I was hoping that this would be an encouraging dream.
Instead it is a hard rebuke from the spirit of Wisdom.
It is exactly 777 words in length.
This is the final dream for the generations who currently hold authority.
I am relieved that this part of the journey is over because these 333 dreams have been a weight upon me that I shall never be able to describe.
Thank you for reading them so diligently and growing with me on this incredible journey.
The new wine shall flow soon.
Love you all dearly.
Sameach. Courier.
Dream 333
I am not sure whether I am awake or asleep.
But here I am, outside in the cold air, sitting upon my rock of prayer, not praying or thinking, just waiting.
The spirit of wisdom speaks from behind me, I can sense that she is standing on the rock upon which I am seated.
“Your generation has done a lot of waiting Sameach. (pronounced ‘sah mee ahk’).
Most have waited upon mammon, thinking mammon to be God.
Everything for your generation has been about wealth and success. Most of you are incapable of receiving or showing love without money. You have even drawn a completely warped picture of God’s love for you by your financial worth.
The prideful spirit of competition has made you one of the most ignorant, stubborn generations since the time of Noah. The core of your generation has been selfish jealousy and spiteful ambition.
The loveless cruelty of these past three generations will ring throughout eternity with a legacy of shame. The hatred for unity, wilful rebellion against love and lack of care for your neighbours are all fruit upon a tree that shouts of your true father, the great deceiver.
Poverty could have been wiped out a long time ago Sameach, hospitals could have been free, education could have been free. Easily.
But where these three generations can profit, they profit.
They have even managed to turn Christianity into a business, taking food out of the mouths of the poor in exchange for false miracles and false power.
Did Jesus not overturn the tables and whip those who were doing business in the temple courtyard?
This truth does not matter to them because the Bible does not matter to them. It is simply a tool to advance their wealth, power and desire to be seen as winners.
And this has occurred because the generation before them used the Bible to control and manipulate with fear and judgement. They have raised sons and daughters who do not understand love and have contempt for grace.
Where Jesus commands to you forgive your debtors, your generation goes after them with vicious malice yet lifts hands in church each Sunday having thrown people out of their homes.
The core of who God is, is love. And love has no interest in power or manipulation.
Love seeks only to prosper, never to harm.
How do they expect to cry out to God as if he were a completely different God?
They cry out for His help, and when He sends that which they need, they say ‘not you, we want the god of wealth’.
It is I, Wisdom, who am given to you to create wealth. But I am one of many God sends to show His love, provision and protection.
They are poor because they are ignorant.
They refuse to learn and apply what they are taught. They rebel against the teachers that heaven sends to them and insist on doing everything their way. It is because they are overcome by a sense of urgency which has its root in the spirit of competition. They take for themselves earthly teachers who make money off their ignorance and sell them lies.
Plans from heaven will never involve debt Sameach, and they will never involving profiting off the poor. Wisdom opens many alternative doors but I, Wisdom, am not heard by the proud.
How many times have we shared through you that unity commands blessing?
Yet they are competitive and suspicious of everyone who is not them.
Write this on your wall Sameach. Write it upon your heart. Write it plainly so that everyone can see.
How many times must you hear that heaven’s desire is that you would be one as we are one?
You have wasted your breath praying for the finances of people who do not love unity, live for unity and work for unity. They work against your prayers, they despise your prayers, they are sons and daughters of the serpents of competition.
How could any of you ever think that heaven would allow the spirit of Lucifer back through the gates? If you hate unity on earth, you will hate it in heaven.
There is no competition in heaven Sameach. Pride has no place there. Heaven is filled with humility and love.
These are the final words of the Spirit of Wisdom to this generation through this courier:
Repent, turn from your wicked ways, and come together in humility in unity. Focus all that you are upon the children of this next generation and raise them up to love one another.