Breakthrough, Builder and I stand on the first stone on the land beneath Michael’s calf.
Builder holds his hands up to the heavens and speaks.
“Flow is the most important part of any strategy. It is important that you understand how flow works son of sorrow.
Lift your hands towards heaven with me and call forth supply.”
We stand together and call upon the heavens to open. Days pass, weeks pass, months pass and finally a small crack of light breaks forth above us.
“Open your spiritual eyes so that you may see why it takes so long.”
I focus and look towards the heavens completely in the spirit.
Above us, ranks and ranks of angels have created a fortified spiralling stairway that disappears into the clouds. Millions of demons fly around the perimeter looking for cracks in the defences.
“There is a war in the heavenlies son of sorrow. Never forget it.
Heed now the words of the angel of breakthrough!”
“To break through the canopy of demonic oppression takes consistent discipline and focus. Angels are commissioned according to your faith stamina. If your faith can outlast the trials and attacks, angels will fight to open a path to heaven so that resources, gifts and power may flow.
And when one portal is opened, that portal becomes a constant source for every river that flows from it.
Imagine fighting a war to open a floodgate that fills up a dam. It is only when the dam is full that the rivers can run with its constant flow.
But the dam must be built properly so that the sluice gates may be managed wisely and every river and stream may receive exactly what it needs.
If a hundred ministries fight to open up heaven above their individual ministries, maybe one will outlast the initial trials. But if they are clever enough to work together and focus on one portal, the well will never run dry.
This is what you (plural) are creating son of obedience, a portal to heaven that will overflow and spring forth the rivers that will run to the thousands of prayer paths that will be born across the world.
When this first phase is complete, the portal will be completely open.
Just keep your focus and stay disciplined!
From this land shall flow peace and joy and disciplined faith. From here you will fund thousands of missionaries and churches. Just focus on opening the portal. Follow your instructions, work together to complete the prayer path and wall. Continue to worship and connect to the spirit of wisdom as often as you can. It is this consistency that will open the portal
Stay focused son of obedience.
This land shall be an international source of power. The heavens above you will be completely open and completely fortified.
Stay focused, continue to worship, continue to impart wisdom and might.
Every day the heavens open a little more. Take heart son of obedience, abundance shall flow to this land and it shall flow through this land.
The kingdom is all! Seek first the kingdom!”
“The kingdom is all!”
I wake up.