Dream 55

I am fifteen years into the future. The year is 2031. It is Easter Sunday.

Tens of thousands of Christians line the beaches and bridges all the way from Pensacola to Panama City.

 Behind them, millions and millions of angels stand upon the sea. Some so tall that their heads disappear into the clouds.

On the land, a horde of demons face the saints from one end of the region to the other. Principalities calling out orders as the demons organize into battle formations in preparation for what is to come. The numbers are equal. But among the demons are many governmental leaders and pastors.

They work to remove permission for the Christians to be upon the beaches. They work to discourage and manipulate the organizers of the prayer walk.

In some areas, police arrive to ask Christians to leave but the words cannot come out of their mouths.

I see sound systems all the way down the line, all tuned into the same radio station which plays incredible worship which is sung by all in one voice.

As they sing and worship, many unbelievers come from their homes to hear the beautiful music. That day, thousands get saved as they fall down in repentance.

Now, at a pre-planned hour, thousands among the believers raise up ram’s horns. As a horn is sounded out over the radio, the believers sound out theirs. And as one voice, they proclaim healing and love and grace and prosperity over the region.

Now in the Spirit do hundreds of the most faithful and generous begin to grow to the same size as the archangels in the sea behind them. As the Ram’s horns are sounded, every single angel unsheathes a sword and cries out with a loud voice. “FOR THE SAINTS AND FOR THE LAMB!”

And as the saints proclaim blessing and healing over their region, fire starts to flow from their lips and a double-edged sword of the Spirit appears in every hand.

The new believers who have joined that day now turn to face the land and begin to call to their loved ones. “COME, COME. COME. YOU WILL FIND ONLY LOVE AND GRACE HERE.”

Now the radio station begins to play songs that proclaim the goodness of the Lord and the army of saints begin to move forward towards the demonic host.

When the saints step off the water, they link hands and the angel of the region turns to face the hosts of the armies of the Lord. And he speaks thus saying: “BEHOLD. THEY ARE ONE AS WE ARE ONE.”

Now from the angelic hosts do horns begin to blow and at the blowing of the horn does the patient army run out of patience.

For the first time in 50 years, the host sets foot upon dry land.

A wave of the presence of God and the power of the anointing of the Holy Spirit crashes through the believers. Many drop to their knees and begin to worship, many begin to recite the words of the Son as they have been taught these fifteen years.

Among them, the children of the peace makers and Uniters. Now in their early twenties.

The believers move forward in the spirit of tzedakah, giving generously to all they come across. They begin walk and drive upon the streets of every neighborhood proclaiming the year of the Lord’s favor.

And the angelic host moves with them.

The demonic horde shrinks back for a few hours, unsure of what to do. But then horns begin to blow and they start charging at the angelic host.

Now the battle of the air breaks out. The battle is fierce. The atmosphere on the entire region becomes an atmosphere of doubt and faith begins to waver.

But now, at this pre-planned moment do the children’s ministries of the region begin their concerts and worship events in parks and on school fields.

Thousands of young voices cut through the heavens like scalpels.

And now in the Spirit do the children grow to the size of archangels and from their mouths roar fire.  Millions of demons begin to drop from the skies as the tide is turned and the host moves further inland.

Now do the prophets and intercessors begin to prophecy over the entire nation.

Two and a half years pass and I notice that there are prayer paths everywhere. Some of them fifteen years old.

Ministers, business people, politicians and families walk upon the prayer paths daily.  And around each prayer path hosts of armed angels stand guard. Every prayer path becomes a portal of the purest white light between heaven and earth.

At the end of the seventeenth year from the laying of the first stone is the entire region between Pensacola and Panama City aflame in revival. Sunday schools number in their thousands. Churches are filled to capacity. Tens of thousands meet house to house to pray for each other daily.

The region declares Jesus as Lord and submits to the command of the great commission. The rich sell their houses to send missionaries and build schools in Africa.

In the eighteenth year, Africa and the USA join hands to send missionaries and resources to South America for their next phase of the greatest Hispanic revival.

It is present day.

I stand on the beach with the Angel of the region.

New Angel:

“Tell me what you saw Son of Sorrow.”



New Angel:

“These things will come to pass only if the children are taught the words of the Son and if the elders of the city and the men and women of peace pray together. But fear not, the men and women of peace move to unite as we speak. Speak what you see in your spirit Son of Sorrow.”


“I see a spirit of fatigue already among many of the uniters. They are sore pressed for support and many are brought low by failed fathers. I see that they may start strong but falter in the third, eighth and twelfth years.”

New Angel:

“We will focus upon that front Son of Sorrow. And we shall work with the comforter to bring healing to the orphan hearts. What else do you see Son of Sorrow?”


“I do not see a revelation of the importance of children’s ministry among the leaders of this region. Can you build such an army of saints with three or four churches only?”

New Angel:

“We can. For the men and women of peace are men and women of war. They understand that their war is in the spirit, not in the flesh and they walk in great power. But fear not, many will join them. Instruct them to draw up a fifteen-year battle plan and make the vision plain to every single ministry. All must be executed with administrative precision.

