The spirit of Counsel stands upon the water next to Breakthrough island on the land beneath Michael’s calf.
She watches some Egyptian wild Geese for a while with an approving smile on here little face, red hair fiery even in moonlight.
It feels like approximately three o clock in the morning and the moon is so bright that the land is softly lit with a beautiful, ambient glow.
“This river will be here long after man has passed on. It has seen both war and peace. It has seen generations of men and women elevate their temporary flesh above their eternal spirits. And in every molecule of this river, the Father watches men and women go about their lives as if eternity does not exist.
Men and women, completely oblivious to the eternal nature of love and thus the eternal nature of God, afflicting each other with many grievous emotional wounds. They do not realize that every word is recorded and that they shall be held accountable for every dart that has sprung from their lips.
But love is something else. It is an eternal force of immense power Abdiel. To truly love humanity, you must tower above it. For love is the pinnacle of a mature soul.
If you can regard the folly of man with perfect patience, knowing that God will punish the wicked and reward the humble, you will walk in perfect peace.
For the sons of God are eternal as He is eternal, but eternal love is foolishness to those who are perishing.
To walk in the power of the Holy Spirit is exhibit the fruit of the eternal realm. For there is no anguish in the eternal kingdom and never any cause to visit it upon your brethren even in this kingdom.
To walk in the spirit of judgment via gossip, criticism and ignoring those who preach the lordship of Jesus Christ is to forfeit your eternal cloak.
I tell you this Abdiel. God hates a false witness who utters lies and one who spreads strife among brothers. If such accusers think that their arrogant spirits shall be allowed into the eternal realm to bring division as Lucifer did, they have another thing coming.
You must be as Jesus is. Fully conscious of your eternal self, working diligently to bring others to the revelation of eternity so that they may become true citizens of the ternal kingdom.
The kingdom of God is an eternal one. And to enter it on earth is to enter eternity immediately.
Once you have entered the kingdom of God, you have died to the foolish material pursuits of this world and no longer care about the opinions of the blind. You are focused on the prize, about your Father’s business, working in the power of the anointing to take the gospel to the poor, set the captives free, bring recovery of site to the blind and to mend the broken hearted.
There is absolutely no eternal value in anything else. For what can you take with you inti eternity other than a love filled version of yourself and all those whom you have successfully discipled?
Thank about this Abdiel.
Think about your eternal self, the part you call the spirit and soul.
Do not concern yourself with the criticisms of those who live in temporary mindsets, Pray that the scales may fall from their eyes so that they have a revelation of their eternal spirits.
There are few greater revelations than the revelation of eternity. For if you can grasp eternity, you can get a glimpse of the magnitude of God.
Meditate on this today Abdiel, we shall speak again tonight.”
I wake up.