I stand before a grave surrounded by rusted motorcycles, sports cars, decaying houses and a lot of broken high-tech entertainment.

The inscription on the grave says ‘son of mammon’.

The gravestone is expensive but now chipped and flecked with most of the ornate finishes long since stolen.

Weeds grow around everything. Whoever this person was and whatever they achieved in life are now just memories.
I stand hoping that they had done a lot of good in this world.

Uriel steps up from behind me.


“You will now see the price of disobedience to the words of the son.
Know that this grave belonged to a believer who is now with the Father. His salvation assured by the blood of the Lamb but the price of his disobedience extremely dear.”

A massive scale appears in front of us.
It’s the antique type that has a tray on each side that must be balanced.

When I say massive, I mean that you can put a few huge houses in one of the trays.

I stand looking at this huge scale for a while before Uriel starts to speak again.

“The Father does not measure wealth in gold or silver, he measures it in people.
He exists in every molecule of everything ever created. His heart is filled with overwhelming love for all of his creation. There is no thing or person that does not contain all that he is. When a child lies starving in India, he starves with that child, hoping that the body of his son, who are the church would be obedient to the commands of the son and come to feed him and this child. For they are one and the same and to feed the child is to feed God himself.

Know this son of sorrow: The son does not move without his body. For free will is at the center of love and though humanity suffer because of the disobedience of the body, the Father and son suffer with every single one. To help any person is to help God himself. To deny any person is to deny God himself.”

What happens next breaks my heart so badly that I have to look away.
A top end luxury vehicle appears on one side of the scale and is immediately balanced by a pile of dead children on the other. All died from starvation.

I cannot look.

Tears stream down my face as the reality of what I am seeing smashes into me.
The weight of the revelation makes me sick with guilt and every inch of my soul begins to shout justification.

“This cannot possibly be how the world works. How does one luxury vehicle kill so many children? How must one person carry such responsibility?”

“One person or one tribe can carry very little but one Kingdom can change the world. Every luxurious thing is as honey to entice the believer away from kingdom objectives so that the evil one may steal, kill and destroy with unchecked freedom.

And even the believer would say, ‘what difference will this luxury make?’ Not realizing that every sacrifice can advance the kingdom of God.”

A notoriously corrupt governmental official appears on a platform in front of the scale.
On one side a lot of gold appears and on the other, schools, clinics, water systems and food.
Suddenly the gold is turned into big houses, sports cars, parties and private jets.
The other side of the scale piles up with prisons, famine, sick people and dead children.

“You judge this official yet many of you are guilty of the same sin.”

“How does buying a luxury car with your own money compare to a corrupt official stealing what is not his?”

“None of it is yours. You are to live as humble a life as you can so that the kingdom may expand. Resource is supposed to flow through the hands of the saints to expand the kingdom, not to store up things that have no eternal value.”

The scale now has a hundred holiday homes piled on top of each other.
On the other side, the bodies of dead children almost disappear into the clouds.

“Those homes all belong to believers.”

“So people in poverty have children irresponsibly and we are held accountable for the consequences?”

“You only consider bringing forth life as irresponsible because you think there is not enough resource to go around. This is the spirit of mammon. If you love the son you will keep his commands. If you keep his commands and expand the kingdom, there will be no lack anywhere.”

Builder joins the conversation.

“The western world throws away more food than the whole world can eat every day. A fraction of global military budgets could feed, clothe and educate every child on earth. The saints alone could feed clothe and educate every child on earth. There is more than enough to take care of every child son of sorrow. You just need to become one as we are one.”

“I would like to feed 30000 kids a day just in the area around me. How do I do it? Churches refuse to unite, government is corrupt and business people are under tons of financial pressure. Also, business people are tired of giving into a never-ending pit of poverty.”

“Farms son of sorrow. Build farms and grow the food you need. People are not as evil as you think, they just want a plain vision so that they may be good stewards. They will even give you land. Just make the vision plain. But without raising the children in the way they should go, none of this matters.
For man cannot live on bread alone but by every word of God. You must feed both body and soul.”

The scale now has gold on one side and the bible theme park, a farm and a christian school with a hostel on the other.

“Do not build orphanages, build schools with hostels and focus on fun. Raise the kids in a world of laughter and unlock every inch of their imagination. Give them the tools to be inventive from very young and let them advance technology to change the world. For there is nothing that man will create that does not already exist in the spiritual realm which is the creative realm. It is the desire of the Father that mankind access every creative solution he has for them so that you may be blessed in spirit, soul and body and that it may be on earth as it is in heaven.”

“Behold the fruit of mammon!”

One side of the scale piles up with ornate opulence, palatial houses, overpriced brands and all manner of material wealth. The other side piles up with run down schools, poverty, dirty water and prisons.

“If both body and soul are not fed, the result is a cycle of greed and fear. Even when the poor become rich will they forget where they come from.

For absent obedience to the words of the son is wealth a drug that will destroy all who taste it.

Teach all of mankind that the kingdom must come first. Teach them every word that proceeds from the mouth of the son. All else is counterfeit.

