I am back at the fiery pit.
When I say the word ‘pit’, it sounds so small. It is more like a lake of boiling fire that extends beyond the horizon. The lake is surrounded by high cliffs with walls made smooth by layer upon layer of almost polished volcanic rock.
I hear the spirit of Grace speak from my left.
Spirit of Grace:
“They have tried to explain this away, to push all accountability aside. They have traded the big picture of eternal grace and mercy for a small picture of temporary comfort.
They have gone so far as to ignore every word spoken by the Son, to choose the words that suit their theologies best.
To them, the Son is nothing more than a sacrificial lamb who took their sins upon His shoulders so that they could do as they please without consequence.
They continue in their perversions, hate anyone who does not believe what they believe and call themselves sons of heaven.
They have seared their consciences, embracing what was done for them but doing nothing for those in need.
What use is the good new if it is not shared? What use is the message of grace if none is shown to those who disagree with you?
I am poured out upon both the foolish and the wise Abdiel. I am poured out upon both believer and unbeliever, Jew and Gentile alike. I am the heart of the Father, I am the full force of His passion that none should perish. I am the good news that the Messiah has come, that love has come, that salvation has come.
But you must receive the Son to receive me.
For though a gift is offered to you, you must take that gift so that it may be yours.
You may offer a man a glass of water but he may still die of thirst if he refuses to drink it.
Grace is received through faith. You must drink in faith. Though you can never comprehend me fully, you must drink in faith.
Drink from me. Take a long, refreshing drink. This refreshing well is well that never runs dry because it flows from the mountain of God.
And those who dwell in the shadow of the mountain of God live in the shadow of grace itself. For God is His mountain and I am His heart.
Do not go to war with each other about theology. Do not the one another for differing blueprints. You are not judged for what you know, you are judged for what you receive and what you do with what you receive.
If you receive forgiveness and refuse to forgive, you have set your own scales of judgement.
If you receive grace and show none to others, you have set your own scales of judgement.
For the measure you use to weigh others is the measure that will be used to weigh you.
The purpose of the word is not judgement Abdiel, it is revelation. Truth must set free. If it does not set free, it is still truth but its purpose has been corrupted.
Those who use truth as a rod to beat their brethren completely miss the point of truth.
In the hands of a judgemental man, the message of grace and the message of law are the same thing. And in the hands of a man filled with love, both messages of grace and law will lead to freedom.
Did Christ not fulfil both law and grace?
Never forget that this message is not greater than the teacher. And our teacher is perfect.
A man who hungers to win an argument will drown the sheep in the very water that was supposed to refresh them.
Are you greater than your master? Are you wiser than Wisdom?
Do not become so puffed up in the message of grace that you forget to show it to others.
Those trapped by the curse of the law are redeemed by grace. They are given time to walk away from Egypt.
What is grace if it is not more time? Is love not patient?
Never forget that law and grace have the same desired goal – that none should perish.
You presume to call God incompetent in His strategy for the salvation of mankind when you yourself cannot save a single soul.
Do you see this lake of fire? Do you hear the shouts and cries of the lost?
Some who yet live are already in this torment. They are vexed by demonic oppression and suffer inner turmoil and anxieties that are unbearable.
If you had but one drop of the love of God within you, you would think of nothing but the salvation of mankind.
You would be willing to give all of who you are to see a single soul saved.
But you care nothing for the lost. You care only for yourself and your fame.
You break my heart.
If you do not care for the poor, the widows and the orphans, there is no grace in you. There is no grace in you because there is no love in you. And if there is no love in you, God is not in you.
Your biblical knowledge may be handy for winning arguments but the greatest champion of arguments has less worth in the kingdom of heaven than a street sweep.
Do you wish to be a true champion of heaven? Love by faith. Love though you do not understand love. Show grace though you do not understand grace.
The purpose of the anointing is to preach the good news to the poor, to mend the broken hearted – not to have contempt for the poor and break more hearts with your zeal to be right.
Set your eyes to the task of spreading the good news!
Tell them all that the kingdom of God has come. The kingdom is the answer Abdiel, Jesus preached the kingdom! You must preach the kingdom! Seek first the kingdom and you will be in the shadow of the grace that is of the kingdom.
If you are not filled with love, you are not of the kingdom. Though you are perfect in your theological revelation of love and grace, if love is not your fruit, you are like Simon the sorcerer, hungry for the power of God outside of the kingdom of God. But your form of Godliness will be absent power.
Do you desire the power of God? Be filled with the love of God.
Love and grace require faith Abdiel. It takes a lot of faith to love those who do not deserve your love and to forgive those who do not deserve your forgiveness.
This is why it is important to bow your knee to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and show love and grace as an act of obedient faith. Obedience to the Son is the key to everything. He lone is the way, truth and life.
You cannot walk in grace without bowing your knee to the one who gives it.
We know that you have received a revelation of grace by what you do with it. If you thank God for it and show none to those around you, you are disobedient and completely oblivious to what grace is.
But if you show grace because the Son has commanded it, you have received a powerful revelation of how authority works.
I am the heart of the Father. And none can get to the Father if they do not go through the son.
Thus you cannot receive me if you do not submit to the Son.
For the Son is the only mediator between the Father and man.
It is thus because man does not have the strength to show grace to those who do not deserve it. But the son is perfect as His Father is perfect and has poured out His love on all of mankind.
It is only through the Son that you can show grace and love. For if you have faith in the son, you will have faith that His grace is sufficient to turn the hardest heart.
Your arguments, threats, whips and carrots will never turn a heart. They may go silent and stop arguing because of your forceful theology but their heart of hearts they will hate you.
Do not consider yourself anyone’s teacher. There is only one teacher.
Rather lead them to Jesus and encourage them to bend their knee and call Him lord. Under his lordship, trusting Him fully will they be able to do things that are impossible with man. They will forgive what was once unforgiveable and they will love what was once unlovable.
No law of man, no love of man, no grace of man is sufficient. Only His law, His love and His grace have ever been sufficient.
You cannot earn anything that God gives you. You can only receive it by faith. And faith in God is faith do what was once considered impossible!
If you wish to bring salvation to mankind, bow your knee to the lordship of Jesus Christ and do as He commands.
How do you expect to bring a man into the safety of a kingdom when you yourself rebel against the authority of the king?
His version of what is right is far better than your version of what is right. Seek first his kingdom and HIS righteousness. Your version of righteousness is tainted with self interest. His version overflows with sacrificial love.
All that will save mankind from this horrible place is Jesus. Not the arguments or judgements of man, Jesus. Focus all that you are on Jesus Abdiel.
His word, His heart, His mission.
Make those yours and you will see the power of God on full display!
Do not argue or entice people into the kingdom of God, tell them the truth.
The sheep know the voice of the shepherd. Tell them the truth of this place and tell them that Jesus is the only answer!”
I wake up.