I am with the friendly man.
We are at a hospital looking through the glass of the maternity ward at rows of new-born babies.
We stand silently for hours, then days and weeks as nurses, doctors and babies come and go.
After a while I feel like I am looking at a production facility of some sort where babies are the product. The machine turns, babies are born, profits are made and the machine turns some more.
Decades pass and still we stand silently as the maternity ward becomes more modern and infant mortality rates decrease with advances in medicine.
More and more healthy children are born and the production facility becomes smoother and smoother in its operations.
Now the friendly man speaks.
“Everything mankind needs to produce healthy children is yet in the creative realm. Technology advances so slowly because it is greed that drives mankind, not love.
Look how they have monetized even something as wonderful as the birth of a child.
They have even monetized the murder of children.
If mankind were filled with love, children would not be seen as assets or liabilities, they would be treated as blessings, and all of society would make sure that everything every child needs is provided without cost.
But this is foolishness to those who are perishing. It is even foolishness to most believers.
Hear me Sameach:
Though the world might seem less evil than before, it has become far worse than you can imagine.
Mankind is so under the thrall of mammon that it is impossible for most of them to love.
Their relationships have become business negotiations which fall apart when there is no money.
Most wives have become as prostitutes, withholding their love if their material needs are not satisfied.
Men slave under the whip of material self-worth.
Churches have become businesses, teaching that which does not offend the flesh so that attendances and income may increase.
They have stopped teaching that I shall return and they mass produce theologies that smooth over my judgement.
Only the Father knows when I shall return Sameach, but the signs become clearer every moment and soon the seventh day shall begin.
I will come like a thief in the night and there will be no time for anyone to get their affairs in order. Nor will there be time for them to repent or negotiate. If you are not ready, you are not ready.
But your generation has become tired of truth. And my heart is broken. Even Lazarus heard my voice and came back from Abraham’s bosom when I called. But this generation hears my voice clearly and ignores it because my truth is not profitable to them.
Money has become their God. For they cry out to money to rescue them and rejoice when money flows but their hearts are far from me.
They turn their backs on prayer and worship as if those things are not important to me.
Listen Sameach:
A river of unlimited provision runs through this world.
But many dam up the river so that they may profit from the poor.
Businesses, Churches and individuals who do this are an abomination in my sight. They are vile and corrupted by the god of this world and he is their father.
But those who help the poor out of the miry clay and raise the children to live lives of abundance have my heart.
It is these kinds of people I return for Sameach. For if the love of God is in you, you will love what God loves and hate what God hates.
This wicked and corrupt generation has persecuted my couriers and turned their backs on the truth so that they may hold onto worthless worldly power. They ignore my words and hang onto every word of every false prophet and teacher who is willing to tickle their ears for 30 pieces of silver.
Sameach, those who refuse to heed the summons to pray as one and worship as one do so because their hearts are wicked.
Do not justify their sin. For they are divisive and sow rebellion against me. Every time they refuse to come together as one they crucify me again. It is thus because I am not their lord Sameach.
Their lips call me ‘Lord Lord’ but their hearts are wicked beyond redemption.
For they have been filled with the Holy Spirit and with fire and are fully aware that they should walk in unity. Their rebellion is so deeply rooted that they completely ignore the Holy Spirit and fight off the voices of angels to cling to their private kingdoms. They have become like Lucifer was, smooth tongued and corrupted.
I share this with you because I do not want you or any of the uniters who read what you record to feel like you are wasting your time when so many of these false shepherds refuse to come together in prayer. We must give this generation every chance to repent Sameach!
After your three hundred and thirty third dream, your responsibility to your generation will end and your focus will shift to the next generation. Others will continue to seek out stragglers of your generation but you must no longer burden yourself with their hardened hearts.
Those who are with you will focus upon the next generation with you and it will be like this all over the world.
Preach that I will come like a thief in the night Sameach. Teach this generation to be ready so that I may find them about my Father’s business when I return.
Work so that none may perish! Teach them that they do not need to bend the knee to mammon, teach them that my grace is sufficient!
Seek first the kingdom of God, not your own. For a man who declares himself king in my kingdom assumes that he is greater than I.
You shall be kings in the next life, but in this life you must be humble servants as I was a humble servant when I was among you.
Seek first my kingdom Sameach. Nothing else matters.
Preach the kingdom!”
I wake up.