I stand upon the land beneath Michael’s calf, my spirit three kilometers tall alongside the Archangels Uriel and the Seraph Zephkiel (Breakthrough), praying with every ounce of the authority that has grown within me in these ten months of concentrated prayer. I pray with such intensity that I can feel a river rushing out of my spirit.
And all I pray for is your marriage.
The air above me is charged with power as the spirit of the fear of the Lord appears with a HUGE cauldron of oil and pours it onto the bottom half of the land.
The oil is so pure that I can see through the curtain of the liquid as it pours down upon this land.
Then the spirit of might joins with me and becomes one with my spirit.
And from my lips we issue this decree.
“Come and heal your marriage. Come and bask in the anointing of worship. Come here where the declaration of healing is fused with the very earth. Come and receive fullness of joy!”
The spirit of the fear of the Lord thunders from above us.
Spirit of the fear of the Lord:
“This oil shall never run dry. Behold Abdiel! The place that you call your heart shall be the cauldron of healing. No negative word shall have any effect in that place or on that place.”
“I, the son of obedience, the son of sorrow, the servant of God shall no longer apologize for who I am. I will no longer weigh the opinions of unbelievers and Christians rooted in fear.
If you are broken, come. If you are sick, come. If you are lost, come. If you are lonely, come! If you are hungry, come!
Come to this land and drink from our river. Drink until your belly swells. Drink until you overflow with the river of joy. And then go back from whence you have come and become a river that never ceases to flow.
For we are not God, we are His servants and we unlock within you the secrets that have brought you low. Look into this river, see the mirror? Look closer, it shall show you your folly. Now drink from this river so that you may no longer vomit your fears from your lips.
Come to learn, come to receive, come to take. Come to bow your knee with us.
For here shall the spirit of Wisdom and the Spirit of Might pour into you powerful truths and here shall one moment be as a lifetime for you.
Be one as we are one. Seek only the kingdom. Leave the vomit and feces that you have been feeding on. Leve the offerings of Satan.
Lo the day comes that your shackles shall fall and all that you know is right shall be done through you. Come to us and receive the courage, the wisdom and the might to go to war against the enemies of Zion.
Fear them not. For they bow and scrape before their master mammon, and they have no authority over the sons and daughters of Zion.
Their pulpits are nothing but altars to mammon. Their hearts are blacker than night. The black feces that drips from their mouths is manipulation and control. They are completely absent love because they are filled with the spirit of this world.
COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM. What are you doing there? Do you think you can change the hearts of men who have taken thirty pieces of silver in exchange for their souls?
Leave those places. Their worship clangs in the ears of God and they laugh with false joy while the poor starve.
Their places of worship stink. Their hearts reject all who do not worship them.
They demand to be called titles and to be seen in positions of power.
Hear me well brothers and sisters.
Zechariah too was found to be worth a mere thirty pieces of silver. A mighty prophet given the amount of money that was given to a master whose slave was gored by an Ox.
And God instructed Zechariah to toss those pieces to the potter.
Thus God instructs His Couriers to throw your words to the ground. And your prayers the same.
Hear me well body of Christ:
Too many of you have turned your back upon your first love and you have bowed your knee before men who come in His name.
You have rebelled against His lordship over your life but bowed your knee before false fathers who would hug your wives for sensual contact.
You have ignored the poor, the widows and the orphans and hidden under a false covering of grace in the hope that God would be ignorant of your rotten heart.
And you hate those who speak the truth with the fire of the Holy Spirit. You would rather choke on the filth of your bitter pride than hear that which will save you.
Do you understand the joy and peace and fullness of life that awaits those who would surrender to the spirit of Wisdom and Might? DO you understand the true nature of the spirit of grace that none should perish?
Leave that feces and vomit that you cling to. Leave your bitterness and critical hatred. They ooze up from hell and make you like a dog, sniffing in the dustbins for food.
You are not a dog. Stop acting like you don’t have a master.
Stop serving manipulators who control you with the threat of rejection!
We have a master!
We have a wonderful master, a powerful, gracious, loving master who seeks to bless His servants.
And HE has commanded the husbands to love their wives as He loves His church.
And HE has commanded the wives to submit to their husbands.
You men who have so little of the Holy Spirit in you that you fear your wives must listen!
In fear, you refuse to love them lest they use that love against you. What have you become but sniveling cowards who are robbed of their power to change the nation? Ha! You cannot even run your own home.
A man who has no authority in his own home must not even think of having authority anywhere else.
And you wives that have so little of the Holy Spirit in you that you refuse to submit to your husbands…
Your rebellion against the order of God is wreaking havoc in the kingdom.
You are supposed to set an atmosphere of love. OF LOVE.
But instead you are suspicious of everyone, hinting at sins that might exist without proof, isolating yourselves in clicks and exclusive social circles.
Repent! You are more than this!
Love one another, take care of those in need, be an example of tenderness to your children.
But you will not listen. No, we will raise your children to walk in the purity of love and they shall leave you to follow God with all their hearts. They will look upon you with great sadness and they shall pray for you as this Courier prays for you. Begging the depths of you to repent for your hardened heart.
You who are called to set the atmosphere for worship have set an atmosphere of rejection and God is not mocked, every lost soul because of your cold rejection will be added to your account.
COME, receive your healing. LOVE EACH OTHER WITH tenderness!
Husbands, gently touch the face of your wife with your lips. Let your children see your tenderness.
And you wives who turn from such tenderness, woe to you on the day of judgement. For it is not your husband you reject, it is the authority of God.
And you husbands who refuse to show tenderness to your wives, climb off the pulpit and close your mouth for you are a liar. Do you think that God cannot see your heart?
Truly I tell you this:
You hate truth, you hate rebuke. And you who are without love accuse me who tells you this truth in love. You hate anyone who preaches truth because you expect the word of God to serve you.
Repent, turn from your wickedness and seek first the kingdom so that peace and joy may flood your soul.
Abundance is your inheritance. Be sons and daughters of the Father. Claim your inheritance.
But do not assume that you will receive anything if you cannot love the ones who have given their bodies to you. No, God does not even hear the prayers of those who are filled with hatred.
Call upon Him as Lord and be saved. Bow your knee and do as He commands so that you may prove your love for Him.
Do you not know that to love your spouse is to love Jesus?
Stop this sinful behavior! Get your house in order so that the blessings may flow freely!
I wake up.