I am on a crowded city street, possibly Europe somewhere.
I like crowds.
I close my eyes and let the throng of people pass me by, thousands of people close enough to touch yet none touching.
Thousands of people able to care for the pain of their brethren, yet few caring.
Somehow there is hope within me that somewhere among these masses there are men and women brave and kind enough to live a life of sacrifice.
I feel the presence of the friendly man beside me and turn to him with a smile.
“Hello my Lord!”
He smiles back at me and we hug in this busy street where humanity is so numerous that not even cars can drive here.
Friendly man:
“Hello Sameyakh!”
“I like that name! What does it mean Lord?”
Friendly man:
“It means ‘Happy’. For you were once a son of sorrow but I am calling you to joy Sameyakh!
Your ministry to the sons of disobedience draws to an end. Thus the time of the son of sorrow draws to a close and the time of the son of joy begins.
Soon you will minister to the sons of the Oasis Sameyakh!
For the sorrow that you have borne these two decades has been the same carried by thousands who have risen to power in the palaces of the mammonites, only to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and walk away from favour and power to a life of solitude and rejection.
But know this Sameyakh, none who walk away from compromise are not truly alone. For they walk towards the burning bush who is the Spirit of the Lord.
There were once a group of men who were close friends with a newly appointed governor.
And this governor, smiling and singing the praises of his king when public eye was upon him, rebelled against the king secretly and did his own thing.
The governor caused much havoc in the kingdom and discouraged many from seeking counsel from those whom the king had appointed.
For the governor said to himself: “I do not trust other counsellors and it concerns me that my citizens may get better counsel from others and no longer take me seriously.”
And he spoke against the king’s counsellors, hardening the hearts of many against the wisdom of the kingdom.
Word of this got to the king and the governor was summoned before the throne.
“You have caused much havoc in my kingdom and led many people astray with your prideful ignorance” said the king, “I must make an example of you so that my other governors do not follow your example.
For you have turned the hearts of many against my counsellors and your heart is so corrupted that if I were to let you go unpunished you would start a rebellion.”
Now the governor was cast into prison and not allowed to speak to a single soul lest he lead them astray.
But this story is not about the governor Sameyakh, it is about his friends.
Now the king sent for this group of friends who had been so close to the governor.
And these same men and women stood before the throne.
“You heard every word that was spoken by this governor yet you did not rebuke him or report him to the authorities. Instead you drank from the teat of his power. You heard his lies and saw his persecution of my counsellors. You knew it was wrong, yet you said nothing and did nothing for fear of rejection.
You could have left his kingdom but you did not. For you stopped caring about what was right and wrong so that you may remain a friend of corruption.
You are worse than the governor. For his sin is a result of insecurity and pride, but your sin is a sin of the toleration, endorsement and celebration of corruption.
For he was unable to see his own folly but you knew full well that he had gone astray.
Surely I tell you this:
The governor shall be in prison until he comes to his senses, but you shall be in prison until the day that you die.”
It seems harsh Sameach (same word, just spelling it how it is pronounced).
But those who serve in ministries and say nothing when their shepherds lead the flock astray are worse than the hireling shepherd himself. For most times, the shepherd does his best but is still ignorant in many ways.
To allow him to poison his flock and say nothing because you fear rejection is to weigh your soul in the balance. For you fear those who have the power to reject your body but you do not fear He who has the power to destroy both soul and body in hell.
And in your fear of man, you empower tyrants. For when their ministries are small, you can lovingly correct them. But when their ambition comes to fruition, you can do nothing.
The friends of a fool are held to higher account than the fool himself. For they ride his coattails thinking that they will not be judged for his sin.
But their sin is far worse because they could walk away at any time.
It is your walking away so many times that has caused you to see the burning bush Sameach! And it is your refusal to support that which is not of me that has made it possible for you to speak to every messenger of heaven.
Though they whipped you with words, closed doors in your face and discredited you in front of thousands, you still followed my words above all.
And you are not the only one. Many have chosen the narrow road, walking away from the lash of the Egyptian slavers and hirelings.
For I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man comes to the Father but through me.
My words are light and life and all that was recorded when I said it was exactly as I meant it.
In the desire of hirelings to fill their churches, they work alongside the evil one to empty heaven.
There is no law but mine, no truth but mine and no way but mine. Those who love me treat my every word as law. And those who hate my word, hate me. I am in my Father and my Father is in me. His law is my law and my law is His law. To despise either is to despise us both.
But all law is summed up in this one commandment: Love the Lord your God with al your heart and love your neighbour as you love yourself.
Should you wonder about what is true and what is not true, simply see what was recorded in the Gospels.
For every word that I have spoken is for both Jew and Gentile in this age and the ages to come.
