Builder, Gatherer, Uriel and I stand upon a mountain that was once the rock of prayer upon the land beneath Michael’s calf.
We are silent as we look over the cities of Africa and finally rest our gaze on Lagos, Nigeria.
Aware of our scrutiny in the spirit, principalities and rulers of darkness turn from their evil work for a moment to look back at us. Every city has a principality with twelve rulers. In some cities, the twelve rulers are principalities themselves under the command of a fully ranked arch demon.
These arch demons are fallen arch angels, three kilometres tall when standing. But they lie down and take the form of massive snakes, their scaly bodies wrapping around and through the cities that they dominate.
Upon every scale are documents that record the proclamations of the citizens of each city. These proclamations are the spoken word and written word of man. And through these proclamations by the free will of those citizens, the arch demons, principalities, powers, rulers and strongmen have legal spiritual authority to legislate the rule of mammon.
By the laws of mammon, borders are set up between houses, cities, provinces, states and nations. And these laws bind both heaven and earth the free will of man in those legislative areas.
I turn to Gatherer, who is called Azrael, once angel of death, now angel of life. The messenger of God who separates wheat from chaff.
“Has man not chosen to let the snake rue over them? Has he not turned his back upon grace?
In living up to His promise to never send a flood again, desiring above all that none should perish, has God not sent the waters from the bowels of the earth to baptise this earth and cleanse it of the corruption that is humanity. No, he has sent that which is dearest to Him, His only begotten son.
And through grace upon grace upon grace did humanity, deserving of extinction, receive a sacrificial lamb who was the very son of God.
And in His resurrection, was all power given to the son as man.
For as Adam once again did the son of man take back the very authority that was tricked out of the hands of Adam and Eve.
Then through these two millennia did man restore unto power the gods of this world.
Filled with the power of the glory of Christ, mantled with the authority to trample on these serpents and scorpions, empowered by the Holy Spirit has man still bowed the knee to the god of this world.
For what? Promises of power and motivations of greed?
Surely the time has come to see that man is as Satan is.
Surely the time has come for the extinction of this virus.
But through grace upon grace upon grace has God seen it fit to rescue the generation that now comes.
Why this time in history?
Could this be the final generation?
The kingdom of heaven is at hand. The master has spoken thus since His time on earth.
Is it now time for the seventh day?”
“You were once called the son of sorrow for it was through sorrow that you became the courier. And then you were called the son of obedience for even in the depths of sorrow you were obedient.
And then you were called courier because of your faithfulness in recording a that you have seen and heard. Then you were called Abdiel because you are a servant to heaven and nothing else.
But now the one who has the power to name all things has renamed you Sameach, for you are now a son of joy.
You were once chaff Sameach. You were bitter and divisive, you were broken and suicidal. The words that once flowed from your mouth were words of doubt, fear and criticism.
Have you not been saved from such?
How then do you not believe that others too may be saved?
Look upon these great serpents and how they manipulate and torment these children.
Let the rage of the heavens build within your spirit against these liars in the spiritual realm.
And look no more upon the flesh of man. Man does not get what he deserves, he gets what he believes.
Though you throw a man into prison, he may be free in his mind and grateful for the bed and meals.
But some are free to walk where they desire and their minds are the prison.
To save them, we must destroy those strongholds, these corporate arguments against the knowledge of God.
We must take territory and execute spiritual legislative authority as we advance.
It is too late for this generation, to extract them from the clutches of mammon is becoming increasingly illegal Sameach. Heaven cannot violate the free will of man.
Now listen carefully:
The sons of sorrow who now become the sons of obedience may be few, but they are men and women of war. And they are well trained and prepared to go about the master’s business.
On the morning after your three hundred and thirty third dream, hundreds of thousands of sons and daughters of obedience shall make a covenant of war. And the greatest youth revival in the history of man shall sweep this earth.
And the next generation shall cast down these arch demons, these serpents that throttle their towns and cities.
Young men and women will lay down their lives with glad hearts. They will be mocked and tortured as no generation before them and the power of God will flow through their blood to sweep this earth with love as you have never seen.
The kingdoms of Mammon and the kingdoms of the antichrist now prepare for a great war in their wrestle for ownership of this world. For although both the antichrist and mammon have Satan as their master, both are eager to prove to him that they are his worthy second.
It is thus in the kingdom of darkness that they wage war upon each other. For they are limited to this earth and they are numerous.
Thus the time has come for the interpretations of man to come to naught Sameach. This generation must now the words of the son verbatim so that they may be able to stand in faith and power. And they must call no man father but their Father in heaven.
None of you are strong enough or wise enough to be the masters of this generation that comes. Only THE Father is their father. Do not make yourself into false father and false idols.
Train them for war Sameach. Train them to war with love so that the Holy Spirit may flow through them without any hindrance.
The arch demons know that they are coming and they prepare for what they think is to come. But their best efforts will be swept aside by the tide that is coming. The gates of hell will not prevail against us Sameach.
The time has come for the greatest spiritual invasion in the history of man and this generation that comes, the sons of the Oasis, these shall be the carriers of this flame.
The kingdom is all Sameach!”
“The kingdom is all!”
“The kingdom is all!”
“Time to kick the tires and light the fires. The kingdom is all!”
I am awake.