Dream 31
It is dark. I can see nothing. But I hear the voice of Uriel from beside me.

Uriel: “In the darkness do the children of the deceiver hide their evil deeds. Absent the light does hell bleed upon this earth, leaking its counterfeit word upon the hearts of the blind. And there, where there is no light, do such things multiply. For what is darkness but the absence of light?”

Suddenly we are in the midst of hell on earth. I have been granted release from sharing the terrible details of the murder of children, rape of women and taking of slaves that I saw last night. I was taken to the front lines of the ISIS advance and to places where child trafficking and forced prostitution are normal. The absolutely vicious nature of the children of the deceiver filled me with such hatred in the dream that I wanted to kill every single one of them. I was filled with impotent despair at the inaction of good men and waves of frustrated rage washed over me again and again. Man has betrayed man. Man has betrayed God and man has betrayed his calling to steward all that God has created. Yet the Father’s love has not changed at all. He still desires reconciliation while we cry for the blood of our enemies.

In the dream I am so affected by what I see that I scream from the depth of my soul. What comes out of me is so raw that it threatens to unravel the edges of my sanity.

I scream it at every atom in existence. I scream it at man and angel; and I scream it at God.

There in the spirit where these visions take place I am something else. There am I spirit and there am I aware of the immense power within the united body of Christ. There, in the spirit, do my veins not course with this mortal blood but with the power of the Holy Spirit. The veins of my spirit man course with fire and my eyes see everything. And there do I want war.

Men driven by demonic princes wreak hell upon the innocent and in the dream I see the vast horde of hell swarming and reveling in Northern Africa and Columbia. The prince of the power of the air sits upon his throne on the hearts of his followers and laughs at their blindness.

Ancient strongholds continue their reign in uncontested cities where man has turned his back and the body of Christ is silent. Like a bell in the heavens I hear the voice of the Father speak and all that I am stands to attention.

It is all that I need to hear. I know the time has come for the victorious bride to arise and drive out this darkness and I want war. I want war.
“I want war!”

‘Against whom do you wish to war son of sorrow?”

I point my finger at the hordes of hell pulling the strings of foolish men.

“And now the hour of your revelation has come: That your heart must be filled with love for even the most tainted of the deceived; and your war must be against the principalities, not against flesh. Heed now the gatherer son of sorrow.”

Gatherer speaks from behind me. Everything that is happening in this dream seems extremely important. I don’t want to miss a single detail.

“Weeds grow among the Wheat. Evil hides in the shadows of the same streets inhabited by the light. Shadows touch light and light touches shadow. You cannot attack those in the darkness without hurting those in the light and you cannot remove the weeds without considering the wheat alongside it. War against the flesh will always bring such collateral damage that the innocent can turn bitter. The only way to remove the darkness is to bring light to every corner. The only way to remove the weeds among the wheat is to let the weeds grow so that they can be identified and gathered up. Absent light can you not see the difference between the weeds and the wheat. For only in the light are the details made true. And so is it with the kingdom. Absent light do the weeds grow taller than the wheat for there are none to pull it up by the roots. And even though the weeds have grown so large that they begin to choke the wheat, the darkness hides the identity. For in the darkness will the wheat and the wheat look the same and here shall man make a judgment saying wheat and weed are both worthless. Let us turn our backs upon them all.

So it is in these nations of corruption. And so it is wherever the sons of Ishmael take power. The Father loves all and desires that none should perish but in the darkness can man see only tall weeds and wishes the fire to consume it all.

Listen well son of sorrow:
There are far more wheat than weeds. Bring forth the light and everything shall be made plain. In the plainness of light can the weeds be plucked up by the root. The saints are the light. The body is the light. You are the light. You are called out of the darkness to be the light as the son is the light. For the word is the light that illuminates everything and inside of every saint is that same light. And like a city upon a hill does the light draw all who seek safety but you are not just a city on a hill. You are the body of Christ and the hope of the world and when you are one as we are one you are the light of God from against which the darkness has no defense. You have said many times that poverty is the place where evil is bred but this is not true.  Darkness is.