For those who read what the courier records, let every word that he has written and spoken be weighed against every word that I have spoken.
You will find nothing out of place.
Indeed, you will find that every recorded dream has illuminate my words and brought more detail than I had time to share.
Or are you so foolish as to think that no more detail would be forthcoming after the Holy Spirit had come?
No, you have thousands of couriers among you who bring revelation so that my words may jump off the page at you.
I came to preach the kingdom and all who preach anything else are liars and false teachers.
They draw you to themselves and their own ambitions and you fall for it like children for sweets.
Now the couriers shall be taken from you and given to the next generation and all of you who endorse the false teachings of your false prophets and false teachers shall be held to greater account than the false teachers themselves.
It is thus because you sit idly by while young lambs come to be led astray in the shadow of their pulpits.
Why do you insist on teaching things that contradict me? Is Paul your God? Is Peter your God?
Is your pastor your God?
Read my words children. My words will bring you a revelation of my eternal kingdom and in following what I teach you, you shall become the eternal children that I have come to set free.
But to sit in your tribes and ignore my kingdom is to rebel against me.
You have made my heart heavy and grieved the Holy Spirit with your hardened hearts.
No, that which was offered to you shall soon be offered to others and your cries will not reach heaven.
Repent then and seek first the kingdom of God.
Now listen well Sameach.
I have raised you up to be a voice that will be hated. Your own generation will burn against you and all who are with you with a furious hatred.
For you and all who hear as you hear will teach what has been thrown out of pulpits and churches.
You (plural) will teach my words with fire and passion.
Though you will not leave the land for some time and though your face will not be seen, your name and the names of the sons of obedience will be known and hated by the false governors of the counterfeit kingdom.
Do not flinch from the truth Sameach. Share it joyfully, for this truth sets free. This truth proclaims the year of the Lord’s favour. This truth is the hammer that destroys chains.
This truth is the sword that can cut soul from spirit.
And hear me now Sameach:
When soul is cut from spirit, you can no longer return to the ways of the flesh.
For that which is flesh is flesh and that which is spirit is spirit.
You cannot be led by both, you must choose your master.
The enemy is the natural master of all who walk in the flesh and you shall know them by their pride and their rebellion against the knowledge of God and His instituted authority.
Those who walk by the spirit will walk in total obedience to the authority structures of heaven and those who walk by the flesh will attempt to negotiate with God as Lucifer attempted to negotiate with God. You are the bride, to tell the husband what to do is out of order. Your generation is like a rebellious wife, telling me to fit into your schedule instead of fitting your life into mine.
Do you think you honour me by telling me that I am only welcome in your life for an hour or two each week? Do you think me blind or easily fooled?
I tell you this again: If you love your life more than you love me, you are not of me. You are not worthy of me and you are certainly not my disciple.
This is why you (plural) will teach an entire generation to walk by the spirit, gathering together every day, completely focused on the expansion of my kingdom.
A spirit of such fun and joy shall come upon you that the truth shall be conveyed with the purest power of the spirit of might.
There is no time for the games of the sons of disobedience Sameach, all of heaven works with zeal for my return to earth and the war in the spirit to halt the advance of the antichrist is all that matters now.
Turn your eyes to Nigeria. The whole world should be looking there. For the believers in Nigeria hold back the advance of the spirit of the antichrist, which is the spirit of the sons of Ishmael.
If Nigeria falls, all of Africa will fall.
This is why I have placed you in South Africa Sameach, to create a forward base of operations and a launch pad for thousands of international missionaries to join the war that will stop the advance of Islam.
For if Africa does not hold her own against the tide of the antichrist, you will see the persecution of Christians as you have never seen before. No greater genocide will ever have occurred in the history of mankind than what the enemy desires for Africa. And, if you do not unify this next generation, Africa will go dark and become the darkness from which attacks upon the west are endless.
And while these attacks go on, the antichrist will turn his attention to Jerusalem. These false teachers and false prophets do not see the big picture, they see only their own homes and their own ministries. I will hold them to great account when their time comes.
I know this will be tough Sameach, but after your three hundred and thirty third dream you must have nothing to do with those who are playing games with my kingdom.
I want you to throw every drop of your attention into the next generation.
Others will work where they can to minister to the sons of disobedience but much is at stake and the sons of obedience must not temper their thunder. Hold no truth back. Roar with my voice ye sons of obedience. Be hated for my sake so that the souls of billions may be saved.
You will be voices crying out in the desert as John on once was. For my return is imminent Sameach, and the antichrist will not rule this earth before his time.
Cast off every doctrine that is not one with my words.
Seek first my kingdom.
Walk in love and roar with fire ye sons of obedience. The time of the greatest awakening has come!”
I wake up.