Uriel, Wisdom and I are on my prayer rock upon the land beneath Michael’s calf.
“Rejection doesn’t have the same effect on me that it used to. I used to feel physically sick when these levels of rejection and betrayal came, but now I feel compassion for them.”
“It takes time to arrive at a state of compassion Abdiel. Man was not created for rejection, less so for betrayal. You were created to be a manifestation of love.”
“They say I ask too much as if I am the one asking. ‘You ask too much of people, you are pushing them away from God. How are they supposed to spend time with their families if they are to be worshipping and praying together every day? You are ripping families apart to join your cult.’
That about sums up the past few days. I have not asked anyone to follow me and I sure as heck have no desire to be running a cult.”
The friendly man speaks from beside the prayer rock.
Friendly man:
“It is not you they reject, it is me.
Anyone who loves their family more than they love me raises them to be selfish and worldly.
The wise man raises his family in unity with my body, in an atmosphere of love and worship.
The fool raises an isolated family and teaches them that privacy and exclusivity are more important than I am.
What they do not realize is that this retards the growth of the child’s soul. It stifles the child’s access to the creative realm. You were created for community, you should be raising your children in the atmosphere of the Holy Spirit and His fire!
Those who accuse you of asking too much of them are like a man with a terminal disease who is told that a lifestyle change will save his life. He hates the doctor for the news and dies young, cursing God for his suffering.
I have come to bring a life of abundance. I have come to ask you for a selfless life that overflows into the lives of others. I came so that you might see the life you must live. A life of sacrifice for the salvation of mankind. A life of sacrifice is what they hate Courier, not you.
They do not believe that I exist. If they did, they would do as I have commanded. They believe in a selfish version of me, a version of me that they have sculpted into their own image.
And that version of me has no power to save anyone.
Every messenger that is sent and every line that I have spoken is to prepare you all for heaven. They reject heaven itself Courier.
They are like a man who cries out to be saved from drowning and refuses to climb aboard the rescue ship.
This is why they are so depressed, suspicious and insecure. The god of this world holds their head under water and makes them fight for every little gasp of air. But I am life. You should be breathing me in. I am all that sustains you.
The kingdom of heaven is like that rescue ship. It sails upon the troubled waters of this earth and calls to all who are drowning. And those who leave the water to climb aboard no longer have to fight for air and choke on salty water.
They can drink from the streams of life and breathe in the sweet air of the Holy Spirit.
But they climb aboard for a sip of water, take a few deep breaths and dive back into the water. They do this because they do not believe that the ship is real.
They reject you because they reject the kingdom of God Courier.
Listen well.
To assume that I have to come and meet with you once a week in a church service is like a man who is asked to dwell in the king’s court but sends a note to say he is too busy.
The note says ‘You can come to my house for an hour once a week though, this is convenient for me’.
Then they call that place the house of God.
How do you expect me to accomplish anything in your life with an hour or two when you give the rest of your week to serving yourself, Satan and mammon? And raise your kids to do the same.
Your wives spend more time having their hair done than they do serving my body. They are more concerned with how they look, what they drive and what others think of them than they are about what I think of them. And I think they are grave sites. Well-manicured above the ground and rotting beneath it.
These must not fool themselves, I am not their King and I am certainly not their Lord. They spend more time with worldly entertainment than they do with me. They do not forgive as I have forgiven them. They reject anyone who questions their fake version of me. They hate my word but love the promises that they will never see fulfilled.
I can only heal what is given to me Courier. Man must leave everything and follow me if they desire eternal life. I am the way, the truth and the life. They teach it yet they do not believe it.
Their version of me is selfish, greedy and fearful. They have made themselves a golden calf and put my name on it. They persecute those who sacrifice all to follow me because they hate the idea of a selfless life.
They do not understand that repentance means turning from your wicked ways completely. Repentance is not just saying ‘sorry’, it is walking in the other direction. It is taking up your cross and following me completely.
I came to preach the kingdom of heaven. I want you to do the same. I came to establish an everlasting kingdom on earth. This is every believer’s assignment.
If you believe that I have risen from the grave then you would be working harder at advancing my kingdom than advancing your own.
Your false idols and temples are a stench to heaven.
They are worse than the elaborate temples that the Pharisees built in my name.
My house shall be called a house of prayer. Is ten minutes of prayer at the opening of your service what I had in mind? Is a long winded sermon about my word with no expectation to do what it actually says what I had in mind?
Only the devil could be so crafty as to lead you to think that you are advancing my kingdom with such a selfish way of doing things.
If you actually loved me, you would build buildings in places where the poor could have some kind of use for them. Does that building not stand empty for six days each week?
It is ironic Courier. For these elaborate temples are as empty as the hearts of the ones who build them.”
“I am confused my Lord. Am I not instructed to build structures here?”
Friendly man:
“Yes Courier! Where people of every denomination shall come to pray and worship together daily and where children will be raised to love my word daily. The emphasis is daily Courier.”
“People don’t seem to have that kind of stamina.”
Friendly man:
“This is why the seventh day is reserved for fun and community. But you should be spending more time together as believers than you do with unbelievers. And you should be raising your children together so that they may see my love through your selflessness.
No Courier.
It is not you they reject it is me. And though they know it not, they reject eternal life with me.
If you want to see a marriage fail, let the bride or groom cling to their parents. You are my bride and I have taken you from the world.
Do you think that I desire to be yoked to the world? You who continue to yoke yourselves to the things of this world have not given yourselves to me in marriage.
You are like the bride who says yes at the altar and then runs back to her parents after the wedding.
I want you out of the world completely. I want you in my kingdom so that I may pour my love out upon you.
Take heart Courier. Do not slow down. Do not allow these things to change your resolve.
Preach my word boldly, hold nothing back. The time is near when the games of man and Satan will be over.
Seek first the kingdom of God so that this groom may bless you with a life of overflow!”
I wake up.