The Spirit of Might and I sit upon the rock of prayer together humming a silly song that sounds like it might suit a character in a children’s show.
We are pretty serious about getting the harmonies right and every now and then one of us bursts out laughing.
We finally settle on ‘When the saints go marching in’ and I manage to nail the harmony perfectly through tightly grimaced lips in an effort to stop smiling.
My efforts are in vain because humming feels so ridiculous that I snort out a laugh every now and then.
The Spirit of might wacks me on my shoulder playfully and we both abandon our happy tune to start laughing like crazy folk.
We sit on the rock together for a very long time before I ask a question.
“Psychology aside, speaking purely of the spiritual; what is it that drives some people to suck the joy out of the sir with their mannerisms. I mean, you can do so something silly and easily forgivable and they will hit you with tone of voice or some nasty comment immediately.
I get the impression that they actually like hurting others, especially people that are close to them.
We write it off as personality types but I struggle to believe that any personality type was created to jab at people.”
Spirit of Might:
“Well Abdiel, there are spiritual conditions of immaturity and then there are cases of spiritual retardation.
For all that flows from the mouth brings blessing and cursing, life and death.
The enemy works hard to create an embittered soul and is so efficient at creating short fuses that many people end up with an embittered spirit.
They do not even realize that they have adopted the traits of a fallen angel.
Such may lift their hands in worship and proclaim the Lordship of Jesus Christ but they are unable to connect with the spirit of fear of the Lord. Thus they have not a single drop of heavenly wisdom.
They survive purely by grace. Heaven tolerates them, their friends and family tolerate them… Everyone waits with hope and expectation that they would change.
They who do not control their tone of voice are like a plague upon those who love them. Their friends and family beg God for rescue, sometimes even for death. They justify their behavior by blaming the behavior of others.
But they do not realize that their very spirit is sick. Such must cut off their desire for competence in others for it causes them to sin. It is better to live in a filthy house and go to heaven than to live in a clean house and go to hell.
It is good to have a clean house or a successful ministry or business. But what is the point of succeeding at things that have no eternal value at the cost of your soul?
The wise cry out to God for wisdom so that I. the spirit of Might, may take up residence in your heart and gift you with a life filled with joy.
Bow your knee to the Lordship of Jesus Christ in healthy, fearful reverence. Accept Him as your savior and declare your own wisdom and mannerisms that of a fool. Do this so that I may pour an unspeakably glorious cauldron of fiery joy into your heart.
For those who walk in the joy of the Lord are a force that smashes through demonic barriers. Joy is the weapon that ends all wars.
Listen Abdiel:
Do you have any idea what awaits those who are called the sons of God? DO you have any idea what awaits those who follow the commands of the son?
Listen Abdiel:
If you do as the Son commands, it shows that you love Him and that you love Love.
No eye has seen, nor has any ear heard what incredible things God has in store for those who love Him!
The wise focus on eternity, calling the lost to eternity, teaching the foolish to be wise so that they may think as eternal beings think.
Fools focus on temporary things and allow their tempers to be controlled by the weaknesses of others. You should be loving one another gently, not teaching your children to bite and snap like animals.
Husbands and wives must be sensitive to each other’s needs, parents must learn patience, for love is patient and kind and the these things are the fruit of the Spirit.
Indeed, that which is the fruit of the Spirit is eternal fruit.
Walk with me as an eternal being so that we may experience all that God as done for you together!”
“I would like that very much!”
Spirit of Might:
“Laughter is so important Abdiel. People who create an atmosphere where it is difficult to laugh have no idea how gripped by demons they truly are.
They may not be possessed but they are made sick in their very spirit. For such demons are as the one that was sent upon King Saul, a spirit of torment that brings hell upon both the host and everyone in that person’s life.
You can become free of such oppression by surrendering to those who are filled with joy and allowing me to work in you through them.
There is no weight that cannot be carried when you are surrounded by carriers of joy Abdiel. For they will laugh in the face of the worst storms and they shall keep your faith filled at all times so that your lips are the lips of a child of God!
You are all children of the kingdom of joy. Walk in joy, sing in joy, love in joy! His joy is your strength.
Celebrate those who bring you joy and pray for the salvation of those who do not.
Give me a high five Abdiel”
I laugh and high five the spirit of Might and our hands meet with a clap of thunder.
I wake up grinning like an idiot… again.