you. His grace is sufficient!
You have His wisdom because you have asked for it.
All that you lack is the spirit of Might so that your drive and focus may be consistent.
But let us speak of something that hampers your ability to receive the spirit of Might.
Even Jesus was unable to do many miracles in His hometown because they would not recognise Him in the fullness of His assignment there.
In the same way, you do not recognize those sent to you by God to infuse you with might. In fact, you despise the council of men and women of God and pass judgement upon them foolishly. The very sources of power that are sent to you are stoned with the stones of critical judgement.
Indeed, the cynical mind is a gate that is locked against all that God has to offer.
Rush now in your mind to change this within your being. Be sceptical of as little as possible. Have the faith and trust of a child. See every gift of impartation that is sent to you as a blessing. Cover the sin of all around you with the love of God so that you may receive the gifts wrapped within those impure vessels.
As grace has been shown to you by God Himself, show grace in return. For the reward of grace is favour and might.
Walk away from doctrines of judgement. They are demonic. They whisper in your ear as Absalom and Jezebel, hardening your heart against the very vessels that God sends to impart might and peace.
When a man or a woman comes to you in the name of the Lord, receive them with open arms and open heart. Test what they have to say and take what is good. Be quick to cover their sins and forgive their weaknesses.
Do this and I, Breakthrough, will be able to send multiple prophets, couriers and even angels to you each day.
If you are able, spend as much time in worship with this courier as you can. Make his friends your friends for all of them are sent of God.
Gatherer has removed the chaff and continues to do so. Trust the friends of the courier until you are able to easily receive from all we send to you.
You have the strategies, you have the answers. But you are tired and battered and you have lost control of your tongue. Every word is a covenant with either light or darkness.
You must gird up your loins with the spirit of might so that you may be consistent in your discipline.
Truly I say it again:
Wisdom without Might is pointless. And Might without Wisdom is far worse. But you have all received an outpouring of wisdom, especially those who read what the courier records. You lack Might. Become aware of this, change your mind, change your life so that you crave connection with the spirit of Might.
Crave connection with all seven spirits of God and you shall be completely unstoppable. But start with Wisdom and Might and mighty walls shall fall before you.
There is no single business idea, all of them can work if Wisdom and Might are employed together.
Without the Spirit of Might you become double minded – like a boat tossed by the smallest waves on the sea.
Remember that faith is focused free will. But how are you to focus your free will upon your race when fear continually draws your attention?
Let God give you a spirit of love, power and a sound mind. For these are the elements of the spirit of Might!
Go now, close yourselves in your closet, or in your car, or stand upon a mountain or a field. Go there where you may roar without concern of listening ears. Let the spirit of might bubble up from within you and scream your defiance of fear into the wind.
And breathe in that same wind, for all that blows, all that you can breathe, all that is felt upon your skin and moves the grass is the spirit of God. All that gives life in lungs is Ruach! And where the spirit of God is, there is freedom and power and love.
Breathe it in and roar your faith so that your spirit may subjugate the anxieties of your flesh.
And set your eyes as flint, focused with faith in God and defiance against the enemy. Let the promises of God be upon your lips and the Spirit of Might within your heart.
Let His Spirit of Wisdom blanket your mind and His spirit of Council caress your Soul.
Receive those who are sent to you as blessings. Look for encouragement within them.
Worship with the Courier for you will find no fear within him. And he shall impart the same to you.
And if you are unable to worship with him, find the sons of fire and worship with them.
Heed these words Courier.
We have spoken to you of the twenty-one days of impartation but the time was not yet right.
Now comes the seventh month of the year.
From the first day of the seventh month shall you have twenty one days of impartation. In these twenty one days there shall be miracles from each mountain. Massive financial breakthrough, healings in the body, freedom from depression and a powerful revelation of grace.
The seven, three, twelve, armour bearers and intercessors shall be given twenty-one minutes to give impartation each night.
And each night shall you lead worship and lay hands on all who come for an impartation of the spirit of might.
Those who are married must minister as a couple on each night and they must fast on the day that they shall minister. You must break bread and eat together each night at seven o clock sharp. Those who fast must break their fast in that moment.
The son of grace must take the first night and the last night. Without a revelation and impartation of grace, there is no heavenly context to this vision. It must all start and end with grace.
The Centurion must take the second night and the second last night.
The son and daughter of fire must take three nights.
The builder must take two nights.
The broken man and his wife, man from Heidelberg, son and daughter of order, must all have a chance to impart.
The son and daughter of legacy must be present whenever they are able. They must minister three nights but lay hands upon all who enter, as they enter, whenever they are present.
Your wife must minister one night and impart the spirit of excellence.
The intercessors must minister together one night.
Listen carefully, for this is important, Order will be present and he responds best to precision in gatherings so that a revelation of precision in life may follow. If you follow this exact program, you make it much easier for him to impart Release, Favour, Prosperity and Power. If you receive a revelation of precision, Order will be able to commission angels to minister to you without demonic interference.
You must begin to worship at exactly five-thirty each day and the assigned minister or ministers must begin to lay hands upon all who enter and pray for them at exactly six o clock.
At exactly six-thirty, the minister must deliver 21 minutes of word. They must not hold back their yoke, even if it contradicts all that you have heard from us. For all of you must learn to discern and research the scriptures as mature believers. And even if what they teach scratches at your very soul, lay down your ego and research the scriptures diligently so that you may grow in spirit and in truth without judging the vessel.
Let the builder choose who will close in prayer each night and communicate the importance of not going over time so that the time of all present is honoured.
There is a time and a place for everything and a season for everything. There will be times where there is no limit to worship and word but these twenty one days are an impartation of Order and honour so that every other good thing may be received.
At seven o clock, sup together. Break bread and laugh together inside the place of prayer. Love one another dearly so that all present may see the love of God within you.
At exactly twenty-one minutes past seven must all leave joyfully.
Go then to your inner room and pray without ceasing for three hours. A list of the names of all present each night must be given to you so that you may lift them up in agreement.
Listen carefully:
All who come must bring their vision made plain and lay it at the foot of the stage so that both worship and word may wash over what they present.
You shall call this the twenty-one days of Order.
But have fun in the order.
Do not make it legalistic or heavy with law. Do not bring a spirit of condemnation. Those who sow order shall reap the rewards, those who do not will reap in part. Treat all who come with love and do not pass judgement upon those who are late or run over time when they minister.
It is far better to walk in complete integrity with these things but love must always lead.
The kingdom is all.”
I wake up.