A sea of people go about their daily business, completely oblivious to the existence of their eternal selves. Souls firmly attached to flesh with spirits completely dormant, they wrestle with the intricacies of trying to find fulfilment in the flesh.
Some appear to be having fun but their spirits are asleep in the foetal position within them.
Their eternal selves asleep as if babies in a womb.
Their souls follow everything that the natural state of man follows. Driven by instinct, they love that which loves them and hate that which hates them.
Some prostitute their joy for money, slaving each day in emotionally abusive or mundane, lifeless environments in exchange for consistent income.
Their spirits hunger to be born, to spring forth from their stasis and begin the eternal journey. But most places cages of fear and doubt around their spirits, hiding behind veils of ego and false joy.
I watch a woman at a crusade get baptised in the Holy Spirit and her spirit wakes up within her, looking around with hungry eyes for all that is good and holy.
The woman leaves the crusade and goes back home where she does not pray or worship. She goes to a local church once a week where she worships for a short while before going home. Her spirit yearns to lead her but is too weak, starved of food.
And slowly, over the next few months, her spirit is starved back into stasis, falling asleep once again in the foetal position.
I go to speak to her but she cannot hear me because her spirit is sleeping. Depression and anxiety buffet her like waves on the sea. Her tone of voice when she speaks to those who love her is harsh, frustrated, punching at the souls and dormant spirits of her children.
I hear Uriel speak from my right.
“Her soul is firmly attached to her flesh Sameach. She is led by the leash of the flesh, a little more than an animal.
Without her spirit leading her, the Holy Spirit cannot speak to her. Thus she cannot bare the fruit of the Spirit.
She is dead to the spirit but alive to the flesh. And that version of life is not life.
If she had a revelation of her eternal self and would bow her knee to the eternal king, her spirit would feed from the spiritual realm.
Any fool can speak in gibberish and call it tongues. But to be filled with the fire of the Holy Spirit is a supernatural act and a display of the incredible power of God.
You must be willing to repent and be baptised for the forgiveness of sins, then dedicate yourself completely to the development of your eternal spirit.
When the spirit is mature, it can lead.
The forces of darkness work hard to build up strongholds of arguments against the knowledge of God. Demons work diligently and fiercely to lead man astray from the revelation that he is eternal as his creator is eternal.
It is the revelation of the eternal spirit serving the eternal king that changes everything within a man’s heart Sameach.
And this will be the centre focus of the seven hundred and seventy-seven letters that you shall write to the sons and daughters of the oasis.
The revelation of the eternal self, which is your spirt man, and the kingdom in which it resides, is the message that the son of God came to share. That you are not of this earth, simply travellers on route to their eternal assignments.
This earth is the place of choice, where man sees the fruit of Satan and the fruit of the Spirit and chooses to confirm love or war against it.
The flesh is selfish. The spirit is selfless.
The spirit needs nothing that this world has to offer. It needs only the approval of the eternal master, who is the Son of the eternal God.
The flesh craves all that this world has to offer, but is never satisfied. For this world is a bitter fountain, poisoned by the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
The currencies of mammon are the currencies of slavery and prostitution. Those attached to their flesh lay their bodies down as prostitutes lay their bodies down. And in exchange for money, their employers take great pleasure and profit from them.
But those who walk by the eternal spirit sacrifice their bodies upon the altar of obedience to God, doing all that is necessary to advance His eternal kingdom.
Have you not noticed how those who walk in the flesh repeat the doctrines of demons?
They cannot help themselves Sameach. Gossip, negativity, consistently voicing their doubts and fears instead of the word of God.
They are slaves and prostitutes to a false god. For mammon masquerades as an angel of light, drawing even the most faithful away from their eternal joy.
Do you see this multitude before you Sameach? Do you see how dead they are?
Bring their children the revelation of their eternal selves so that they may not be as the generation before them.
These three hundred and thirty dreams have captured your journey from sorrow to joy Sameach. All who read what is recorded should have felt their spirits fed and awakened as never before.
Tomorrow shall be the final dream for your generation. The spirit of wisdom shall come to you and you shall receive an outpouring of wine into this new wineskin of joy.
For you are a new creation Sameach. The old is passed and the new has come.
Old wineskins will be completely incapable of drinking from the fountain that shall flow from you, for you shall only speak by the spirit for the rest of your days.
Only the broken, the humble and the generation to come shall hear your voice, and all who knit their hearts to yours shall move in double and triple the anointing that is upon you.
The kingdom is all Sameach!”
The friendly man suddenly appears before me and steps forward to give me a hug.
We hold each other for a while before he steps bac and speaks.
Friendly man:
“Don’t worry about the money and manpower Sameach. I was hoping that many in the generation before you would heed the call to let you see what legacy looks like but even those who committed with their lips bowed the knee to mammon and said no to me.
It’s ok, I have a great plan and Builder has given you a wonderful strategy.
But you must not be angry with them Sameach. I will give them a few more days before I pass the torch to the next generation and then I will cause you to forget every generation but the one that is to come.
I will make your ears deaf to their council, to their reasoning, to their excuses, to their criticism and to their worldly wisdom.
Your ears will be open only to love. Their generation has grieved the Holy Spirit and trampled on my grace, shamelessly turning my temple into a marketplace.
They have profited off the Holy Spirit Sameach. They are a generation like Simon the sorcerer.
I find so few righteous among them that heaven weeps at the destruction they have sown.
You will wake up on the morning after your three hundred and thirty third dream as Joshua woke up on the morning of his leadership mantle. As he forgot the generation before him, so shall you forget the generation before you. And it shall be thus for millions of the righteous across this earth.
To connect with the seven hundred and seventy seven letters, the generation before you will need to become as children again and if they do this, their reward will be such joy that they could never imagine.
It shall be pressed down, shaken together and running over.
To those who read what this courier records, listen well.
Come to me and I shall strip the old wineskin from you. I shall renew you and give you fresh energy and passion.
You are beset with depression, fear and anxiety because you are filled with the wine of liars.
Come through my waters, be born again and I will turn the new waters inside you into new wine!
Leave your generation, leave the desert, follow me and reach the children.
Do you wish to know your blueprints? It is to reach the children, love the children, provide for the children.
Leave your life, leave your pointless things that do nothing but kill time. Come and follow me and see that I am doing a new thing, a wonderful thing.
You have spent your lives becoming skilled and competent for mammon, bring those skills to me.
You have spent your lives saving up your money for an empty retirement, use that money to advance my kingdom.
You are eternal and your life upon this earth is a short one.
All that you can take with you into eternity is the souls of those who have felt your love.
So love.
Love without reserve.
Raise and love a generation in the way that they should go.
Seek first my kingdom so that I can show you just how much I love to bless you!”
“Your kingdom is all my Lord!”
I wake up.