The Spirit of Might and I sit upon the rock of prayer together discussing the events of the previous night. I listen intently as he speaks.
Spirit of Might:
“Abdiel. Surely by now you know better than to be punching at demons.
Open your ears now:
Only fools fight their own battles when they have God on their side.”
“He was in my face threatening my wife. What was I supposed to do?”
Spirit of Might:
“Trust in the Lord and lean not on your own understanding.”
“In other words, just stand there and let a thirty-meter-tall demon attack me.”
Spirit of Might:
“Size in the spiritual realm is nothing but a reflection of rank. Don’t fight your own battles Abdiel. Surrender your ego to God and let His heart lead your actions. Neither angel nor demon can overstep the bounds of spiritual legislative authority. These demons simply try to get you to react so that they are within their legal right to push further into your spiritual territory.
Did you notice the absolute hatred for the sanctity of marriage Abdiel?
Let me tell you something important.
Joy is strength. The joy of the Lord is the spirit of strength.
There is no greater joy on this earth than a happy marriage.
For marriage between a man and a woman is type and a shadow of marriage between Christ and the body.
In a healthy marriage, the children see love in its purest, most joyful form. They are so enamoured with love that their children are protected against demonic dependence and addiction.
But a marriage where there is no joy creates holes in the hearts of their children which the enemy works to fill with destructive placeholders.
This region has an extremely high rate of divorce, adultery and drug addiction. The spirit of poverty reigns so absolutely that it overshadows the word of God almost completely.
Have you noticed how poorly marriage seminars are supported? This region is filled with such rebellion against authority that they will never get out of poverty themselves. Nor will their marriages be healed.
It is thus because even the believers bow to the spirit of mammon and prefer privacy to community.
To get their ear, you must buy their idols and melt them down.
They are sheep who respond purely to power and provision.
This is why the builder angel was instructed to work with you on a business model Abdiel.
To minister to their children you will need to buy the loyalty of the parents as Joseph and Solomon did. We have very little hope for this current generation. They have made covenants with mammon and turned their backs upon God.
But their children hunger for an encounter with the living God.
There is blatant demonic possession in this region – Men and women filled with demonic hatred for the kingdom of God.
The spirit of mammon will fight tooth and nail to ruin marriages so that it may get at the children.
Parents who go to war in front of their children are a disgrace. They are filled with a selfish spirit of this world. They care nothing for their children spiritually and cause their children to stumble in life.
It is better for you to be cast into a moat with a millstone tied around your neck than to fall into the hands of the living God for what you do to these little ones.
A person who does not control their tone of voice rejects the fruit of the spirit and thus the Holy Spirit Himself.
Do you think that feeding and clothing a child are your only responsibility?
Their souls are the most important part of who they are.
Your tantrums and lack of discipline will all be brought to account. For you allow demons to move your lips and control your tone. To reject wisdom is to reject me and rejecting me is a rejection of joy itself.
Learn something today friends:
The yoke of Jesus is easy, His burden light. Yet you yoke yourself to heavy demonic entities who work to destroy you, your children and their children.
Why do you hate community so? Has fear become your God? Why do you hate peace so? Has conflict become your God.
You should quake with terror at the fact that every word is recorded. You should have a guard before your mouth at all times.
Did you know that to speak in doubt is to make a proclamation of the incompetence of God?
Did you know that expressing your fears is a proclamation of the absolute spiritual authority of the thing you fear?
Fear God, nothing else. And teach your children to do the same.
Let your home become a place of worship.
You have allowed false idols into your home and these idols are not physical things that sit on your shelf. No, these idols are the things that you fear more than you fear God.
God is love. To fear God is to fear love. To hate love is to hate God.
When your marriage is filled with hatred, you are teaching your children to hate love itself.
You must go immediately and seek wise counsel. But the best form of counsel is worship. For when you are constantly filled with the spirit, you will exhibit the fruit of the spirit.
Let all who read what you record take note.
If you can bring the children to a place where they laugh, love and learn a lot, you will save their lives.
Do you see what this Courier is doing? Do you see him creating a place of fun and unity?
Help him. For the sake of your children, help him!
If your children grow up in an environment of godly unity where joy and love are in abundance, they will be truly powerful. For they will fall in love with the spirit of Wisdom and I, the spirit of Might shall make their hearts my home.
Strive then to gather together as much as possible. See each other every day if you can.
Abandon this rebellious spirit that clings to exclusivity. You must expose your marriage to people who walk in love so that you too may be filled with love. But if you hide away and walk alone you will find no healing whatsoever.
God loves unity Abdiel! All of heaven loves unity. It is the most beautiful thing in all of the universe. And division and strife are the ugliest of things ugly.
The principality that you now face specializes in disunity and division.
To root him out you must root out the spirit of mammon in this region. You must rule and completely subjugate the mountain of finance in this region so that you may buy their idols of gold and melt them down.
Seek first the kingdom Abdiel. For this is a kingdom of joy!”
I wake up.