I hold my shield at an upwards angle locked into the shields of the angels to my left and right. The angel behind me has his shield up to cover his head and mine.
The arrows raining down on us sound like the hoof beats of a thousand horses and the ground shakes with equal vigour as we weather the storm.
I know beyond any doubt that if I drop my shield I am a dead man. Even with shields raised, the flaming mass of arrows hunt out every crack, and when I shift my weight to adjust my shield, a few darts sneak through and hit me in the side of the neck and right shoulder.
I immediately feel the venom work its way into my blood stream and a new physical war begins within my body.
White blood cells rush to defend my physical body from infection and I feel my sleeping body sweat with fever.
From behind me in the army beneath raised shields I hear two ladies speak their doubts about me, the dreams and the vision. As they speak, darts fly out of their mouths in my direction.
I cannot defend myself. My shield is already committed to the greater battle.
The darts hit me in the back and keep hitting me as they keep speaking their doubts.
These are filled with poison that are intended for my spirit. My spirit man forces the darts out of my physical body and ejects the poison quickly. This goes on almost indefinitely as darts fly at me from behind in a steady stream.
I feel myself begin to get tired. Body soul and spirit are engaged in a continuous war and if my shield drops, I am dead.
We need to flatten the enemy in front of us before this exhaustion on multiple fronts kills me.
I take a deep breath and shout “forward!”.
Gatherer shouts commands to the angels around me to advance and I hear the repeated order going up and down the line as we move forward as one behind our wall of shields.
From behind me the gossip intensifies about concerns of advancing the vision, the costs involved, the dreams are manipulation, I am delusional, this is all a pipe dream…. The darts hammer into my back as we advance towards a teaming mass of demons.
My spirit man struggles to expel the poison from the gossip behind me and I cry out for help.
“Father, empty out this camp. Please! I cannot fulfil my assignment with darts in my back. I would rather have three people here each evening who desire to advance the kingdom than a thousand who insist on testing and judging me indefinitely.
Please Father, I desire to do your will. These will cause my death.”
The spirit of Might speaks from within my heart.
“If you reject them from this vision, the darts will stop but they will be outside the shield wall Abdiel. They will sink into a bitter depression. Breathe me in, laugh it off, drive forward and weather the storms of their unbelief for the sake of their children.”
“So be it.”
“Son of sorrow. Bear the ignorance and foolishness of mouths and hearts that have been so programmed by Satan. Moses had to carry the same burden. If you are to be a catalyst of unity, you must weather the storms of the parents so that the children may be raised enlightened. Those children who are but babies now shall be mighty leaders in this vision when they are but fourteen years of age, some even younger.
See how all of these gossipers hide behind the lines while those with faith join their shields to yours? Their children shall put them to shame. They are placeholders, nothing more. The kingdom of heaven tolerates them for the sake of their children. For without faith, they are an unpleasant aroma to God. But their children shall be mighty warriors who will turn their backs upon their faithless parents and join their shields to the advancing church.
One body, one vision. Advance and wipe out poverty so that the children of poverty may join the kingdom of heaven.
Hear me now son of sorrow.
Do not consider any who have no compassion for the poor as your brothers or sisters. They are not of the kingdom of God. They have only love for themselves and are blinded by mammon.
How can they say that they are filled with God if they are not filled with love and compassion?
God is love. His love is a sacrificial, generous love that causes His Spirit to intercede with groaning.
Without love, believers are not believers. They are as pagans doing pagan rituals in the hope of physical reward.
Beware those who teach the doctrines of reaping rewards in this life. And beware those who sow expecting rewards in this life. They have not yet received a revelation of love.
Love expects nothing in return. How could you possibly repay the Father for the sacrifice of His son?
It was a sacrifice of absolute love!
And though He repays those who give to the poor, He heaps special favour upon those who do it out of love.
Teach them to walk in love. There is no need to give for any other reason than love.
In seeking first the kingdom, wisdom and wealth are yours as an inheritance, not as a harvest through giving. You have access to all that heaven has for you because you are sons, not because you are workers.
Doctrines that teach you to sow for the purposes of reaping wealth are limiting your faith. You can sow nothing, yet reap unlimited abundance because of what was sown for you.
The sons of God reap what the Father has sown. You cannot earn what the Father has given to you.
Even if you had sown for ten lifetimes would you never be able to sow enough to match the harvest that is yours in this lifetime.
The Father opens His entire bounty to His sons.
But without faith, without the fruit of the spirit, without being led by the spirit, you act like the world and only have access to the rewards of the world.
Those who gossip about a man who desires to destroy poverty as if he is a false prophet cannot be reasoned with. Don’t bother trying to argue with them. Weather their attacks for the sake of their children.
Do this and you shall see an entire generation of faith filled, kingdom focused warriors join their shields to yours.
A slave mentality is a selfish mentality.
Open your ears son of sorrow and hear me now:
You must never call those who follow you your members, your sheep or your sons or daughters. They are not yours.
Pharisees do such things and puff themselves up with importance.
Lead them to the authority of the Son and His word.
Those of you with rank in the kingdom must always use that rank to lead them to the words of the Son. For He alone is your teacher.
And lead them to the Father so that they may have a perfect Father.
For curse is he who puts his trust in man. Cursed is he who makes any man his strength. He would not find God if God stood right before him.
But blessed is he who puts his trust in God and God alone.
He will be blessed by rivers that flow, even in the dry season!
They do not realize it, but these leaders who take ownership of those under their care will stand before a stricter judgement than any others. It is these who will hate you with a fierce hatred so of sorrow. Repentance for them is almost impossible because they have elevated themselves above their brothers. In their minds, they are without sin. Therefore, they come at you with these darts, hoping to silence you before those that they consider to be their property leave them to build the greater kingdom.
You are a plague to the Pharisees son of sorrow. As this vision grows, they will bark for your head on a platter.
You must never respond and never argue. Simply stay focused, rejoice when another shield joins the wall and keep advancing the kingdom.
The fruit of this vision shall be the destruction of poverty. Rejoice over nothing else. Be impressed by nothing else.
Many shall whisper things in your ears about different callings and different assignments but I tell you this: Without compassion for the poor, the widows and the orphans, the voices in your ears are not of God.
I tell you again:
To be filled with God is to be filled with compassion for the poor.
Let me ask you this:
Is it possible for someone who is filled with love and compassion to ignore those in need?”
“No. It is not.”
“Good. Lend your ears to none who are not filled with the love of God. For they are not of God and not from God.
Such need a lot of healing. You must carry them in love in the hope that they will heal but they must not have your ear.
The kingdom is all son of sorrow!”
“The kingdom is all.”
I wake up drenched in feverish sweat.
We are not playing games here. The kingdom must advance in Jesus name!