The spirit of might stands beside me with his hand between my shoulders while Uriel stands to my left upon the rock of prayer and speaks.
“The enemy is permanently in a state of war son of sorrow. He never lets up. Every demon is instructed to launch attack after attack upon their assigned people without relent.
The assumption that the attacks might stop is a foolish one.
The enemy has an unrelenting desire to see death and destruction waged upon mankind. It is a war of suppression to keep man from looking up to see heaven.
The bombardment is so consistent that most people simply keep looking down.
Believers might come to a vision of unity, desire to feed the poor and even do it for a while before taking an additional bombardment and dropping their heads to cover.”
“Ha! I kind of feel like that lately.”
“Yes, we have seen the intensity of attacks increase dramatically as you launch the wealth creation program.
There is nothing that the enemy hates more than financial flow into the kingdom. He causes even the hearts of many believers to be offended at the thought of the kingdom prospering. It is all a strategy to wage a war of attrition. If he can starve the army of resources and create turmoil and disunity within the camp, he does not need to worry about the army advancing.
Disunity, lack of harmony and lack of resource. These things can stop the mightiest of armies in their tracks!
An army under constant fire needs very focused commanders and very disciplined troops to advance. The instinct of an unseasoned army is to stay under cover or even retreat.
Then, after deserting the front lines, soldiers and officers will criticize the front line fighters and hope that they die in battle so that they deserters have no witnesses of their cowardice.
This is even worse than desertion son of sorrow. For they join the enemy in bombarding those on the frontlines. And all of heaven sees what they do. We all bare testimony of those who turn on the kingdom and they are held accountable for murdering their own brethren.
As Cane killed Abel, these cowards stand on the outer rims of the great war and hurl arrows into the backs of their brethren. There is absolutely no excuse and justification for this behaviour son of sorrow. Such must repent immediately and go to the aid of those on the frontlines.
To be a part of the attrition strategy is a terrible thing. To stop the flow of resource, prayer and encouragement is cruel torture son of sorrow.
To sow that kind of seed is a very foolish thing. They shall reap the fruit of their actions and feel the shame of their cowardice.
But if they repent and return to the aid of their brethren they shall be forgiven.”
The spirit of might continues to hold his hand between my shoulders and speaks in encouraging tones.
“The shield of faith quenches the fiery darts of the enemy.
A single shield on a single soldier is not much use against an entire army. He can be easily flanked and pierced with many arrows while he is distracted Abdiel. While you were alone on this land your shield was locked with the shields of thousands of angels so that no darts could pierce your heart.
It is still that way in large part as many angels have been replaced by believers.
Every time you open the shields to allow a new person in, darts pierce everyone who open up that section.
You need to teach people who approach the vision to turn their backs to the shield wall and lift their shield of faith in the direction of the enemy. Then walk backwards with their shield facing the enemy the whole time so that no darts may hit anyone as they enter the faith community.
Negative words, the insensitive expression of doubts and concerns, disunity – these all drop the shield of faith and allow darts to pierce those around you.
A small huddle of shields does nothing but serve as a turtled up house of fear that never ventures forward. It simply huddles there weathering the storm of arrows and rocks, hoping for the speedy return of the son.
But a unified army in the discipline of faith and the watching of their words will move forward with an impenetrable wall of shields. The enemy will hurtle arrows with all their might and have no effect.
Inside the shield wall there should be a display of the fruit of the spirit.
This is a healthy army Abdiel.
But a healthy army needs people on the wall to shout the instructions to all who enter it.
These are called the watchers on the wall.
You need to train recruits before they approach the shield wall to join the army.
You are under onslaught because you do not have watchers on your wall yet.
I, the spirit of Might, work hand in hand with the spirit of Wisdom. Those who wish to join the frontlines must first be filled with the spirit of Wisdom before they are able to advance with the army.
And the spirit of Wisdom begins with the fear of the Lord.
If they do not believe that God is real, they are not believers. If they do not work to maintain peace in the ranks, they are not sons of God, they are agents of the devil.
Love has nothing to do with disunity in the kingdom.
Separate yourselves from the world so that love may become all of who you are.
God is love so be love!
Know this Abdiel:
I cannot stop darts from piercing you if your watchers are incompetent or non-existent. I can cause you to rejoice through the pain but this type of pain is completely unnecessary.
You should all be locking your shields of faith together in community of love.
The refusal of the body of Christ to be as a community is extremely frustrating for heaven. We constantly get the blame for attacks that are the result of believers’ lack of discipline.
Hear me well:
If you cannot work together in unity, you rob yourselves of rewards beyond imagining.
DO you think the son was kidding around when He said that you would get every heart’s desire if you seek first the kingdom?
Unity in the kingdom is the flood of blessing that would drown even the biggest rewards that the world can offer.
You do not lock shields because you have no idea what true blessing looks like.
Your imaginiation cannot comprehend the pne floodgates of heaven.
Work to lock your shields in faith and unite as one, turning your back on congregational labels, cultural labels and social labels.
Do this, work to be one as heaven is one. Be one with heaven. Pursue the kingdom with all your heart.
Then shall you see a river joy provision and love that has no end.
The kingdom truly is all Abdiel. It is the kingdom of more than enough.
Shout it from the hills. UNITE UNITE UNITE
Really, I don’t know how we can make it plainer for all of you.”
“Just send an asteroid. Let humanity go the way of the Dodo.”
Might (laughs):
“Quit being like Jonah. God wants the world saved, and all of heaven desire this with Him.
When will this change in your heart Abdiel?”
“When I see seventy seven in unity of sacrifice and single purpose I shall change my heart against humanity and believe that we deserve to be saved. Until then I shall continue to do as I am instructed in obedience.
I think it is a waste of time. I struggle to find believers would not hate Jesus if they were to walk with Him.
Most are selfish, lazy, greedy, self-obsessed and drowning in their own pride.
Heck man.
All I do is pray and they find ways to criticise it.
I expect this from the world, but seeing it among believers makes me believe I am right about the asteroid.”
“You are a funny fellow Abdiel. Stay focused! You must love the world as the Father loves the world.”
“I am working on it.”
I wake up.