In the previous dream I saw this too. I just did not want to record it.
But here I am again in a stadium filled with pastors, business leaders and ministry leaders.
Hundreds of thousands of them just stand there looking at the young man on stage.
There is no life in their eyes, just a veiled jealousy that surfaces from time to time before fearing exposure and sinking below the surface once again.
I now hear a familiar voice.
Friendly man:
“Open your eyes Sameach”.
I open my spiritual yes and almost fall off the stage as the sight of hundreds of thousands of snakes coiled beneath the left arm and wrapped around the back of the neck of every single leader in this stadium.
The heads of each snake are positioned perfectly to whisper into the ears of each leader and the words that they whisper are words of encouragement.
“You are not a loser, you are not worthless, you deserve more, they are wrong, you are right, they are fools, you are wise, your revelation is the right revelation, your ministry is the most important ministry, your worship is the best worship, you deserve to be wealthy, you deserve to be successful…” and on and on the snakes whisper in their ears.
“Sameach. It is important for you to see this and share what you see. For this is the spirit that has dominated three generations. It is the worst of all enemies that you shall ever face. For this spirit is the spirit of competition, which is the spirit of pride.
They cannot work together because they are in competition against each other.
Father against son, son against father, brother against brother.
Fathers refuse to affirm sons and release them into their call. Thus the curse passes to their sons because the son works to receive the praise of the world to fill what the father has not filled.
And upon achieving success, it is jealously guarded so that the sons may bask in the limelight of the affirmation of man.
This is why so few churches will celebrate the ministry of their members. Because it is all about competition and affirmation.
They are hungry for affirmation but they give none.
Like a man dying of thirst next to a fresh water lake.
Do you see the snakes that whisper in their ears so? These are the spirit of this age. The spirit of competition. It is the same spirit that causes rebellion against Jesus Himself. For the spirit of competition hates authority.
Unity and prayer are not important to them, they do not recognize any spiritual authority but their own. If a false covering tells them what they want to hear, they will submit to that false covering until they disagree and then they shall walk away and find another.
You must be pleasantly surprised when people of these last three generations are willing to work with you or help you. For they war against a spirit that only humility can defeat.
And this is the greatest lesson that heaven desires you should learn. That you cannot place your hope in these generations to help you. Celebrate those who do, for they do so at great cost. But do not hope to see them join you in prayer or in the war against the spirit of poverty.
For in their eyes you are competition.”
“How could I possibly be competition? If they work with us, their churches will overflow!”
“Pride does not trust. It suspects.
Truly I tell you this Sameach. Whenever someone speaks of their suspicion of another person, it is this very snake that you see here today whispering in their ear.
The spirit of love will cover a multitude of sins but the spirit of pride hungers to expose what God has shed his blood to cover.
The spirit of your generation and the two preceding it has been the desire to be right. But that desire is not for the sake of righteousness, it is a desire to prove the other person wrong.
Look at this sea of leaders.
Not one of them serve Jesus. They all serve the spirit of competition.
This is why they do not teach what Jesus taught. For they are trying to create winners, not believers.
Jesus did not come to win, He came to die.
He did not come to lead, He came to serve.
He did not teach prosperity, He taught sacrifice.
And should he come again as He did two thousand years ago, they would crucify Him again.
Do you know which spirit crucified Him Sameach?
(I shake my head).
It was this same spirit that entwined itself into the hearts of the Pharisees. The spirit of competition.
They killed Him because His presence exposed their corrupted hearts.
The spirit of mammon has a heart, and that heart is the spirit of competition.
You will face no greater foe Sameach. You cannot save them, they must be completely broken as you were completely broken so that the snake no longer has use for them as it no longer has use for you.
All who read what you record must take note.
When those in your generation are broken enough to be of no use to the spirit of competition, you will be called the sons of sorrow and your journey shall begin to become sons of obedience.
But until you are broken, you are simply servants of snakes.
The desire to win, to be right, to be vindicated and affirmed – these are not of God, these are the spirit of this age and the spirit of mammon.
A repentant heart is filled with much sorrow for wisdom brings with it much sorrow.
And from that sorrow, humility is born and obedience with it.
And from that obedience to the Son and only the Son is the heart of a servant born. Not serving man for affirmation but serving God out of revelation.
And from that servant heart, which is the heart of wisdom, is the spirit of joy, which is the spirit of might born!