You are not separate, you are one. Man made borders exist only in the physical and serve as strongholds for the enemy. As tribes you do well to focus upon your community but as a kingdom you must focus upon the Kingdom.”

“As with the prodigal son, do many wonder off to spend their riches on the things of this world and eat and sleep with pigs while the faithful toil in the kingdom as the other son. But rejoice, for all who return to the Father are greeted with a new robe and a ring upon their finger. Do not condemn the body with this call for unity, for many walk in ignorance yet still have the heart of God. There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. Do not bring burdens upon them that you yourself cannot carry. Be patient with them as God has been patient with you.”

“The son gives clear instruction on how the kingdom is to be built. And these instructions are build upon the authority of the Father through the commands the son, who is the rock. Therefore is there one teacher, who is Jesus and one father who is THE Father. For all earthly teachers and earthly fathers mean well but cause you to build upon the sand of their own revelation. And this sand is tainted with their own fears and ambitions. But the words of the son cause the expansion of the Kingdom and many mighty works.
And because they build the kingdom upon their own fears and ambitions, they cannot work together. For the pain of rejection and failure are too much to bear. And they move from the Lordship of Jesus Christ to the soothing words of man and because of this can the son do no mighty works.
For it is no longer the word of God preached in those places but the careful word of man who seeks not to offend.
But the offense that comes from each word of the son is as a surgeon’s scalpel, removing that which causes so much pain.
For only the son can remove the weeds that grow so closely to the wheat and leave the wheat healthy.

Those who build upon the sand do not have faith in the commands of the son, nor do they have faith in the love of the Father, nor do they trust the revelation of the Holy Spirit upon the words of the son. And so, meaning well, do they condemn many to lives of bondage and disobedience. For they do not truly believe that God will provide.

Heed these words son of sorrow:
The deceiver rejoices in these teachings for it sears the conscience of the elite. They say ‘God will take care of the poor’ and ‘God loves me and I am covered by grace’ and they are right but they turn from their responsibilities, receiving the Lamb as savior but not Jesus as Lord.
And as a result of this disobedience does the world suffer under the weight of the deceiver’s wrath. For the church is the light of the world and the hope of the world and if it does not advance, the enemy remains the god of this world.

Know this: When you choose to preach the gospel of sand which is the gospel of man, you choose Jesus as savior only. And multitudes remain in death and bondage because you refuse to make disciples and advance the kingdom.

But if you choose to preach the gospel of the words of the son of God, you build upon the rock and turn your back upon the economy of mammon.
For the gospel upon the rock will you be hated and persecuted. For the gospel upon the sand will you be celebrated.
Jesus says lose your life for the sake of the kingdom. Well meaning teachers say pursue an abundant life and ignore the kingdom beyond your tribe.”

“Is it then wrong to be wealthy in the kingdom?”

“Many will be blessed with ability to create wealth and the Holy Spirit will show them which side of the boat to throw the net. But when their barns are full they must not build bigger barns, they must be rich towards God and cause resources to flow to the front lines. To walk past even a single beggar when your barns overflow is walk past God himself and to walk past entire nations is to turn your back on the entire kingdom of God. For the kingdom is of the spirit and not of man-made borders.
Wealth is a great blessing to the kingdom, for what army can expand its borders without resource?

Seek first the kingdom and his righteousness and as the kingdom expands so does your blessing expand.

Consider this:
A man has a business that sells food. But only ten people have money to buy the food.
The man invests in educating the other ninety people so that they may look after themselves.
Now there are one hundred who can buy from him every day.
This is how the kingdom expands.
These one hundred continue to grow and train others as the man trained them and soon become a thousand.

But now we have the same man preferring to move his business to a place where people can already afford to buy his food. And though he has the talent, resources and skills to change the lives of many, he turns his back on the poor and follows after mammon.
For he says to himself: ‘The kingdom is not my problem’.
The Father loves him still and the blood of the Lamb cleanses him still. But he places many generations upon his scales of disobedience.”

The scale in front of us changes again.
This time I see a group of kids grow before my eyes on one side and a bunch of farms and schools multiply on the other side.

“See how entire generations are changed if children are raised with the heart of the Father and the commands of the son?
Start with the prayer path, start with the farms and raise the children to feed those in need. Create within them a love for Jesus both as Lord and Savior. And create within them a constant awareness of the kingdom.
For unless you are raised with such a revelation, it is very difficult to renew your mind as an adult.
Teach them by showing them.
In places of poverty must you build farms within the radius of the prayer paths and there must all kingdom children be part of praying over the crops, harvesting, cooking and serving those in need.
Do not tire of doing good. If the goodness of God resides within you, the goodness of God will flow through you and many shall be led to repentance.

The kingdom has a multitude who hunger for a unified advance in goodness, righteousness and peace.
Instruct the uniters to command unity, not just suggest it.

You will not be persecuted by the world for they seek the love of God but are blinded to it and it is only foolishness to them until their eyes are opened.
The persecution shall come from those within the kingdom who stand much to lose if Jesus is Lord and teacher, and if the Father is the only Father. Do not concern yourself with them for they mean well but are blinded by fear and circumstance.

Be strong and courageous son of sorrow, you are not alone!”

I wake up.