Dream 29 – USA to SA

I am under Michael’s calf looking out over the river in front of me.

Uriel stands beside me quietly. I think we have been here for a while, neither saying much. The process of dreaming and recording for 29 consecutive days has me so tired that I am even tired in the dream itself.

Uriel towers over me, two heads taller than a tall man. His face and clothes obscured by light. I get the idea that he spends a lot of physical time with the Lamb. His reverence for the words of Jesus is so contagious that every time I read the Gospels I feel like I should be on my knees.


“Man was created to be friend. To walk and laugh daily with the Father, to experience all that is good about God. But joy is not possible without choice. Joy comes from choosing that which makes you happy. The freedom to have unspeakable, unexplainable joy, to throw back your head and laugh just because you are truly happy comes from walking in complete love. For without complete love is joy but fleeting. Moments of laughter inspired by specific events become the counterfeit joy.

But in the fullness of love is the fullness of joy.

Such a thing is almost unfathomable to man, that one could live every moment in the blissful presence of love and thus the ecstasy of continued joy.

At the very centre of love will you find unconditional forgiveness.

For absent forgiveness is there only bitterness and fear.

This fear is to the enemy as love is to the Father. For those who live in fear walk in full confirmation of the word of the deceiver.”


“But it is written that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.”


“To the fear of God and the fear of the deceiver are two completely different things.

The fear of God is as a child fears the rod of a loving father who seeks to keep him on the path to an abundant life. This is a fear firmly rooted in love and those who keep the commands of the son have nothing to fear. For they are given love, power and a focused mind.

The spirit of fear is brought by the deceiver as a fear of rejection and, as mammon dictates, the fear of not having enough. For in the kingdom of God there is more than enough but in the kingdom of mammon there is never enough.

Two men may sit side by side looking at the same lake. The child of God would rejoice that the earth and sky are filled with the provision of God for the lake before them. The child of mammon would be concerned that the lake might run dry.

Thus would the one in fear seek to limit who has access to the lake. Even going to war over it.

Know this  son of sorrow: Greed is but the full manifestation of fear.

Fullness of love would share the lake with all who come to the last drop. If no river or rain filled it up again, the loving heart would still die of thirst, full of joy that so many could be saved for so long.

Fear would allow the death of multitudes so that a few may live. Greed, selfishness and bitterness are but products of fear. All in confirmation of the word of the deceiver.

Even in the church, which is the body, who are the branches do you find this widespread fear of not enough. This is why so many refuse to work together.

They fear not having enough church members, not enough income, not enough recognition. And the vast majority of shepherds act as hirelings, not heeding the voice of the master to build one kingdom. And building their own tribe will not work with other tribes to advance the kingdom.

These are not evil of heart, simply fearful of failure and humiliation. But in being fearful do they come into confirmation of the word of the deceiver and contend against both the words of the son and the love of the Father.

The deceiver seeks to divide the body.

If every tribe is kept apart, we have no army. Only splintered resistance groups attacking a united enemy.

And so the kingdom of darkness is able to advance agendas of abortion, poverty and corruption unchecked by an impotent, splintered army.

For poverty and abortion are but products of the fear of not enough.

In the presence of the deceiver is fullness of fear.

But in the presence of the Father is fullness of love.

In the presence of fear is it impossible to do as Christ commands for He commands that we store up nothing for ourselves yet driven by fear do they store up and hoard and build their own safe places.

Disobedient to every command that proceeds from the son do they refuse to make disciples, to forgive, to take care of the poor and so do even the elite walk in contestation against the love of God.

Walking in fullness of fear of what man might say do they hide in tribes and homes, a splintered army, fearful of a smaller enemy, disobedient to the king.

And in their fear of not enough do they act as a nation with no King. Many striving to be the Lord of all when there is but one Lord and one King.

Know this son of sorrow: The King is alive and he advances HIS church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.

Do not suggest community, command it!”


“Build a prayer path in every city and every town and let every captain of hundreds and captain of thousands walk upon it together in agreement.

They are to pray the word and only the word for the word is God and carries the power of God and in it shall they find the supernatural power of God to do the impossible.

Let every businessman and every head of every ministry and every family walk together daily in prayer upon the path. And let them proclaim the word of God over their city and business and ministry and health and families.

And every church is to divert their resources to train up the millennials and the children of the millennials.

And in unity must every church work together, ignoring borders to build farms and theme bible theme parks in places of extreme poverty.

Raise the children upon the words of the Lamb and you will see a new earth as you cannot imagine. They shall bring forth technology as you have never seen to bring the love of the Father to this earth.

Heed these instructions son of sorrow, command unity, do not suggest it. For those who are offended by a united Kingdom under the Lord Jesus Christ are not of the kingdom and are divisive. Warn them once, warn them twice and then have nothing to do with them.

The King has already given his instructions. Do not store up treasures on earth but use all that you have and all that you are to expand the kingdom.”


