I have been praying since about ten o clock last night until six this morning, had a power nap until six twenty. During that nap I met with the spirit of counsel and was not permitted to share what was discussed. I woke up at 06:20, had a meeting with some brothers in Christ and then continued to pray until noon. I slept for forty minutes where I had another encounter with the spirit of counsel, then had two hours of meetings before finally showering and having a five-minute nap.
This dream took place in those five minutes.
It is an extremely important dream and probably the most severe of any I have had thus far.
Dream 327
The spirit of counsel is no longer a red haired little girl. It is now a Lion with the wings of a massive eagle.
One eye is fire and the other is the eternal cosmos.
I don’t know where I am. At my best guess, I am somewhere on the edges of the universe where creation continues to spread faster than my soul can comprehend.
Silent explosions of unimaginable power form stars and planets. Space carries no sound to my ears but I witness the raw power of God in action. Time is irrelevant here. Planets take as long to form as they need to. Each ecosystem is given millennia to express the fulness of what the imagination of God intended.
The spirit of counsel looks at me motions with its head that I should climb astride its back.
I nervously hop up and we are immediately swooping over the vistas of newly ready planets many light years away from our own.
And now we are back upon the land beneath Michael’s calf and the Lion turns its head to speak to me in a powerful growling baritone.
“I wish everyone could see what I just saw.”
“The son prepares these rooms in His Father’s house. Those who follow the Son shall see it all in due time.”
“I wish more would listen.”
“What you courier is for the eyes and minds for the elite only. Those who have lived off comforting lies for so long cannot handle heavenly truth. And only those who truly seek the authority of the Father shall find Him.
Even so, many have stepped forward to hear what is couriered and stepped back to say ‘no’.
It is the same with them as it was with the disciples who left Jesus. They do not want the truth of the eternal man, they want the truth that blesses the flesh.
And in stepping away from the truth they are like dogs going back to their own vomit and it is almost impossible for them to move beyond the flesh.
Many of the strongest are sent to couriers all over the world and most fail. For the cost is too high for those who love mammon.
None who step back will be able to return in the capacity that they were originally called. For their ‘no’ opens the door to another ‘yes’. It is nothing but pride that causes a man to step away from the truth once it is presented to him. And pride is of Satan.
Hear me Abdiel:
Jesus is not Lord to them, they do not follow Him, they follow a false version of Him, a powerless version of Him.
It is thus because they do not believe in the eternal God. They only believe in the idols that they have created for this lifetime on this planet.
Their souls are in grave peril Abdiel. For to reject the truth when it is so plainly presented to you is to reject truth itself.
These dreams that you are instructed to record are not for everyone. They are for those who are asked to stand as giants among men in full revelation of their eternal destinies.
And the time for their call draws to and end.
For seven days hence shall be the three hundred and thirty third recorded dream and upon that day shall the banquet door close to one generation and open to another.
For as the rich man was saddened at hearing what was expected of him, so are those who hear the truth so plainly and turn from it.
And many who were called to so mighty a position of power that their voices should be heard throughout eternity shall be forgotten and silent.
And a new generation shall be called to take their seats and their positions of power.
Of twelve who were sent out, only Joshua and Caleb were willing to lead an entire new generation. And those who were left behind died in the desert and were spoken of no more.
Indeed, their names were stricken from history and from eternity itself.
Hear me now Abdiel:
All callings are eternal. When the Father calls you to His purpose, your yes is eternal and your no is eternal.
And every spirit of every man knows this to be true.
Look into my left eye, which is the fire of God’s eternal wrath. Tell me what you see Abdiel.
“I see the fury of a billion suns. I see the great abyss and all of the fiery energy of the niverse poured into it. I see what is reserved for the devil and his angels. And I see what is reserved for those who turn their backs even upon the spirit of counsel, who comes to bring revelation of the eternal love of God.”
“And look into my right eye, which is the eternal reward for all whom He calls His sons. Now tell me what you see.”
“I see a house with many rooms. Rooms that are galaxies with beauty beyond my limited vocabulary. I see it all rest in a single hand of the all-powerful being who is God.”
“To say no to God is a terrible thing Abdiel. For God does not change His mind and all who assume so are fools who gamble with their very eternity.
Your three hundred and thirty third dream shall be the last to one generation.
And across the world it shall be the same with every courier.
And the greatest awakening shall be born on the night of your three hundred and thirty fourth dream which shall again be numbered one to seven hundred and seventy-seven.
But there shall be a season between them for your refreshing.
All across the world, more and more couriers shall arise and the voices of heaven shall begin to speak these same truths in various ways and forms. None who stand before judgement shall be with a valid excuse.
For the truth has been made plain and still they say ‘no’.
It must be this way so that the new generation may sweep aside these idolaters and walk into their eternal destinies as children.
I see that this seems harsh to you Abdiel, but know that every false shepherd must be swept aside so that they have no voice in the ears of the generation that comes.
For now is the time of the sons and daughters of the Oasis. And they shall be trained by the most obedient of God’s generals. And these sons and daughters of the Oasis shall be the most efficient leaders that this world has ever seen.
Already they call no man Father. Already they call no man teacher. Already the gatherer angels turn their hearts against all who lie.
You cannot fool them with manipulation and you cannot lead them in insecurity.
For this generation that comes seeks truth and power for the good of mankind, not for selfish gain and the puffing up of their own ministries and pockets.
God is with you Abdiel. Do not doubt it and do not doubt that these visions are from God.
Listen well Abdiel: You must always proclaim the Lordship of Jesus Christ!