Galaxies swirl through a time that is not time. A day on earth is measured by how fast earth spins, a day in this galactic expansion is measured differently in every new galaxy.
In some cases, a million years is a single day.
I speak out loud in wonder:
“Our minds are completely limited by our perceived reality. Truly, we are subjugated by our own ignorance.”
The spirit of the fear of the Lord speaks from everywhere. Igniting within me a joy that burns like a star of its own.
Spirit of the fear of the Lord:
“Not just subjugated Abdiel, destroyed.
The soul of a man is caged in by his priorities.
If he thinks as an eternal man, he will have no cage.
All of mankind, save a few, think in terms of the cage of the temporary flesh.
Their priorities are the priorities of the flesh. They think of God as the God of the temporary. That He should be moved by that which shall soon die.
Do you see this universe Abdiel? It expands exponentially. Eternity will not be enough time for you to see all of it. Should travel and visit a planet every second, you would still not see all of them.
Can you fathom the creativity of an eternal God?
His creativity is far beyond the imagination of the most intelligent man.
No Abdiel.
You place yourselves at the mercy of people whose flesh shall die. You hide behind your children so they may have a future in a life that shall soon be over.
What future do you desire for them?
That they would be slaves to mammon?
Come Abdiel. Shift your mind from such foolish thoughts. All children should be released and empowered unto unlimited creativity.
You consider a man to be mature at forty years old, to us he is still a child who should still be playing and expressing his creativity.
You should all be finding new ways to do new things.
Instead you have young men working to support families who should be supported within community structures. Thirty years old and your young men are burning out, falling into depression and giving up on life.
Heaven expects you to play until you can be an elder. Even then, the spirit of joy should fill you as an Elder.
What is the point of your short life on earth if it is a life of misery?
You must think like an eternal being Abdiel. Life on earth is supposed to be an expression of the fulness of God’s love. What is this strange suspicion of each other, hatred for one another, criticism of one another?
You are eternal beings, destined to rule and travel through never ending galaxies. The Father and Son work cheerfully to create surprises throughout all of creation.
Or do you think that this one planet is the full extent of heaven’s creativity?
If you taught your children that they are eternal beings with unlimited creativity within them and unlimited access to the creative realm, they would come up with new technologies all the time.
Instead you shove them into completely useless education programs and waste half their life on things that are worthless to their blueprints.
You should be giving them exciting problems to solve. At eleven of your earth years they should be building experimental houses and learning current technologies.
We are constantly shocked at how you limit each other Abdiel. Your inventors and artists are poor and lack the resources to change your lives for the better. And you reward the greedy demons in human skin who trade in worthless currencies.
Do you not know that the greatest currency is love and to spend it on creativity is the wisest investment?
You have such short lives on earth Abdiel. Only blind fools will allow so short a life to be overrun by mammonic slavery.
If you grasped only a small part of what has been communicated to you in these visions, you would all be living in community having the time of your lives while you build new and exciting types of schools for your children. You would be selling your houses and cars, dumping your investments into worthless things that can be eaten by moths and rust.
You are a fraction of what you could be as a species. But your issue is that you fear mammon more than you fear God.
So you isolate yourselves and make fun of those who have to be supported by the community.
You have become a heartless species, most of you no different from Vultures and Hyenas.
All of heaven desires beyond desire that you would throw off this foolish belief system and stop considering this short earth life as the full extent of life.
You are eternal beings and this is the first part of an incredible journey.
Let your children come up with new ways to farm, new ways to build homes, new ways to increase community wealth.
Celebrate the good ideas, let their teachers guide them to making the impossible possible.
Oh that you would come alive humanity. Earth is not your final destination. Earth is but the beginning.
If you knew who you were you would know how ridiculous you look when you speak to one another with harsh tones. All of heaven grimaces when you do such things.
To hurt one another is an utter display of low intelligence.
Some of you have become like dogs that must be retrained or put down.
That is what it is to perish. That you stubbornly refuse to love as the Father loves you. And you justify barking at one another like mindless animals.
Be more than this! Think like an eternal being!
Pray that the spirit of Wisdom may fill your every thought with the grand scope of heaven.
Rise beyond the demonic limitations of the slaves of mammon. Walk upon the mountain of faith and see through the eyes of Zion. Raise your children to express themselves in creative genius.
You are more than this, be more!
Be the image of Him who created you! Bring heaven to earth!
I wake up.