The sky above me is filled with a river of the most beautiful colours I have ever seen. They flow into one another creating an ever-changing flow of artistic perfection. It is if the rainbow had turned to some kind of smooth oil. The smell touches every emotion, fragrances changing with the colours.
I take deep greedy breaths, breathing in fragrances that fill me with peace, joy, love and every other fantastic fragrance. My spirit swells with the fullness of this river of creativity and I feel myself begin to grow as the spirit of Might once again joins me.
We stretch out my hands into the colourfully oily river and scoop up handfuls. We drink from the river together and the most wonderful combinations of tastes hit my tongue.
I feel like a child tasting his favourite ice cream flavour.
The spirit of might speaks from within my spirit,
“The tough dreams are over for a while Abdiel. Those who needed healing have been healed and those who aimed to destroy what is being built have been exposed.
Now we focus upon the most important of all assignments upon this land: Creativity that brings joy.
Drink deeply Abdiel. Breathe deeply. Immerse yourself in the creative river.
Let all who come come expecting an infilling of pure joy!
Fear none who come Abdiel. Gatherer removes this vision from the hearts and minds of saboteurs.
A flood of incredibly creative people are coming and I will help you direct the most beautiful stage and film presentation that you have yet seen.
Both children and parents alike will be infused with such joy that the Holy Spirit will baptise them in fire right there!
You and I shall become writing partners Abdiel. This shall be our expression of fullness of joy together.
It is joy that shall lift the scales from their eyes.
Behold Abdiel, the Spirit brings freedom! The redeemed of the Lord will throw their heads back and hoot with joy. They will laugh and smile without reserve.
Hear me Abdiel! The Father rebukes and the Father rewards. He is sovereign, not to be trifled with for He never goes back on His word or changes His mind.
He is the same yesterday, today and forever. His wrath is the same and His grace is the same. It was never His desire than man should perish, yet even now they spit on the grace that He has shown through His son.
But for those who are peacemakers and for those who are led by His Spirit, He unlocks the fullness of joy and glory and peace that passes all understanding.
This land shall ring as a testimony of the fruit of obedience. And here you shall see thousands added in a single day. A steady sea of people shall come to this town just to glance the glory that is upon this land.
Not all will be able to walk upon the prayer path Abdiel. It will simply be too busy for that.
Prepare your heart and faith for a powerful harvest.
But come, drink from this river. Breathe it in. Bathe in it. Immerse yourself in the creativity of heaven so that those who come to this land may be filled with solutions to problems and answers to challenges.”
I spend as much time as I can in the centre of that fluid rainbow, I drink and breathe it in and I shall continue to do so when next I close my eyes.
Hallelujah, the kingdom is all. And this is a kingdom of creative fun!