Heed these words Son of Sorrow:

This region will be the staging area for the great South American revival. Right now do the Hispanic nation grow in spiritual power; for it will be they who halt the tide of the sons of Ishmael. This nation of USA shall hold the tide in the physical realm. South America and Southern Africa up to Nigeria will join forces in the spirit to bring low the Antichrist spirit worldwide.

The USA and South America must first send missionaries and resources to South Africa and then in the seventeenth year must Nigeria and all of Southern Africa advance on northern Africa while sending a multitude of missionaries and resources to South America.

In your lifetime shall you see both the spirit of the Antichrist and the spirit of mammon brought to submission. For in the year of 2033 shall the seventh day begin.

Even now has the battle for dominance of the USA advanced politically. The USA ecclesia will soon choose a puppet of the Antichrist or a puppet of mammon as their leader. But fear not, both will continue to protect Israel and your nation shall continue to be blessed.

Ignore the political wars that take place. They are a distraction to draw the focus of the believers. Stay focused upon the great commission and speak the words of the Son.

Raise the children in the way they should go and this nation shall continue to be the force of tzedakah (righteousness/generosity) upon this earth.”

* Note: If you are not a personal friend of the courier, please stop reading now. This conversation between me and the Angels is about my fears and doubts. Very embarrassing to make public. *

I am back on the land under Michael’s calf in South Africa.

Gatherer has so much glorious light coming off him that I have to shield my eyes.


“Son of Sorrow. The time draws nigh for your decision. Will you be courier for darkness or the Lord Jesus Christ?”


“I will not go over to darkness, I will not take the offers presented. But I do not know if I will survive hope deferred. Even now does the weight of this assignment bear down upon me. The commitments are there for both pieces of land but nothing is signed and nothing is confirmed. I have been here many times. I still do not know if I will even have a home on that land but I will move there as instructed and stay true for as long as my heart holds out. 17 years, 7 months and 7 days is a long time and even my friends and leadership express their doubt in my commitment.

The thought of walking this path alone and without resource again breaks my heart even before it is a reality.”

Builder speaks from behind me.


“Fear not son of sorrow. Have you not seen miracles since the first dream? Has your life not been different thus far? Do you not see the Father’s provision?”


“Always just enough for the next leg of the journey. I care not for holidays and hotels. They are appreciated but they do not move me left or right in my faith for what is yet to come.

You show me hundreds when I need millions.

My plan before this dream was to employ five hundred pastors in poverty areas. If I sit upon the land and write these dreams as instructed, it takes my focus from feeding the poor. And if resource does not come because I am forbidden from asking after the first stone, everything may fall flat.

I still do not have much faith in the body to do anything other than their own self-interest and I don’t know how long the uniters will take to grow bored of the dreams.

As with the day of the first dream, I swing between terror and faith from minute to minute.

Indeed. I am terrified to hope for help again.

Why could you not choose someone else? Surely there are less broken couriers out there?

You instruct us to build the biggest lighthouse in Africa and I could not even get enough help for the smaller lighthouses.

I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry whenever something good happens because I don’t know if it is a trap, or another test, or more hope that will be deferred.

I will stay true to the instructions but I will not survive deferred hope.



“There is no one else. Not for two generations to come.”


“Then I will accept the burden.”


“Fear not son of sorrow. This will be the greatest season of your life. And you will have friends that are closer than brothers. And seas and borders will not separate you from those who love you. And provision shall flood in like a tidal wave.

You are not alone.”


“Forgive me if I do not take your word for it. The body has left me bleeding and dying upon the battlefield so many times that I have to see what you promise with my own eyes. Even those reading this will say ‘he feels sorry for himself’ or ‘he should be grateful’. I curse them inwardly even though I know they are right. I ask you Gatherer, and I ask the Holy Spirit. Keep from me those who would burden me with their unbelief. And shield my ears and eyes from discouraging words. The burden is so heavy.

Though the son say his yoke is easy and his burden is light, I still feel the weight of this thing pressing upon my back with more pressure than I think I can bear. I am weak and a coward but I will do my best.


“You are neither weak nor coward son of sorrow. Your trust is yet to be fully restored. Within ten days shall your trust be restored and within that time will you see how light this assignment truly is.

You are not to lead. You are only to record.

You are neither savior nor provider. You are only courier. Be nothing more. You will soon see how many come to do their part.

You are not special son of sorrow, all are special. Play your part in the kingdom and do not try to carry the kingdom. Your thoughts are foolish and bitter but soon will you see this for yourself and come to repentance as the weight of this burden comes off your mind.

For this burden is not upon your spirit, only upon your soul where you decide to make it so heavy.

You are not all. The kingdom is all.

Play your part and nothing more.

God is with you.

The kingdom is all!”


“Heed the words of the builder. Play your part and nothing more.

The kingdom is all!”


“The kingdom is all.”

I wake up.