And from the spirit of might, which is the spirit of joy is true happiness born.
For only those who no longer require the approval of man can find the approval of God.
Now listen well:
Your assignment as sons of joy is to rescue an entire generation from the church of this age. For they are raising another generation in their image to spit and fight among denominations once again.”
His words hit me so hard that I have to sit down.
“My entire generation is corrupt?”
“A very small percentage is not.”
“And I cannot help them?”
“Others will continue to try, but the success rate is very low. Even when they are broken, most of them rise from the ashes in fury and revenge, taking on a serpent that has far worse venom than the spirit of pride. They walk in the spirit of death Sameach, spewing words upon the generation around them to discourage and hurt all who have their ear.
No, you cannot save them. For the more you move into your blueprint, the more they will hate you.”
“So when I ask people to come and pray with me, they think I am competing against them?”
“Most times they consider united prayer as ‘your’ competition. They cannot see the Holy Spirit at work, they only see you. Those who see the work of heaven in you will travel from far to be with you in prayer.
Did you not see the snakes at work last night when so many left before prayer began?
You assume that everyone is whole. But they are not.
Prayer and worship are not a pleasure to them Sameach. It is a chore.
Most come because they think it will advance their rank in the competition somehow. But they do not realize that there is no competition in heaven.
You do not rank up for works. You rank up for your expression of love.
You cannot cast these things out. They are there legally.
Sameach, those who have the heart of humility will join you automatically. You must stop hoping that your friends will see what you see. They crucified the Christ and they will crucify you.
Focus on the sons and daughters of the Oasis, continue to make the vision plain and encourage all who focus on children around the earth to do the same.
Count it joy when you are hated by the spirit of this age. For to be hated by the spirit of competition is a very good thing!
After the three hundred and thirty third dream to this corrupt generation you will feel a great weight lift off your shoulders.
You must proceed in fun Sameach. Angels of war have been dispatched all who work with children. And any who attempt to interfere will suffer the same fate as Ananias and Sapphira.
A wonderful, colourful, energetic, generous youth revival is about to sweep this earth and all who invest their hearts into it will see rewards like no generation before them.”
“And this generation that are so trapped by these serpents? Should I have no compassion for them?”
“They choose to rebel against the Christ every day Sameach. They choose to judge you and every other courier that we send. They choose to not pray with couriers, to not join forces in unity, to not join resources, to sow doubt. They are a generation of divisive rebels who have ripped apart the body of Christ and continue to justify their competitive drive with every breath.
They express their doubts with emotional manipulation when they know that there is no reason to doubt. They want their own empires at the expense of the body of Christ. But the vast majority of them will never grow beyond small, rebellious tribes.
They are false teachers, every single one of them. You must stop thinking about them Sameach. The judgement that awaits them is severe for they purposefully halt the advance of the kingdom of God.
Do you think that Jesus called them whitewashed tombstones for nothing?
Hear me well Sameach.
They will steal your joy and force you to compete against them.
You must strike them from your thoughts and encourage all who work with children to do the same.
Their time of chaos and rebellion draws to an end and a time of accounting for every word of division that has been spoken is coming.
They do not fear the Lord now Sameach, but they soon will.
Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. And those they demote Him to nothing more than saviour will bow their knee along with every other competitive spirit.
Do you know why they refuse to serve Him as Lord Sameach? Because they are even in competition against Him.
Can you believe that? The very spirit of Lucifer is upon millions of pastors, teachers, evangelists, prophets and apostles.
The spirit of this age is as it was in the time of His crucifixion.
They have become so arrogant that they treat the words of Jesus as a liability.
No Sameach, you must dust off your sandals.
Look to the generations to come. Raise up leaders among them.
Rejoice in those of your generation and the ones before it who come willingly in a spirit of humility but dust your sandals off.
If this generation is not taught to walk away from the previous ones, they too will walk in circle in the desert for another forty years.
Teach them that the kingdom is all. And teach them that this is a kingdom of unity.
All who refuse unity are filled with the spirit of this age and their lips drip with poison.
The kingdom is all Sameach.
I know it is hard for you to record these things but you must.
Soon this weight shall lift from your shoulders and the spirit of the age to come shall fill your heart.
I was once the angel of death but as I have become the angel of life, you shall become the son of joy.
For the Son has come to bring a new day and the Father has approved all that the Son plans.
His kingdom is all!”
“His kingdom is all.”
I wake up.