Both in high seats of governmental power and in the lowliest of slums will evil thrive. All that is needed is darkness. And where the children of God do not advance, there will darkness always have authority. Shine the light and the weeds and chaff will be made plain.”
“You speak of war son of sorrow. And you are right to hunger for it. The enemy wages a violent war upon all of mankind, stealing, killing and destroying while the sons of God come and go as if there is peace. There is no peace son of sorrow, not until the enemy is chained and cast into the furnace. Until then, the Kingdom of God must advance with fervor and passion. For every moment that the light does not reach the world, multitudes of innocents will suffer.  Keep well the images of injustice in your heart. Let it drive you and but know that your war will never be against flesh and blood. The kingdom of God is the kingdom of light and the kingdom of love. The only way to tell you apart from wheat, chaff and weeds is by the way you love. Those who do not love are useless, like chaff, lukewarm and of no use to the kingdom. Those who are bitter and act in hatred are the weeds. Those who are
filled with the love of the Father are the wheat. Unite the body. Unite the light. When the kingdom unites, the darkness must flee.

There is only the Kingdom son of sorrow. Nothing else matters. Those who call themselves children of this glorious light must lay down every ambition that does not advance the kingdom. Advance the kingdom and the light will spread. And where there is light, the darkness will abandon its children. Even the most evil of those sons of the deceiver must have a chance to see this light. For they are blind and cannot tell the difference between weeds and wheat even within themselves.

You are at war son of sorrow. Do not doubt this. Speak thus unto the uniters:
‘The Holy Spirit will reveal to you strategies and battle plans against which the enemy has no defense. Do not go to battle alone. Do not go in your own strength. For it is not by might, nor by power but by the Spirit of God. Do not speak your own words, speak the words of the son. For the son is God and every word that proceeds from his mouth is filled with the fullness of the authority of the Father. Strive to work in unity for when many lights come together, everything is illuminated.’

Listen well son of sorrow:
The prayer paths are to be built in every city. And where there is poverty must farms be within the paths. But the food is not God, it is merely the fruit of the goodness of God. The power is in unity in the word of God.  Build the bible theme parks and raise entire generations of children to love the word which is the light. And let them love the light and let them have fun in the light and let them be filled with the light.

The only path to the fullness of the light is to raise an entire generation of children of the light. Those who mature in darkness cannot comprehend the light for it is a threat to them. You have raised your children to consider the light as evil and for this reason to they consider consequence as evil. Even now do you see them rebelling against any authority, unable to distinguish right from wrong.For these next eighteen years must you unite in prayer and raise the children to love the light. Do this and the darkness shall have no place to hide.

Your united prayer is not for you, it is so that the children may see your unity and so that it may become a way of life to them. For your generation has run from unity and hide in your tribes, causing children to want nothing to do with you. For they are not fools and your bitterness is plain to them. You spit upon those who wish to unite you and have contempt for those who call you to united battle. Repent from your ways and God will heal your nation.

It is not the unbeliever who is called to this repentance for they are innocent of your sin. It is you who refuse to work with your brothers and you who turn your backs upon one another who must now bow your knee and turn from your wicked arrogance.

To the uniters say this:
‘Plead with those who refuse to pray as one with their brethren. Speak with boldness, bring them to the light, command them to unity. Do not suggest unity, command it!
For you cannot say that you love God but you will not even pray with your brother. You are worse than a heathen for you know the truth yet ignore it. And because you cling to your bitterness, multitudes live under the yoke of darkness.

Every tribe must do as the Holy Spirit leads them. But know that there is one kingdom and one king and his Kingdom will advance and the gates of hell will not prevail. Every tribe in every city must come together often to pray as one. From that united prayer shall come such blessing that you will not contain it.
Do not rebel against the unity of the body for the Father loves you all dearly and there is much work to be done.

To the uniters say this:
‘Many will despise and reject you but take heart, they are not rejecting you, and they are rejecting the Son. And the Son shall deal with each one according to his deeds and to those who by perseverance in doing good seek glory, honor, and immortality, He will give eternal life.’ Those who lead the flock astray are but hireling shepherds. Do not let their persecution steal your focus. Unite those who will unite, let the Holy Spirit deal with those who will not.”

“To win this war must the light of the righteous be shone in every corner of every place upon this earth. No carnal weapon will win this war. Nor will bitterness or revenge or any such fruit of the deceiver. Expand the kingdom and the light will expand with it. And then shall those who flourish in the darkness be exposed and then shall the weeds be pulled up at the roots.”

“Stay focused son of sorrow. Many are with you. You will not need to lead or command this war, simply unite the uniters and the Holy Spirit will lead His army. Only instruct them to focus upon the words of the Lamb. For there shall they find all that they need.
Be strong and courageous. You are not alone.”

I wake up.