“Poverty is the true measure of the obedience of the saints. Do not be lulled into complacency but be fired up into revival. Recruit those who would administrate and raise funds and travel to head up united initiatives to bring first spiritual revival, then renewal of the mind then economic reformation.

Work as an army. Not as splintered tribes.

For alone you can only resist the devil and he must flee, and in tribes can you only resist the devil and he must flee but as a united church must you assault the very gates of hell and it will not prevail against you.

Be one as we are one!

Son of sorrow, speak thus to the body:

‘You have become lukewarm and fearful and limited in your imagination. You look upon poverty and think that you have no power to change it. You hide in churches charging your spirit and preparing for a war that you never fight.

You do this because you do not know what to do with your authority. Do all that is written here. The instructions are clear.

Meet every morning upon the path to pray and meet weekly in the tabernacles as one and meet every day from house to house to study the words of Jesus, who is the word made manifest, who is the Lamb, who is God.

Paul is not God. Neither are the prophets. Study diligently all they have to say but know that the very word of God is that which proceeds from the mouth of the Lamb.

If the son is your King, obey his words.

If you do not obey his instructions, he is not your King for mammon and the fear of not enough dominate your time.

For where your heart is, there your treasure will be also.

And where your time is, there will you find your heart.

Those who worship mammon do not even know that they worship mammon for they are so lost in the activities of mammon that they have no time for the Kingdom.

And they spend so much money on the things of mammon that they have none for the kingdom. They have become as chaff, choking the wheat and starving those on the front lines of resources.

Nothing belongs to you brethren. It is all for the kingdom and to be used for the glory of the Father.

If Jesus is your Lord, submit to his commands. Seek out every command with passion and fulfil it in full obedience.

See then how heaven comes to earth.

For when reformation sweeps the church, revival shall sweep the land.’”


“Every strategy of the enemy is to keep the body in disunity. The deceiver unleashes the heart of mammon upon entire nations and even as children starve to death do the wealthy accept it as normal. Do not expect heathens and unbelievers to steward your money. They are as vile and corrupt as their father the devil. They steal every cent meant for every child and store up for themselves such wealth that cannot be spent in ten lifetimes. They are the chaff that that Gatherer shall bring before the righteous judge and their eternity of torment is assured.

The Kingdom is to manage these projects with great diligence, accountability and stewardship.

Build farms son of sorrow. Build bible theme parks. Build prayer tabernacles. Build prayer paths. Do not suggest unity, command it.

To the unifiers say this:

‘Command unity, do not suggest it. Speak with love and go in the power of the Holy Spirit for the father and the son and the Angels and the Witnesses are one with you. Be one as we are one!’

You are to start in South Africa and move up into the rest of Africa, northwards. Nigeria shall sync with you in the physical and in the spirit and move further north.

The Father has blessed the United States of America as the source of blessing and revival for the entire world. For there did he send from every nation the greatest of blood lines so that it may be the protector of Israel and the source of righteousness upon this earth.

Say thus to the uniters in that great nation:

‘Your nation will not fall to the enemy for you are the nation raised and set up by the Father himself and you are protected by more legions of angelic hosts than your mind can fathom. Do not be discouraged by the onslaught of the sons of Ishmael for it is all a ploy to affect your focus. Unite in prayer and send funds and missionaries to Africa as never before.

Do not sow into ministries that are not in unity for they build their own kingdoms and as are corrupt as the unbelievers.

The Father has sent key people to South Africa to set up the Tsunami that will spread across the entire continent and then the rest of the world.

  Send intercessors to the son of sorrow and pray fervently. Unite as one.

Your children rebel not because they are evil but because they have no purpose. Give them this purpose. Send them to South Africa in their thousands and tens of thousands. The infrastructure is ready for the biggest revival you have ever seen.

Raise your children to do the will of the Father, submit to the son and advance the kingdom.

The older generations must continue to travel the world with specific focus on preparing Asia for what is to come.

Equip the saints there and prepare them for the harvest.

Michael will leave Brazil and arrive in South Africa on the 25th September 2016 and there will he be for 17 years, 7 months and 7 days.

Brazil will continue to be in revival for that full time and much infrastructure will be set up by the angels with the uniters there.

The battleground will now be South Africa. Move to wipe out poverty there. Follow these instructions to the letter and the revival across Africa will remove the root of poverty so that the Middle East, Russia and China are surrounded for the next move.

Know that God does not do anything without informing his prophets and now this must be common knowledge and the body must be unified.

Uniters. Do not suggest unity, command it!”

I wake up.

A multigenerational strategy is about to pay off.

The Father has instructed the gatherers that none should perish.

These dreams contain exact instructions for the first phase of a global movement that will decimate poverty.

The Father’s love is overwhelming and the commands of the son filled with His strategy to bring heaven to earth.

The next phase begins in South Africa in tandem with Nigeria and Brazil. USA is identified as the nation that God has chosen to bring His righteousness to all the earth.

The time has come to be one as heaven is one.

If we love the son, we will do as he commands.

In the kingdom there are no borders.

The kingdom is all.

With all my love.

The courier.

Son of sorrow.