I am upon my rock of prayer interceding for everyone I know who suffers under relationship burdens. I pray for their families, for their marriages, for their children and for their futures. I pray for a miracle for the schools in the town across the river where drug abuse is pandemic. I pray for a revival in how husbands and wives are loyal to each other across the river where adultery is pandemic.
I am so focused in prayer that it takes me a while to realize that a thirty-meter-tall demon is standing upon the bridge to my right. He stands in the centre of the bridge on the Free State border and looks nervously at the Cherubim with its flaming sword at that corner of the land beneath Michael’s calf.
I translocate to the middle of the bridge to hear why it is here.
The demon looks like a very tall rugby player. Its body proportioned and muscular like a professional sportsman but its face sharp and bloodless like a heroin addict.
It speaks in forced respectful tones as I appear. A thirty meter principality looking down at me like a big puppy.
I suddenly feel my spirit man expand until I too am thirty meters tall.
“Greetings Courier.
I have come to barter.”
“With all due respect demon, I have no use for anything that the kingdom of darkness has to offer.”
The air is charged with malice as the demon works to control its temper. Its eyes flash a warning of violence with an intense hatred but it manages to restrain its urge to attack me.
“Stop praying for the families Courier.
Do this and I will pay off the land for you. I know you need a million rand. Make this covenant with me now and the money will be in the owner’s account before you awaken from your sleep. And I shall send you two secret lovers who will be beautiful and shall come to you secretly under the cover of darkness and fulfil your most secret desires each night. Nobody shall ever find out.”
“No thanks. God Himself shall cause a believer to pay off this land. And I am blessed with a wife who looks after me well and is beautiful and comes to me in broad daylight.”
The malice in the air intensifies and twelve massive demons appear behind the principality.
He no longer hides the hatred that seethes within him but he manages to contain his composure as he nervously glances at the Cherubim who has now drawn its sword.
“If she were not made invisible to us we would have found her and done terrible things done to her Courier. Stop praying for the families or we shall intensify our search for her and make you…”
I don’t let it finish its sentence. It had leaned across the border on the bridge and without a single thought, my left fist crashes into its smug mouth and closes around its throat as a sword appears in my right hand. The sword is called the Spirit and the Word and it is so sharp that it can separate the soul from the spirit.
I now feel a smile upon my face as the spirit of might takes complete control of my body.
“It is written that no weapon formed against us shall prosper.”
The sword in my right hand suddenly begins to vibrate at a note that my ear picks up as middle E.
I continue speaking as the demons behind the principality stand shocked, not knowing what to do.
“It is written that though you may come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall raise up a standard against you.”
The sword in my right hand adds a full octave to its note of vibration and I begin to hum with it as my hand tightens around the squirming principality’s throat.
The twelve powers behind the principality move forward to attack me and I see how three of them are cut down faster than even my spiritual eyes can move. The Cherubim now stands beside me upon the bridge, both of us with swords aflame.
Mine has an intense light bleeding from it like burning oil and it now hums at three different octaves while I hum a solid bass note at low E. The note is perfect but feels more like a growl in my throat as the spirit of might pumps power into my spirit.
I now hear might speak through my lips without any assistance from my soul. I am a passenger in my own spirit and I happily surrender control.
“I haven’t had this much fun since David and I took down Goliath.”
Absolute horror replaces the looks of intimidation on the faces of the powers across the border. It suddenly dawns upon them that I am not the one challenging them physically.
My left hand releases the principality with a shove that sends the massive demon stumbling backwards to land on its bottom with an undignified crash.
“The time of your judgement has not yet come Marriage Wrecker. But push the boundaries of your legal rights and it will come much sooner than you think.”
I am suddenly back upon on prayer rock. Might sits on the rock next to me and places his arm around my shoulders.
“Without joy in marriage, there is no strength.
The children are made weaker by a home without laughter.
Do you see how those thugs are puffed up with self-importance at their assignment to wreck marriages in this region?
And the sad thing is that they will convince the marriages that need it most to not attend our marriage upgrade sessions each Sunday evening.
Where there is no order, there is no joy. Where is no Wisdom, there is no order.
Both I and the spirit of Wisdom shall be with you each Sunday evening Abdiel. We shall touch and infuse all who come to learn and those who listen with the ears of their spirit shall experience much laughter in their homes.
Not much can be done for stubborn people. We offer them the tools to break the shackles of frustration but their pride causes them to spit on our tools.
Listen well all who read what is recorded:
If your home is not filled with laughter, it is not filled with might!
The joy of the Lord is your strength, work to destroy any obstacles that come between you and I. For I, the spirit of Might, am the joy of the Lord. I am your strength!
Come Abdiel. Continue to pray for the families of every person you know across the world. Pray that they would do all in their power to find peace and joy so that I might dwell in their homes!”
I continue to pray for your relationships and families a few more hours and I am not sure if I wake up or if I just appeared back in my caravan.
But here I am!
Gonna put the kettle on now and have some nice tea and rusks!